View Full Version : Elechu

08/06/2009, 07:59 PM
4 Raichu MT
4 Pikachu MT
1 Pichu MT
3 Electivire; 2 SW 1 DP
3 Electabuzz; 2SW 1 DP
3 Elekid DP

3 Professor Rowan
4 Professor Oak's Visit
2 Switch
1 Speed Stadium
2 Poke Ball (hear me out*)
4 Quick Ball
2 Bebe's Search
4 Team Galactic's Wager
2 Night Maintenance

18 Elec. Energy

Strategy: Basically use all the drawing/reshuffling cards to get a Raichu and energy search for at least a 60 next turn, possibly higher. On the other hand. you can get out an SW Electivire and use his 50x attack. Next turn you can use his power to attach an energy to him from the discard pile to power him up for next turn.

I hope to trade the DP Electivire for another SW because I never really use him and if I got rid of him, I could get rid of my Elekids to get more Pichu's (for Pikachu's power.)

*I use poke ball and quick ball because I noticed when I had to search with bebe's it would cost me a supporter for that turn, which my deck pretty much relies on to recycle my hand.