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01/11/2010, 07:01 PM
That’s right everyone I got SECOND PLACE with Salamence.

I had been testing the deck pretty hard for about two weeks. I had tried using it last week and went 3-2 and tried a second time on Saturday and went 4-1 missed the cut. I was sure today would be the day I did good.

Picked up Alton, and we drove up to Deer Park, Texas. We got there 30 min. early and just chilled outside (it was 32 degrees out) cause the owner does not let ANYONE in except out PTO until noon.

We went in and I was debating on whether to use Dusknior or Azelf Lv X because of the huge amount of Sceptile Decks. Speaking of which, my Meta-game is a majority of Stage 2 decks, and very few SP’s. In the end I chose Dusknior DP and put in my decklist, got is checked and relaxed until round 1.

The EXCITING PARTS are the TopCut rounds. Scroll down there if you want to skip all this.

ROUND 1: Jake: Metagross LA Tank
Ok this guy was your average Pokedad, playing cause his kids were. He had an interesting deck to say the least. It used Farfetch to get a bunch of trainers he needed out and he would set up a bunch of metagrosses while tanking one up front….or at least he would have if he didn’t have 2 of the 3 of them prizes. I on the other hand had a Spiritomb + Baltoy + Roseanne’s start….It’s does not get much better then that. I destroyed him pretty early on, but he told me he wasn’t going to scoop, and would play it out. I have to give him respect for that.

ROUND 2: Robert: Porygon Z
Ok, now this Pokedad has been playing for a while, I know he knows what he is doing and when I saw that Porygon hit the bench I was semi-worried cause Colorless weakness is a pain and a half. I stalled with Spiritomb until I could set up because he could not lay down any technical machines. Then I retreated and sent out 1 of my 2 Salamences. He had Porygon Z out at the time, so I attached memory berry to my active Sally with no energy on it and used Battle Rush to do 50 with Shelgon’s Rollout attack and KO whatever he had out. He sends out Porygon Z, levels up and attached 5 technical machines and KO’s me. He has 130 HP. I send up my second Sally with 1 fire and 1 water energy on it. I rosy for a Crobat G and lay it down and do 10 to his Porygon Z Lv X, then I premier ball, get out the Lv X of Sally, play it down, Double Fall and do 120 with Steam Twiser for 2 prizes. He never saw it coming. For the rest of the game I had the advantage, and was setting up more Sallys faster then he could set up Porygons.

ROUND 3: Forgot Name: Mother Gengar.
We both had decent Call Energy Starts. I got a Dusknior when his bench was Azelf/Uxie/Uxie, and prevented him from ever getting a Claydol or Nidoqueen out the entire game. The few Gengars he did manage to get out I KO’d and he flipped tails on with feinting spell, but I had back-up Sallys for non the less. I had this game won pretty early on.

ROUND 4: Silvano: BlastCatty.
This round was interesting to say the least. I don’t remember much, but I remember he had 3 prizes left and I had 2. I leveled up my Active Sally and used Double Fall. I then tried to use Steam Twister. He told me Battle Rush was not in effect because he had Metagross in play and thus his Blastoise’s HP was reduced to 110. We called a judge over because we both were unsure if metagross simply subtracted HP or actually changed the maximum amount. It turned out he was right and I was allowed to changed attacks. I did combustion for 50. He doubled barreled next turn and took 2 prizes. I figured I was hosed, but played it out anyways. I draw, and play down PokeTurn and do 10 more with crobat to his active stoise and realize I will be 20 off from killing it. I attack anyways and do 50. He tells me I KO’d it. Confused I realize that Metagross was in play and he only had 110 HP. I take my 5th prize. He has nothing else to send up and I have 3 energy on Sally. He can’t KO me and I have an energy in my hand to do 120 next turn no matter what. I win GG.

ROUND 5: William C: Hit and Run Gengar.
I remember telling him I would lose before we started the match. I told him again when I had a lone Azelf start. I told him again when I passed for the first 4 turns of the game…notice a trend here? I got nothing at all and had 2 Bagons prized. Bad game is Bad.

ROUND 6: Jeff Harris: Palkia/Luxray/Honchkrow…SP stuff.
Ok, this guy KNEW HOW TO PLAY MY DECK. He got a power spray in his hand early and refused to use it on anything (claydol uxie etc) because he was saving it for Double Fall. He Also got out an Ambipom G, attached a Gain and moved 2 of my 3 reaming fire energies to my crobat. I realize I am out of turns and my other fires are prized. I am out of energy…I do what I can with no energy, but he Turns his Luxray Level X and even with snowpoint temple in play I can’t use battle rush anymore. I’m boned.


I wasn’t too happy about beefing 2 rounds in a row but with it being a T8, I have a pretty good chance of making it in anyways.

I’m 5th.

I know my next opponent is running Gyarados…I wasn’t happy about this.
He’s also at Whataburger and get’s back the Top Cut rounds a min. after they start. They let him play, but we get a couple min. Time extension.

TOP 8: Jose (I think): Gyarados

This game was PHENOMENAL. Ok So basically turn 2, I have an active spiritomb, play a rare candy, memory berry, lux ball, and another trainer, then Uxie for 6 cards…neither the two judges or myself or my opponent caught this. Next turn it is caught by someone and the HJ deems it un-repairable damage and allows my opponent to take a “MULTI PRIVE PENATLY”. My opponent draws 3 prizes. I get set up pretty well, drop a Sally Lv. X and a crobat, and OHKO his Gyarados and take 2 prizes. He has Floatzela FB out and BTS and plays it back down, attaches expert belt and KO’s me. Takes a prize
I send up a stall Pokemon and set up another sally. He KO’s the Pokemon and takes his 5th prize I still have 4 left. I send up crobat, play down snowpoint Temple, and Dark Palm his Floatzela FB LvX. His could not KO my 100 HP Crobat. I free retreat, send up sally, and do 50. Next turn I premier ball, Level up, Double Fall, and take 3 prizes in one turn….the game is now tied. He can’t do anything to win, with no flotzela he can’t recycle his Gyarados. I win.

This went similar to the first game, except I did not misplay. Dusknior early on completely shut him down, and since he could not attach expert belt to his Gyra in fear of my sally, I more or less took the game slowly but steady.

TOP 4: Paul: Palkia Lock
Wow this kid was a staller if I ever had one. He would talk to the judges during the match and make conversation, he tried to call me on everything, he would flip with solid dice then pretend to no know and re-flip with a clear dice. He would look though my discard pile like every turn. He said he had a right to shuffle my deck for a min. and a half and di so…man this match was frustrating. I almost lost my temper a few times with him.

He sets up fast and wins. I scoop to save time

LONG game. This one went on for a good 45 min. I was really edgy because he kept trying to stall. We had an issue with me using Battle Rush when it was not activated and a judge fixed it. In the end I won. Basically I thought I had KO’d something. He put the card I supposable KO’d in the discard pile, told me to draw a prize, then said “Battle Rush is not activated” A judge came over and randomized my prizes and we continued as normal.

OMG, this game was…interesting. Basically after us both going at it, he takes a prize and time is called. I assume he has won. That is until the HJ comes over and says time has been called 6 min. too early…I HAVE A CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!
I get my Sally out, Lv. Up and take 2 prizes on his Palkia. Then real time is called and the game goes to sudden death. I need only to attach 2 more energies to my Salamence to win. It’s his turn and he knows unless he can KO me, I win. He spends about 5 min. on his turn before the HJ calls him on slow play. He can’t do anything. I win.

He’s not done yet though, afterwards he complains that I had an unfair advantage with the Battle Rush thing and asked what could be done. The Judge said it was too late to do anything and that no only should he had brought it up earlier, but he had more or less agreed with the solution by continuing to play…

Feeling bad about my attitude, I apologized for being so tense and uptight during the match. He said something stupid about me being an uptight person and didn’t even shake my hand…

TOP 2: Jeff: That Palkia SP deck from before.

I misplay, he sets up, I have no way to come back, I scoop to save time. Only lasted 7 min.

This one dragged out for a while. He did the EXACT same thing with Ambipomb G, except this time I had 3 fire energies on my Claydol and 1 prized. It did what I could and just could not win. I saw that my deck was running low and knew the end was near. So I told him and the 3 judges watching. If I go out, I’m going out on my own terms. Claydol for 6, Uxie for a 7th card, and Play Felicities for the remaining 4 cards and deck myself FTW!!!!!

We all had a good laugh at that.

It was an amazing tournament and I’m glad I did so well with Salamence.

I get my 10 packs and get a RH Expert belt, 2 Arceuses and the good Arceus Lv. X

SECOND PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second Place
Winning a game that I was 3 prizes behind on turn 2.
Making is to t2

It was am awesome match, and I loved my deck. I would have loved even more to win, but second place is better then anything I’ve done during Cities

01/11/2010, 07:08 PM
Great Job! Good Luck at States!

01/11/2010, 07:21 PM
Impressive performance with a deck that's very underrated. Slightly ironic that a silly little monkey beat the pants off a big nasty dragon though. lol

01/11/2010, 07:22 PM
Good job dude. You're coming to NV states, right? :)

Also, stop being a newb with your "MULTI PRIVE PENATLY". I don't even know what that is. If I had to guess, though, its the new fancy yugioh term that means "DQ".

01/11/2010, 07:35 PM
Don't I get any credit for helping the person out with the deck?

Anyways, good job coming in 2nd with Speed Salamence! You were very brave to go up against decks like Garchomp C Lv X and Flygon. Did you put Bubble Coat in the deck for survivalbility as well?

green lantern
02/14/2010, 10:22 PM
get a life
and what u dont know calculation is what wins games thats y he went thought your discard so much :nonono:

02/14/2010, 10:49 PM
get a life
and what u dont know calculation is what wins games thats y he went thought your discard so much :nonono:

Haha I feel like this guy knows that kid maybe?

Anyway, nice job. Sally is da shizzz