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11/21/2004, 08:30 PM
hi every most of yall dunt know me but im jin wang from winter haven florida

i wil do a report on the city champion ship that i attend at 11/20 winter haven

lets start things off in at the time when i got up lol

well i got up and took a showa and waited a long time and ate and then went out side and waited for mah fwen to come ....then he came and i went to downtown comic and helped heiti and ron set up and all that
then me and eric did some unfinished test play and i spread out my deck and got him to help and john silverstro to help me after he arrived

then i went to registration with this deck,...

this deck i build 2 days b4 the citys

4x dunsparce
4x slakoth
2x vigoroth
3x slaking
2x roseilia
2x pigey
1x pigeotto
2x pigeot
1x horsea
1x kingdra

3x stevens
4x rare candy
3x copy cat
3x celios
2x swoop teleporter
1x warp point
2x switch
1x pokemon retreiver
1x energy recycle system
2x ancient tomb
2x team magma's conspirator

4x double raibow nrg
10x grass energy

that is my list i some times had a probleblem with energys and mah er system is in the prizes so i got a auto loss if that happened which it did

now the first round begined

Round 1!!

me vs Brett BOmbolow(( soddie dunt know the name))

mah slaking vs his crobat with mantine and some other stuff

well i started realy gud got 2 slaking set up with 2 grass each with roselia conspirator turn 3 so it was really a quick game and he started hitting me real hard with the crobat and he has that rocket hide out so i kant 90 to kill it but i shut down his power cuz slkaing 's lazy so i got the win with the tomb i looked for with pigeot

Round 2 ( 1-0-0)- 3 points

tyler mantis vs me

mah slaking against dark ...

round 2 wasnt fun at all bcuz i had a stomach ake but it turned out alright i was goint agaisnt a dark deck which i thought i would of won cuz he kant use none of his power so taht is really gud but i played one of the newest friend that i made during the prelease taht i attend and that person is tyler mantis.. he is a really gud player and he only started playing this game 2 weeks ago so i think he is really gud he played a drak deck like others except he didnt play steelix and others he played togetic which is really gud..we both got set up but i didnt get a celios or pigeot for about 6 turns and he just sit there killing me so i kinda lost that one

Round 3 ( 1-1-0)-3 points

me vs some dude nme mike i think

mah slaking deck vs his fight deck with alot of stuff in it

the 3rd round was really easy to me i got slaking turn 2 with 2 grass and a dre and then after taht i got pigeot and switch and grass every turn until i wiped out all of his dudes .. he got one firght claydol set up but it only had 2 nrg so it did 20 and that was it

Round 4 ( 2-1-0)-6 points

round 4 was pretty easy i went up against a currys( lol )

me vs arron curry

slaking vs a dark deck with t tar

his deck had t tar which isnt run to go against he do 80 to mah slaking but i got set up quick and then brought out pigeot and he couldnt retreat and then 90 and he kant transfer and kant use dark trode's power so i kinda won taht one and he kinda didnt feel happy

Round 5 ( last one - 3-1-0 )- 9 points

me vs this 12 year old

me vs butter free mantine

i got set up really really quickly and he didnt get anything out but 3 mantine and a metapod with 3 nrgs so i wiped him out and then he got a butter free with only 2 nrgs and use gust on mah slaking which helped me alot bcuz mah system was inprize and i only had 2 nrgs left so i killed him and got the system and won

after that i made to top cut

the top 8 was

1. tyler mantis
2. me
3-8.. didnt really care

well top 8 cut was kinda hard and kinda scary to me

round one

me vs some dude

slaking vs metagross xatu

he got set up pretty quick and so did i but i won the first one cuz no power for him and i won like that

2nd battle round one

i lost this one even tho he didnt get any nrgs it was bcuz there was 4 grass a dunsparce and a nrg recycle system in mah prizes so taht was gud..

3rd battle round one

this one we both got the gud start but his metex got 2 of my slakoth and killed them so i only got one slaking to do the damamge i 90ed him cuz his metel and then 30 with cluth and 90 againt for the ko and then he brought some other stuff out and i also koed them but his biggest lost was his warnings on supporters i drew about 4 prizes in these 3 games and the last one was the one for the win which was a big lost for him ( i bet he really regret that lol )

so i advanced to the top 4

there was me , tyler , arron , and kaitlan

the next round was like my favorite game of the day.. it was me once again versus tyler mantis

we meet again but we were hoping to see each others at the finals but that didnt work out..

battle one

o man i was scared nothing helps me at all i paralyzed his sparce for a turn and that was all and then we both got set up and he got some # of dark nrgs and i clutched his dragonite lol with 3 darks on him and he then moved and did 60 .. to my pigeot and then i killed him with slaking and he couldnt do any moving and he kant get a dragonite!! lol so that was my advantage and i got the win.

battle 2 round 2

same thing happend again but this time i went for sar and we both had fun and we chat so that was a gud game but unfortuantly i won the match even tho he got his togetic out but no nrg

so i advanced to the finals

haiiii i took a deep breath .. i watched kaitlin and arron's game kaitlin was really realy lucky she lost about 5 prizes and still came back with eggutor and she is really gud in flipping too lol she killed a tyranny full power in one shot so taht was all luck so it was me and her in the finals

battle one finals

we both got the cards but i didnt get anything bcuz i drew draw cards but no candy piget or celios which was the worst thing and with the sheer cold knock out thing she kinnda won this one

battle 2 fianls

i got set up much much faster slaking turn 3 and beat her tail no crush draw which was the worst thing for her i won this one with no swet

battle 3 finalls!!

we both went out side before the thing even started so it was all kooled me and her both got some stuff but she wasnt in the luck she was very slow at setting up but ah slaking just lazy her around and there was no way she could of come back so i won this

i got first place that day so it was reallly really good for me i had confidences all week and mah fwens were just yelling at me wen i said that i was goin to win this lol

the prizes were a
1x first place metel
18x trr pax
1x snore lax key chain
1x psyduck light
1x cleffa figure
1x huge marill figure form raffle
1x pikachui note book and a pokemon pen

that day was hard and the props goes to

eric craig for helping me with my deck and give me some tips john for lending me a slaking and giving me the same slaking that he lended me and helped me on the deck as well and heiti craig for lending me a translation of slaking and of course for holding 2 citys before i turn 15!! i met alot of new friends like ft loud mouth , phonix song and some other new players it was a harsh and great day but i was happy

thank you all

~fan fan

11/21/2004, 08:39 PM
GJ, can't wait till Casselberry City, so i can beat u. i love you little wang.

11/21/2004, 09:17 PM
good job dude.

nice deck too


11/22/2004, 05:08 AM
wow a slaking deck... GJ!

11/22/2004, 08:59 AM
Nice going man, didn't think that Slaking would get a win at a CC...but you proved people wrong. Nice deck, good luck at any other ones you play in. :)

11/22/2004, 11:43 AM
thanx for the reply every one but i might just drop on on the next one if i ever make it to thetop

one is all i need especially winter haven

~fan fan

good luck to u guyz

11/22/2004, 12:38 PM
It was good to meet you too - props on the rouge deck.

11/22/2004, 12:45 PM
thanx gymbo

~fan fan

Dark Sneasel
11/22/2004, 12:58 PM
Aww well good job. LOL. Go Team Honkey.