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Gym Leader Blaine
10/11/2004, 03:07 PM
Just thought I would get the thread started. Mods please sticky. Thanks :thumb:

North American

Mission Fun & Games 11/6/04 St. Albert AB-CA

Gamers Lair 10/30/04 Barrie ON-CA

The Bookshelf 10/30/04 Thunder Bay ON-CA

Untouchable Sportscards 11/6/04 Missisauga ON-CA

Galactica Producciones 11/6/04 Coacalco Coacalco

Spellz Empire 11/7/04 Coatzacoalcos Coatzacoalcos

Convencion TNT 10/30/04 Mexico DF Mexico

Convencion TNT 10/30/04 Mexico DF Mexico

Convencion TNT 10/30/04 Mexico DF Mexico

Convencion TNT 10/31/04 Mexico DF Mexico

Convencion TNT 10/31/04 Mexico DF Mexico

Convencion TNT 10/31/04 Mexico DF Mexico

Card Zone 10/31/04 Guadalupe NL

XXV Convencion Juegos de Mesa Comics 11/7/04 Monterrey NL

Gamer's Edge 11/6/04 Chandler AZ

Valco Mall Ledgends Gaming 10/30/04 Cupertino CA

Atrium Hotel 10/30/04 Irvine CA
(Total=65, 10&Under=9,11-14=19, 15&up=37)

Kriers Cards & Comics 10/30/04 Modesto CA

Paladin Gaming 11/6/04 Bakersfield CA

BasesCards & Comics 11/7/04 Lancaster CA

Pair-A-Dice Games 11/7/04 Vista CA

Vahalla's Game Center 11/6/04 Wheat Ridge CO

Dale's Kardz & Komicz 10/30/04 Colorado Springs CO

Marshak's House of Fantasy 10/31/04 Fort Collins CO
(Total=17, 10&Under=3,11-14=3, 15&up=11)

Days of Knights 11/6/04 Newark DE

Past Present Future Comics 10/30/04 West Palm Beach FL
(Total=21, 10&Under=3,11-14=?, 15&up=?)

Outland Station 11/4/04 Coral Gables FL

Gathering Place Games 11/6/04 Casselberry FL

Baseball Card Clubhouse 11/6/04 Tampa FL

Newnan Sports Cards 11/7/04 Newnan GA

Mayhem Collectibles 10/30/04 Ames IA
(Total=36, 10&Under=9,11-14=11, 15&up=16)

Dizzy Dugout 10/30/04 Collinsville IL

Pastimes 11/6/04 Niles IL

Tomorrow is Yesterday 11/6/04 Rockford IL

Moose Lodge Conference Room Downstairs 10/30/04 LaGrange IN

Collectors Cache 10/31/04 Overland Park KS

BSI Comics 10/30/04 Mandeville LA

Dragon's Lair 10/31/04 West Springfield MA
(Total=14, 10&Under=6,11-14=2, 15&up=6)

TJ Collectables 11/7/04 Milford MA

Dream Wizards 10/30/04 Rockville MD
(Total=38, 10&Under=?,11-14=?, 15&up=?)

Eagle Hill 10/30/04 Presque Isle ME

Tecumseh Scout Cabin 10/31/04 Tecumseh MI
(Total=43, 10&Under=14,11-14=8, 15&up=16)

Rochester Hills Precinct Building # 5 11/6/04 Rochester Hills MI

Outpost 2000 & Beyond 10/31/04 Brooklyn Park MN

Dragon King 11/6/04 St. Peters MO

Meta Games 10/30/04 SpringField MO

The Gathering Ground 10/30/04 St. Louis MO
(Total=32, 10&Under=9,11-14=12, 15&up=11)

Sam Goody's 11/6/04 Rolla MO

Gamers Pair A Dice 11/7/04 Sedalia MO

Gamezone 11/7/04 Ridgeland MS

Game Haven 10/30/04 Winston-Salem NC
(Total=21, 10&Under=1,11-14=9, 15&up=11)

Holiday Inn 10/31/04 Cary NC
(Total=27, 10&Under=7,11-14=11, 15&up=9)

Underground Games 11/6/04 Charlotte NC

Hobbytown USA 10/31/04 Lincoln NE
(Total=20, 10&Under=3,11-14=5, 15&up=15)

Time Warp Comics & Games 10/30/04 Cedar Grove NJ

Realms of Adventure 10/31/04 Atlantic Highlands NJ
(Total=16, 10&Under=0,11-14=2, 15&up=14)

Cheese Boy Comics 10/30/04 Las Vegas NV

Pokemon Center New York 11/7/04 New York NY

Kings Games 11/7/04 Brooklyn NY

Bell, Book & Comic 11/6/04 Dayton OH

Drake's Place 11/6/04 Del City OK

Dragons Alley 10/30/04 Salem OR
(Total=45, 10&Under=10,11-14=10, 15&up=25)

Monarch Hotel 10/31/04 Clackamas OR
(Total=64, 10&Under=8,11-14=19, 15&up=37)

Warlord's Den 10/30/04 Lebanon PA
(Total=16, 10&Under=1,11-14=9, 15&up=6)

Inn at Chester Springs 11/7/04 Exton PA

FJ Games 11/6/04 Toa Baja PR

The Fine Art of Baseball 11/7/04 Columbia SC

Dragons Cave 10/30/04 Chattanooga TN

Embassy Suites 11/6/04 Memphis TN

Sevier County Community Center 11/6/04 Sevierville TN

Heroes Collectables 10/30/04 Houston TX

Creative Gift Baskets 10/31/04 Plano TX

CiCi's Pizza 11/7/04 The Woodlands TX

Trolly Sq Mall 11/6/04 Salt Lake City UT

Comic World 11/7/04 Stafford VA

The Game Matrix 11/6/04 Lakewood WA

Genesis Games & Gizmos 11/7/04 Redmond WA

Hobbytown USA 10/30/04 Brookfield WI
(Total=28, 10&Under=2,11-14=9, 15&up=17)

My Parents Basement 11/7/04 Manitowoc WI


zaal Den Aker 10/31/04 Ekeren Belgium BE

Den Aker 11/7/04 Ekeren Belgium BE

Tip Top Moens 10/30/04 Dendermonde Oost Vlaanderen BE

Feestzaal Admiraal 11/7/04 Destelbergen Oost Vlaanderen BE

Knepp CLose Huts 11/6/04 GB

Clifton Road Games 10/30/04 Exeter Devon GB
Tournament Cancelled

Rainham and Wigmore Community Centre 10/31/04 Rainham Kent GB
Tournament Cancelled

Rainham and Wigmore Community Centre 11/3/04 Rainham Kent GB
(Total=22, 10&Under=?,11-14=?, 15&up=?)

tbc 10/30/04 tbc London GB
Tournament Cancelled

Battlenet 11/7/04 Norwich Norfolk GB

Lion & Dragon public house 10/30/04 Denny Stirlingshire GB
Tournament Cancelled

Lion & Dragon public house 10/31/04 Denny Stirlingshire GB
Tournament Cancelled

Lion & Dragon public house 11/6/04 Denny Stirlingshire GB

Lion & Dragon public house 11/7/04 Denny Stirlingshire GB

waterfield school 11/2/04 crawley west sussex GB

waterfield school 11/4/04 crawley west sussex GB

Hobbit Store 11/6/04 Treviso Italy IT

Lucca Comics & Games 2004 10/30/04 Lucca LU IT

Avalon Defcon Zero 11/6/04 Milano MI IT

Knutsford Civic Center 11/5/04 Manchester England

Knutsford Civic Center 11/6/04 Manchester England

Orange Soda
10/11/2004, 03:13 PM
Dragon King 10/6/04 St. Peters MO

Lucky early prereleasers. ;)

Gym Leader Blaine
10/11/2004, 03:20 PM
Lucky early prereleasers. ;)

lol, that is to funny. There are a couple other ones like that, I will go on the list and fix it, plus email PUI and let them know since I copied verything off their site.

Big Daddy Snorlax
10/11/2004, 04:18 PM
Just thought I would get the thread started. Mods please sticky. Thanks :thumb:

:: Opens Super Glue ::

:: Spends next half hour getting hand loose from keyboard ::


10/15/2004, 04:19 AM
Looks like Stafford, VA, has moved to 11/7... :)

10/17/2004, 03:46 AM
An addition to the international section....

Comics Mart SG 10/31/2004 12:00 PM
10 Jalan Serene #02-05 Serene Centre

10/21/2004, 07:42 PM
I might be at TJ Collectables 11/7/04 Milford MA. Probbaly and that'll be my first Pre-Release.

10/27/2004, 11:13 PM
Please add to international Knutsford Civic Centre 11/5/04 and 11/6/04. manchester England is the closest ref point. thnks Dave

10/28/2004, 10:27 AM
GLB pleae change the following
Waterlea adv playground 11/6/04 countact me for details GB


Knepp Close Huts, Sat 6th Nov 11am GB

I only have materials and space for 18 players and currently all 18 are pre-registered. So I think I can predict what the turnout is going to be ;)

10/30/2004, 02:01 AM
Had material on order and space for 72 players but failure to deliver the product means all UK pre-releases for this weekend the 30-31st Oct are cancelled.

So attendance at Rainham Pre-release 31st Oct - ZERO. Months of advertising, planning and arranging for press coverage are all down the pan. It will be interesting to see how the failure to deliver gets reported? We are running replacement Modified events and Theme Deck Challenges in Rainham but it galls me to have to cancel an event.

I think simultaneous worldwide pre-releases maybe a thing of the past in the UK it has been getting more and more scary as to when your product will turn up and calls for it to ship a few days earlier than the US have gone unheeded.

So will I dare run an event on the first weekend again? I don't know given we were assured the last time we went to the wire it would not happen again and lo it has .. it is difficult to trust when that happens once, it is even more difficult when it keeps on happening :(


Clifton Road Games 10/30/04 Exeter Devon GB

Rainham and Wigmore Community Centre 10/31/04 Rainham Kent GB

tbc 10/30/04 tbc London GB

Lion & Dragon public house 10/30/04 Denny Stirlingshire GB

Lion & Dragon public house 10/31/04 Denny Stirlingshire GB

10/30/2004, 04:05 AM
Sorry to hear that this happened..........ukpokemonpro ...

Real crummy...........

10/30/2004, 03:45 PM
Lebanon Pa had 16 total.....

6 in 15+
9 in 11-14
1 in 10-

.....grrrrrr, gotta get more 10-'s

.......wondering where all the players went?????................

Big Daddy Snorlax
10/31/2004, 01:07 AM
Salem Oregon attendance was 45 and broke down as follows:

10 under: 10
11 to 14: 10
15 plus: 25


Thanks to all the players. The costumes were fantastic. Over half the crowd played in the Game Boy tournament and 22 stayed late for the side events. I look forward to seeing you all again in Portland.


10/31/2004, 05:49 AM
This is for StL Gathering Ground MO prerelease that happend yesturday...

11-14: 9

1st Place: Jake Shpringman (Hedgefoxidna)
2nd Place: Jared W. (Metal Master)
3rd Place: ???
4th Place: ???

10/31/2004, 06:24 AM
10/30 - West Palm Beach, FL

Total: 21
-10: 3
11-14: ?
15+: ?

Thanks for the great prize structure... can't wait to see others and compare.

10/31/2004, 03:10 PM
Gathering Ground, ST. Louis had 32 players...

11-14 had 9
10- had 12
15+ had 11

Those are the numbers thanks to all!

Winners were -

Colin 15+
Jake 11-14
Zak K. 10-

Great event - pizza and fun for all -

After draft had 16 and was won by Zak and Anthony!

2 Straight events in one day for Zak K! Watch out MEMPHIS here he comes! (Colin will be judging)


10/31/2004, 05:55 PM
Dragon's Lair - Springfield, Mass.

10 - under: 6
11-14: 2
15+: 6
Total: 14

Total from Team Albany = 10 :o

Winners all from Team Albany:

10-under: Nick C.
11-14: Emma
15+ : Johnny Blaze

10/31/2004, 08:01 PM
- Realms of Adventure -
Atlantic Highlands, NJ - 8/31/04

10- = 0
11-14 = 2
15+ = 14

10/31/2004, 08:22 PM
Irvine, CA had 65:

10&U: 9
11-14: 19
15&U: 37

Big Daddy Snorlax
10/31/2004, 09:21 PM
HEY, Irvine beat us by 1!!! Portland Oregon had 64:

10 under: 8
11 to 14: 19
15 plus: 37

What a great day. We had a costume contest, Halloween games between rounds and fantastic attendance at the side events. After 2 days of big events, I need some sleep!


10/31/2004, 09:45 PM
I'm not totally sure about Nevadas numbers but I came in 4th in the 15- up had a gret time and bought tons of peoples cards.

10/31/2004, 11:58 PM
Holland has No

Thanx to PS games
So 10 under zero
11 - 14 zero
15 plus zero

thank you all for breoing so understanding

11/01/2004, 05:03 AM
Winston-Salem: 21
10 & Under: 1
11-14: 9
15+: 11

Cary, NC: 27
10 & Under: 7
11-14: 11
15+: 9

11/01/2004, 07:57 AM
Lincoln, NE had 20 players (up from SEVEN from the FR/LG :D )

10- : 3
11-14 : 5
15+ : 12

11/01/2004, 08:14 AM
Tecumseh MI (pop. 7000)

43 players

Aprox Break Down

5 Theme deck challenge
15+ 16
11-14 8
10- 14

11/01/2004, 08:26 AM
The Rockville, Maryland TO informs me that they had 38 players in their TRR Prerelease last Saturday. No breakdown was given...

11/01/2004, 03:20 PM
The Ames, IA TRR prerelease had a total of 36 players.

10 and under: 9 players
11 through 14: 11 players
15 and older: 16 players

Total: 36 players

11/02/2004, 06:13 AM
Singapore had 13 in all, no breakdown.

11/03/2004, 11:59 PM
22 Players at Rainham 3rd November and we had a terrible time getting the product.

Safe to say this TO was too busy waiting to pick the stuff up at 7pm to break the players down by age group I will pick that up later .. but we managed to get the material to the players for 8pm and still got in 2 rounds of play.

Can't say I am ever going to run another pre-release like this and I probably won't on the first weekend again without lots of assurance from PUI/POP and the OP Provider that they will deliver on time. It's too stressful and we don't get the discount on the cost of product to ease the pain and venue costs that US PTOs do! :(

Needless to say when you can't run an event and therefore charge for it; when PUI/POP and the OP Provider fail to deliver; and when the $1000 cost of the product and the $150 cost of the venue still have to be paid its hard!

WHO wants to run a pre-release at that cost when you don't know if your product will arrive and you get no headcount discount to make it pay..

We really do have to be professional about it and make it pay for itself! I remain unsure about how professional our OP Provider and PUI/POP are and how serious they take delivery of OP outside the US? Certainly the unanswered emails and complaints do not give me any hope for the future of simultaneous pre-releases in the UK :( Even an acknowledgement of receipt would be more professional than nothing!

Gym Leader Blaine
11/04/2004, 05:43 AM
Thank you everone for posting your tournament number, I have gotten the list updated. Sorry it has taken me a couple of days to do so, I am out of town and it is a little hard to find a computer :)

Thanks again :thumb:

Master Professor Birch
11/04/2004, 07:46 AM
At "Heroes Collectables" in Houston, Texas, we had 61-players.

10-Under: 7-players
11-14: 26-players
15-Over: 26-player
Theme Deck: 2-players
Total: 61-players

And the winners are: 10-Under: Austin Cook / 11-14: Adam Garcia / 15-Over: Mia Cook

Thank you to all of the players that came.

Master Professor Birch

Master Professor Birch
11/04/2004, 07:53 AM
At "Creative Gifts & Toys" in Plano, Texas, we had 55-players.

10-Under: 5-players
11-14: 21-players
15-Over: 20-players
Theme deck: 9-players
Total; 55-players

And the winners are.....10-Under: Nathan Dalton / 11-14: David Pauling / 15-Over: Chris Dejournett

Thank you to all of the players that came.

Master Professor Birch

11/06/2004, 05:45 PM
Rolla, Mo. we had 21 for a first time event.

10- 7

11-14 4

15+ 10

11/06/2004, 07:21 PM
Rockford, IL-32

4 10-
13 11-14
15 15+

Prof Donphan
11/07/2004, 12:28 AM
Treviso - Italy 6 november

13 players (4 from Slovenia!!!!)

Gym Leader Blaine
11/07/2004, 09:53 AM
Salt Lake City, Utah had a total of 75

11 10-
31 11-14
33 15+

11/07/2004, 11:27 AM
Casselberry, FL - 54 Total

7 Ten and Under
23 Eleven thru Fourteen
23 Fifteen and Up

11/07/2004, 11:51 AM
Rochester Hills Pre Release- AKA Poke Shack, had 41 players.

11/07/2004, 12:27 PM
Paladin Gaming 11/6/04 Bakersfield CA
(Total=25, 10&Under=3,11-14=3, 15&up=19)

11/07/2004, 03:54 PM
OK -

Memphis 43 players ! Great time including a Rochester Draft

St. Peters, MO 13 Players...

On to cities we go!


11/07/2004, 07:00 PM
Milford MA TRR Prerelease numbers were...

15+ 24
11-14 15
10- 17

2nd tourney: 39

Thanks to all that attended!

11/07/2004, 07:43 PM
Chattanooga had 10
Sevierville had 22.
A good time was had by all.

11/07/2004, 09:20 PM
A very successful 63 players IN SAN DIEGO:

10 & U: 11
11-14: 16
15+: 36

11/07/2004, 11:50 PM
Redmond Washington

18 players

15+: 12 players

11-14: 4 players:

10-: 2 players. :cool: :rolleyes:

11/07/2004, 11:51 PM
Lakewood Washington

54 players

10 & Under 9
11-14 17
15 & older 25
3 Theme Deck
:cool: :cool:

11/08/2004, 06:15 AM
Columbia, SC had it's biggest attendance yet with 39 !!! Thanks to all who came !!!

10 & Under: 8
11-14: 11
15+: 20

11/08/2004, 08:14 AM
Crawley sat 6th Nov..

As predicted 18 (100% turnout ;) )

15+: 11
11-14: 4
10-: 3

Master Professor Birch
11/08/2004, 11:16 AM
At "Drake's Place" in Del City, Oklahoma, we had 56-players.

10-Under: 5-players
11-14: 16-players
15-Over 35-players
Theme Deck 0-players
Total: 56-players

And the winners are: 10-Under...Deven Dunsmore / 11-14...Taylor Davis / 15-Over...Brad Allred.

Thank you to all of the players that came. And a BIG thank you to Professor Cassie Mitchell for being the "Head Judge" of our "Booster Draft".

Master Professor Birch

11/08/2004, 03:29 PM
Dayton, Ohio - 44

10 & Under: 4
11-14: 15
15 & Over: 25

Team Cook
11/09/2004, 08:46 AM
The Woodlands, Texas (just north of Houston). First time for Pre-release tournament. 83 players.

10-Under --- 14 Winner: Michael P.
11 - 14 ----- 21 Winner: Zachary A.
15-Up ------ 15 Winner: Gilbert V. III
Theme Deck -33

Booster Draft -- 16 Winner: Jose E.

And no we didn't pad our numbers with other gaming players, lol.

A HUGE thanks to MPB (I'm learning from the best).

Thanks to all that played. We had a great time!

~~ Mike

Lex Luthor
11/09/2004, 09:30 AM
Legends Gaming, Cupertino, CA

48 players
17 -10
17 11-14
14 15+

11/09/2004, 02:09 PM
Gamers Edge, Chandler AZ

Saturday 11/06/04
32 players (i dont have the breakdown)