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10/01/2009, 08:53 AM
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All right, let's convert this topic to something I can use (actual deck-list posted in the correct place now, I hope).

I have four Blazikens (PL) and 2-2 Blaziken FB/Lv. X. What do I look for to tech in with these to make them effective? What can I expect other people to do against them?

10/01/2009, 09:18 AM
Should be in the Deck Help section, but whatever.

Anyways, you've got a good start, but there are a few things you might want to work on. I don't think that Flint's/Stark is such a great idea in here because it takes up six spots and Flygon will eat you if you play to many stadiums. Also, 2 Heatran are not needed, as you don't want to start with it. So you can take out a Heatran and throw in an Azelf LA. Also, you run WAY to many energy, 12 should be enough. You also don't have any way of getting anything back from the discard pile. And I think you should be fine with a 3-2-3 Blaziken line. So:

-1 Heatran
-4 Flints
-3 Fire Energy
-2 Stark (you could keep one if you wanted to, they help a little bit, depends on how much Flygon there is in your area)
-1 Rare Candy (since you're only gonna run 3-2-3 Blaziken, it's not necessary)
-1-0-1 Blaziken

That leaves you with 13 spots, so:

+1 Azelf LA
+1 Uxie LA
+ 1 Night Maintenance
+ 1 Palmer's Contribution
+3 Cyrus Conspiracy (you need a way to support Blaziken FB if you plan on attacking with him)
+2 Energy Gain
+2 SP Radar
+2 Poke Turn

That should help consistency a bit. Also you might want to find room for a few Unown G's to help against Gengar, Inviting Trap, etc.

10/01/2009, 09:44 AM
(I did move it, after I figured it out, Sorry lol. ^^")

Okay, so - I figured something like this would be what I got, that works. I'm glad you left in Heatran, I like him. > >

I think if it were me, I'd take out a Conspiracy and a Turn for a couple of Unown Gs.

Also, about Flygon in my area: I am the only one in Kennewick who owns a Flygon Lv. X and goes to league. =\