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11/21/2009, 08:52 AM
I thought It would be a good idea to start a shirt thread since we kinda started talking about shirts.
If anyone wants to take a stab at what they are worth go ahead..

I am going to start working on a list of the 50+ shirts I own.
If Vince/ any other avid shirt collector wants to pop in they can.

(I am not going to post all of them now so :P)

2000 Stadium Tour Staff
STS 2000 Queen Mary navy Blue Mewtwo/Articuno Shirt
STS Queen Mary Tournament Judge Shirt
STS Qualifier Shirt (assuming 2001 neo pokemon on shirt/gray)
STS Red Neo Revelatoon
10th Anniversary Staff NYC shirt (red/black)
10th Anniversary Jacket
2004 Worlds POP Rep Shirt

Black POP poloy-shirt (the one with the POP pokeball logo):
I have been offered $50-$75 for this/ it is quite rare only POP reps got their hands on this item until it popped up on ebay ^_^

I also have many generic shirts I am not sure what they are from

Red Polo Pokemon 2000 Shirt (looks like a Movie Staff shirt)
Yellow Polo With POKEMON ON IT
White Polo With POKEMON STS League on it
Long Sleeve Blue Jacket with POKEMON on it
Pokémon Center Blue Polo, (looks like a PC Staff shirt)
Pokemon Center Denim Jacket
Pokemon Center Black T shirt
Pokemon Center Energy T Shirt
Pokemon Center Fire Red/Leaf Green Shirt

EX Deoxys Pokemon Center Shirt
EX Dragon Pre Release Shirt
EX Hidden Ledgends Shirt
Fire Red/Leaf Green Shirt
Team Rocket Returns Shirt

04 Nats Shirt (Sharpedo)/ Competetor's Version
05 Nats Shirt (Exploud)/ Competetor's Version
06 Nats Shirt (Machamp)/ Competetor's Version
07 Nats Shirt (Blastoise)/ Competetor's Version
08 Nats Shirt (Luxray)/ Competetor's Version
09 Nats Shirt (Dragonite)/ Competetor's Version

02 Worlds (Seattle)/ Competetor's Version
04 Worlds (Orlando)/ Competetor's Version
04 Worlds/ Staff
04 Worlds Pokemon Center Version (orange)
05 Worlds (San Diego)/ Competetor's Version
06 Worlds (Anaheim)/ Competetor's Version
06 Worlds (Anaheim)/ Staff Version
06 Worlds (Anaheim)/ Translator's Version
06 Worlds (Anaheim)/ VOLUNTEER Version
06 Worlds (Anaheim)/ Pokémon Center (BLACK)
07 Worlds (HAWAII)/ Competetor's/Previously owned by Jeremy Maron
07 Worlds Volunteer
08 Worlds (Orlando)/ Competetor
08 Worlds Store Shirt
09 Worlds (SAN DIEGO )Regular Store Shirt
09 Worlds Competitor Shirt

x3 Pokegym POLOS
x1 Houston Area Pokemon Polo (blue)