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10/17/2004, 01:01 PM
Have the 2003-2004 VIP badges expired? Or can we still use them to get $5 off on prereleases. If you know the answer, please tell me where you got that info.

10/21/2004, 07:45 PM
I think im not sure, i might be wrong but on pokemon-tcg i thought i read all special events were free. And i anyone else thinks im wrong step in and give your $0.02 cents

10/21/2004, 07:51 PM
hear this is what i just read on pokemon-tcg if u need a link for proof here http://www.op.pokemon-tcg.com/articles/free_events.asp

This is what it says!
Pokémon Organized Play was thrilled to see the attendance of Premier Events in the 2004 Tournament Season. With over 100 City Championships, 40 State Championships, and 50 Gym and Stadium Challenges across North America, and more across Europe, South America and Asia, our players had a lot to do last season. Pokémon Organized Play wants to do everything we can to keep you excited about our Championship Series of events.

To show our gratitude for your continued support and enthusiasm, we're making it easier for everyone to attend all of our Championship Series events. For the entirety of the 2005 Tournament Season, all City Championships, State Championships, Gym Challenges, Stadium Challenges, and even the National Championships will have no admission fees. Please note that events that are held at conventions such as Origins and GenCon MAY have a nominal fee charged by the venue. POP will work with these venues in an attempt to absorb these costs as well, but may not always be able to do so.

Side tournaments at these Premiere Events may still be subject to entry fees, especially if they are Limited Format events where you receive unopened product to play with for the event. Likewise, Prerelease events, including Theme Deck Challenges, will still require an entry fee that is set at a maximum of the retail cost of the product you play with at the event.

Any Modified Format (Constructed) Premiere Event that you attend will be free for all players to enter and play in. This is the perfect time to teach your little brother or sister and get them involved. Mom and Dad don't need to sit back and watch you play - help them build a deck and play in the event with you! Now you can finally get Grandpa back for beating you at Checkers all those years; can he stand up to your Blaziken deck?

Pokémon Organized Play is dedicated to making the best Pokémon TCG tournament experience we can. We'll bring the events and prizes, you bring everyone you know!
Hope your happy!

Big Daddy Snorlax
10/21/2004, 07:52 PM
Last season's VIP badges have expired. Premier events are free this year, but Prereleases still cost an entry fee, and until you win a Premier event this year, you'll pay full price. City Championships start next month though!