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12/07/2004, 09:08 PM
Howdy all. I have the following cards for trade! If you see something you're interested in leave a haves list link or post what you've got and i'll get back to you! =]

::Regular holofoil cards::


::Team Rocket Returns ::
Dark Steelix x1 (mint)

::Ex Fire Red and Leaf Green ::
Raichu x2 (mint)
Pidgeot x1 (mint)

::Ex Hidden Legends ::
Metagross x1 (mint)
Heracross x1 (mint)
Tropius x1 (mint) (Elemental foil)
Ancient Technical Machine Steel x1 (mint)
Rain Castform x1 (mint)

::Team Magma Vs. Team Aqua ::
Entei ex x1 (mint)

::Ex dragon ::
Roselia x2 (mint)
Latias ex x1 (mint)
Rayquaza ex x1 (mint)

::Ex sandstorm ::
Raichu ex x1 (mint)

::Ex Ruby and Sapphire::
Mewtwo ex x2 (mint)
Scyther ex x3 (mint)
Mightyena x2 (mint)

::Neo Genesis ::
Slowking x1 (mint)

::Gym Challenge ::
Blaine's Arcanine x1 (mint)

::Gym Heroes ::
Misty's Tentacreul x1 (mint)
The Rocket's Trap x3 (mint x2, near mint x1)
Lt.Surge's Magneton x1 (near mint)

::Base 2 ::
Magneton x1 (near mint)

::Team Rocket ::
Dark Weezing x1 (mint)
Dark Arbok x1 (mint) [Error]
Rocket's Sneak Attack x1 (mint)

::fossil ::
Dragonite x1 (near mint)
Haunter x1 (mint)

::jungle ::
Vileplume x1 (near mint)
Mr.Mime x1 (near mint)

Chansey x1 (near mint)
Mewtwo x2 (mint)

::Reverse holofoil cards:: (please make them go away lol)

::Ex Team Magma Vs. Team Aqua ::
Maxie x1 (mint)

::Ex dragon ::

::Ex Sandstorm ::
Mysterious Fossil (SS) x1 (mint)
Ekans x1 (mint)

::Ex Ruby and Sapphire ::

(All cards are mint to near mint condtion)

Electabuzz x4
Devoloution Spray x3
Lass x1
Pidgeotto x4
Pokemon Trader x3
Dragonair x1
Pokemon Breeder x1
Clefairy Doll x3
Beedrill x1

::jungle ::
Pidgeot x3
Vaporeon x1
Jolteon x1
Venomoth x3
Nidoqueen x2
Victreebel x1
Snorlax x2
Wigglytuff x2
Vileplume x2
Kangaskhan x1
Clefable x3
Electrode x3

::fossil ::
Ditto x3
Dragonite x3
Moltres x3
Zapdos x2
Aerodactyl x3 (1st Edition x1)
Haunter x1
Gengar x2
Kabutops x1
Articuno x1
Muk x1

::base2 ::
Item Finder x1
Lass x2
Dragonair x1
Electabuzz x2
Pinsir x1
Snorlax x1

::Team Rocket ::
Dark Vileplume x1 (error)
Dark Arbok x2 (error)
Dark Hypno x1
Dark Dragonite x1
Dark Weezing x1
Dark Machamp x2
Dark Gyrados x2
Rocket's Sneak Attack x3

::Gym Heroes ::
Misty's Cloyster x2
Brock's Onix x2
Erika's Victreebel x1
Lt. Surge x2
Lt. Surge's Electabuzz x2
Misty x3
Blaine's Quiz #1 x2
The Rocket's Training Gym x3
Erika's Clefairy x1

::Gym Challenge ::
Sabrina x3
Sabrina's Gengar x2
Koga's Muk x1

::Neo Genisis ::
Ecogym x1
Sneasel x1 (mint)
Mary x1
Super Energy Retrieval x4
Time Capsule x4
Focus Band x2 (1st Edition or unlimited x2)
Magby x3
Cleffa x2 (1st Edition or unlimited x2)
Murkrow x1
Energy Charge x2 (1st Edition or unlimited x2)
Arcade Game x1

::Neo Discovery ::
Tyrannitar x3
Beedrill x3

::Neo Revelation ::
Entei x1
Lugia x1
Aerodactyl x2

::Neo Destiny ::
Light Ledain x1 (1st Edition)
Unown W x2 (1st Edition)
EXP. ALL x1 (1st Edition)

::expedition ::
Charizard x1 (mint) #39
Mew x1
Gengar x1

::Aquapolis ::
Tentacreul x1

::Ruby and Sapphire ::
Swampert x1
Nosepass x1
Sharpedo x2
Seaking x1
Weezing x2
Rainbow Energy x1

::sandstorm ::
Arcanine x1
Golduck x1
Snadslash x2

::dragon ::

:: (Un)commons ::
(All cards are mint to near mint condtion)

::Base ::
Double Colorless Energy x1
Switch x1
Gust x1
Pokemon Center x1

::jungle ::
Eevee x1
Jigglypuff x 3

::Gym Heroes ::
Narrow Gym x3

::Gym Challenge ::
Erika's Jigglypuff x1
Masterball x1

::Neo Genisis ::
Double Gust x3
Super Rod x1
Professor Elm x3
Moo Moo Milk x4
Pikachu x3

::Neo Discovery ::
Igglybuff x1
Eevee x4

::Neo Revelation ::
Pokemon Breeder Fields x2
Healing Fields x1

::Aquapolis ::
Hitmontop x1
Larvitar x1
Wooper x1
Drowzee x1
Kangaskhan x2
Seer x1
Slowpoke x1
Remoraid x1
Psychic Cube 01 x1
Sneasel x1
Magneminte x1

::Ruby and Sapphire ::
Pokeball x1
Cascoon x1
Silcoon x1
Zigzagoon x1 [#79]
Poochyena x4 [#64]
Poochyena x1 [#65]
Mightyena x1 [#42]
Phanphy x1
Wingull x3 [#77]
Shroomish x1 [#69]
Numel x1
Ralts x2 [#67]
Ralts x1 [#66]
Wurmple x1
Koffing x1
Energy Search x2
Oran Berry x1
Professor Birch x1
Taillow x1
Carvahna x2
Swellow x1
Treeko x1 [#76]
Treeko x1 [#75]
Potion x2
Mudkid x1 [#60]
Torchic x1 [#73]
Torchic x1 [#74]
Aron x2 [#49]
Aron x2 [#50]
Aron x1 [#25]
Skitty x1 [#70]
Skitty x1 [#71]
Skitty x1 [#44]
Lairon x1 [#37]
Manectric x1 [#39]
Groovyle x1 [#31]
Groovyle x1 [#32]
Makuhita x2 [#56]
Makuhits x1 [#57]
Makuhita x1 [#58]
Kirlia x3 [#34]
Kirlia x1 [#35]
Electrike x4 [#52]
Electrike x4 [#30]
Elektrike x1 [#53]
Combusken x1 [#28]
Energy Switch x1

::sandstorm ::
Psyduck x1
Wailmer x2
Natu x1
Ekans x1
Vigoroth x1
Fearow x1
Blatoy x1
Wingull x4 [#84]
Ralts x1
Onix x1
Duskull x1
Seedot x2
Lombre x1
Lotad x1 [#66]
Lotad x1 [#67]
Omanyte x3
Pikachu x1

::dragon ::
Magneminte x1 [#62]
Geodude x1
Trapinch x1
Houdour x1
Bagon x1 [#49]
Bagon x1 [#23]
Slugma x1
Vibrava x1 [#47]
Treeko x1
Flaffy x1
Mareep x1
Camerupt x1
Mudkip x1
Combusken x1

::Team Magma Vs. Team Aqua ::
Team Magma Ball x1
Team Magma Belt x1
Magma Energy x1

::Promotional cards::


::Nintendo Black Star Promos::

::Wizards Black Star Promos::
Jigglypuff x1 (mint) [#7]
Mew x1 (mint) [non holo]
Mewtwo (WB) x1 (mint)
Mewtwo x2 (mint) #14

::Wizards Prerelease::
Aerodactyl x1 (near mint) *1st Edition*

::Wizards Promos Misc.::
Ancient Mew x2 (mint)


::Neo 2 Promo Binder::
Charizard x1 (mint)

::Neo 1 promo binder ::
Typhlosion x1 (mint)

::Southern Islands ::
Butterfree (SI) x2 (mint) [Japanese x1]
Primeape (SI) x1 (mint) [Japanese]

Zapdos ex xX (need 2 more for my deck)
Blaziken ex xX
Rayquaza ex xX
Blastoise ex xX
Suicune ex xX
Elekid (SS) x3
Rocket's Admin x1
TV Reporter x1
Electrode (HL) x1

and Raichu cards NOT on this list. Looking for reverse holo, alternate holo, foreign, ect. variations of them all.

::Tabby's Raichu Collection::
I need any not on this list
Base Unlimited
Base Unlimited Dutch
Base Unlimited Portugese
Base Japanese
Base 2
Fossil 1st Edition holo
Fossil 1st Edition Rare
Fossil Unlimited Rare
Fossil Unlimited Rare French
Gym Challenge Unlimited
Gym Heroes Unlimited
Gym 1 Japanese (Symboless deck version)
Vs. Lt. Surge's 1st Edition
Vs. Jasmine's 1st Edition
Neo Revelation 1st Edition
Neo Revelation Unlimited
Expedition Rare
Expedition 1st Edition holo Japanese
Skyridge holo
Skyridge 1st Edition holo Japanese
Skyridge Unlimited Rare Japanese
Vending Series 2 promo Japanese
Team Magma Vs. Team Aqua Rare
Fire Red and Leaf Green holo
Fire Red and Leaf Green Alternate holo
Flight of Legends Unlimited holo Japanese
Team Rocket
Legendary Collection holo (print error)
Legendary Collection Box Topper

Thanks, Tabz.

12/07/2004, 09:24 PM
Do you have a want list?

12/07/2004, 09:59 PM
These are the only actual wants I have... (probably forgot stuff)

Zapdos ex
Blaziken ex
Rayquaza ex
Blastoise ex
TRR ex's
Nintendo Modified Trainers (Dual ball, TV Reporter, Rare Candy, ect)
Dark Dragonite (TRR)
Raichu cards (all languages)

I was planning on checking lists..but pokegym has no haves list forum...=p

Thanks, Tabz.

12/08/2004, 08:49 AM
I have FR/LG Raichu, TMTA Raichu etc.

I want the FR/LG Pidgeot


12/08/2004, 10:33 AM
Hiya Tabz ;), and Welcome to da 'Gym!!

Check my Big Haves List (link in my sig)!!!

I could use your R/S Slaking holo, and Skitty x1 [#44]...

Card Killer
12/08/2004, 10:54 AM
Hi... I have Raichu in Portuguese.
Raichu Holo Base set
Raichu Holo Fossil
Raichu Rare Fossil

Want these:
Pidgeot x1 (mint)
Raichu x1 (mint)
Suicune ex x1 (mint)
Meowth x1 (mint) RH TMxTA

Metal Master
12/08/2004, 12:20 PM
I need your Suicune EX. Link in the sig. LMK.

12/08/2004, 12:50 PM
RainbowRichards- Howdy I need...Lt. Surge's Electabuzz x3(holo one) and Raichu (reverse) (expedition) lmk what we can work out! (rofl..all those cards and you need a skitty?) XD And i also need some Nintendo modified trainer cards if you've got some for trade and need some more crap from me. =o

Metal Master- I don't see anything I particularly want from you for Suicune..and someone on another board is offering a trade including Rayquaza ex... lol Sorry.

Everyone else..I already have the Raichu cards you offered. (Even the portugese one)Sorry. = (

Thanks, Tabz.

12/08/2004, 01:52 PM
i need Suicune ex, have Raichu FRLG and Neo Revelation, check my sig for my haves

12/08/2004, 03:13 PM
Thomas- I could use Gengar ex perhaps..but other offer has priority.. (listed in last post)

And I already have the raichu cards you offered as well..I guess i'll list what I have already to make it easier..I need any raichus not on the list below! (I especially want japanese shining raichu, japanese raichu ex, and the bulbasaur and squirtle deck japanese promo raichu.)

These are the Raichu cards I Have already I need ones not listed here.
(looking for language, 1st Edition/unlimited, reverse holo, ect. variations...)

Base Unlimited [American]
Base Unlimited [Dutch]
Base Unlimited [Portugese/Spanish..not sure which]
Base Japanese
Base 2
Fossil 1st Edition (Rare) [American]
Fossil Unlimited (Rare) [American]
Fossil 1st Edition (holo) [American]
Fossil Unlimited (Rare) [French]
Lt.Surge's Gym Heroes [American]
Lt. Surge's Gym 1 (Rare) [Japanese] ((Symboless deck card))
1st Edition Lt. Surge's Raichu Vs. (common) [Japanese]
Unlimited Lt. Surge's Gym Challenge (holo) [American]
1st Edition Neo Revelation (Rare) [American]
Unlimited Neo Revelation (Rare) [American]
1st Edition Jasmine's Vs. (common) [Japanese]
Expedition (rare) [American]
1st Edition Expedition (holo) [Japanese]
Unlimited Skyridge (Rare) [Japanese]
1st Edition Skyridge (holo) [Japanese]
Skyridge (holo) [American]
Vending Series 2 (Uncommon) [Japanese] ((My favorite =D)) [hardest to get of course..]
Team Aqua Vs. Team Magma (Rare) [American]
Ex Sandstorm (ex) [American]
Fire Red and Leaf Green (holo) [American]
Fire Red and Leaf Green (Alternate Holo) [American]
Team Rocket Unlimited (holo)
Legendary Collection (holo)
Legendary Collection (Box Topper) [American] =D ((Favorite #2)

Thanks, Tabz.

12/09/2004, 12:29 PM
List updated. Bex added. Suicune removed. Suicune traded to Higher Dragon.

Thanks, Tabz.

01/01/2005, 05:28 PM
Added another Rayquaza ex and Entei ex.