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Ky00ber the III
03/14/2010, 06:11 AM
Alright, this is the first sanctioned card tournament in the sunny island of Singapore after 2 years. Our local distributor for Nintendo products have taken up TO status but as a purely corporate thing. So the whole thing was organized on a grassroots level with the Head Judge being a very kind volunteer(who obtained Professor Status after only two months of playing)

Now, as my deck is two years old and I didn't pull any Flygons after buying 20packs of RR(got a Rotom though =/) I quickly got to borrowing and trading cards on the day of the tournament. I clobbered together a Rampardos-tech deck. (techs being yanmega and nidoking because I have nothing else to put in)

I shall not describe the Swiss rounds in detail but I would like to note that single swiss rounds are very unfair for slow decks and extremely beneficial for donk decks. Shuppet donk went undefeated and so did my friend Zach's Super Rogue Weezing deck.(No Prize Weezing+Expert Belt+Toxicroak=hell for machamp and other powerhouse decks)

I make it through to the finals which was held the next day, a first for me. Players can now tech/change decks. I manage to get 4 expert belts and switch to 4-2-4 Rampardos, 2-2 Lucario(still no Lv.X) and 1-1 Metagross and 2 Jirachis RR. No claydols, not that I care since Claydols are just food for most of my opponents.

Finals, Single Round Elimination Knock out-
T16: Vs. modified HGSS theme deck(wtf? how did this get in?)
I start with an amazing Skull-RC-Rampardos-NRG-Expert belt hand and the kid has a totodile and Koffing. I pound the Totodile and the kid sends out the koffing to smogscreen. He insists there is a minimum dammage even after mold breaker but the judge rules in my way, of course. So I warp point some benchwarmer, retreat and Mold Breaker again for the donkish win.


T8: Arceus/Giratina/Mewtwo
Next opponent is a little girl who lacks her two front teeth. She may not have the best deck but she knows how to play, winning a Torterra deck the previous round.
I'm so nervous because she can match my speed with her haymaker-style play. I use Jirachi and start detouring exacavators to set up two Rampardos. She spreads damage with Giratina(with DCE no less!) but I start picking everything off with my two rampardos. An easy win in the end but one that scared the crap out of me in the beginning.

5-0 (Self-destruction by Head Smash)

T4: Grass Tank (Tangrowth and Shaymin)
By now, all the kids are knocked out and those left are all masters(no age separation) and I face one of the decks I didn't want to face. With no lock decks in the finals, Grass Tank is sick, a healing 200hp Tangrowth LvX is nigh-unstoppable. I tell my opponent to "make it quick" and both of us and the judge laugh, expecting a Grass-type curbstomp

We both have crappy starts but he gets out Sunfloras fast while I stall with Lucario. I skip a potential Metagross wait and Oak's New Theory for a rampardos but I end up facing an energy drought. Thankfully he too is facing an energy drought and his Tangrowth LvX is prized(though I didn't know at the time) so I went for broke and started pressuring him with Expert Belted Mold Breakers and Head Smashes. He can only counter with Green Acids and bringing out his sunfloras which I kill with ease. He tries to use Looker's Investiagation but ends up drawing nothing.

After 6 turns with both us drawing and shuffling into nothing, I finally manage to draw into energy and attach them to my 2nd rampardos. I alternate between the two of them and finally self-destruct my rampardos and the Tangrowth for the win.


Final Shuppet Donk-
Against all initial expectations by everybody I make it to the finals. It's Shuppet donk, maintaining it's unbeaten streak. I get a lone Jirachi start but with two bebe's. I have a chance of winning this, I think to myself. I roll and he calls. I win the call. He has a lone Uxie. He roseanne's for Unown Q and Shuppet, Pokedexes a pluspower, pokedrawers an expert belt and another pluspower. Retreats the Uxie with unown G, up comes Shuppet. Crobat G comes down and the fastest final win ever just happens. Everybody claps and I win a copy of Soul Silver while he gets a DSi and Heart Gold


MAJOR SLOP: Shuppet. I shall be burning any shuppets I find.
Major Props: All the people who helped me and loaned/traded me cards. Zach and Barry for the rides and Maxsoft for reviving this dead game.