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11/08/2009, 04:48 AM
I do not understand the ruling on crash chant. Other rulings I have read are usually based on the literal translations of the language on the card. In this instance there seems to be an exception in that the effect of the attack appears to be on the tool cards since you can select up to 4 tool cards and there can only be one tool card per Pokemon. Unknown G prevents the effects of an attack upon the Pokemon it is attached to rather than upon itself.

As I read the attack the first step is to identify the Pokemon that will be the subject of the attack, in this case the active Pokemon. The second step is to identify the up to 4 tool cards/machine cards that are the subject of the effect of the attack. The third step is to place the damage that is the result of step 2 to the subject of the attack in step 1.

Please explain how this ruling was decided and what I am not understanding.


11/08/2009, 06:19 AM
I'll go over how the attack works, rather than "how the ruling was decided".
This ruling is based on a Japanese PCL ruling and so we have no insight into their internal discussions/thoughts.

Hopefully that will help.

This attack does work a bit differently than a lot of attack in that you do the effect first before you do the damage.

You choose the tools and/or TMs that you are going to discard.
You then discard them. If any cannot be discarded, such as Unown G or a tool/TM attached to Toxicroak G, then that tool/TM does not count toward the damage.

You then do the damage to the active Pokemon, 20 for each Tool/TM that was actually discarded.

If you wish to debate the ruling, please feel free to do so in the Cards forum.

11/08/2009, 09:19 AM
You don't specify which Crash Chant ruling you're talking about.

The card text is controlling the order of events here. It is overriding some of the normal order of attack in the rulebook. This override is rare, but a few attacks do it.

Yes, the English translation seems to be less than optimal in that the language speaking to the order of events is hinted at, rather than boldly specified, but its there.

Like Pop said, Crash Chant's text outlines the attack like this:
Calculate damage based on actual discards.When you understand that, all the related rulings should become clear.