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04/23/2011, 06:08 AM
Hey there! I am here today to ask a few questions about the Charizard decks future line ups. I am doing this since one of my friends plays it and I wanna find out what he needs in it...:thumb:
So, I don't have his decklist, but I know his lineups!
4-4-4 Charizard AR
2-2-2 Typhlosion Prime
1-1 Ninetales
So, what I was thinking about is:
4-4-4 Charizard AR
2-2-2 Emboar(Abiltiy)
1-1 Ninetales
4-Energy Retrieval
So, He(we) need help, thanks to any future posts:biggrin:

04/23/2011, 09:50 AM
I'm actually working on Charizard as well. :] In anything but an HGSS-on rotation, Charizard will be a huge powerhouse next season.

Right now, this is what I've got:
4-3-4 Charizard
2-2-2 Typhlosion Prime or Emboar
3-3 Ninetales HGSS
1 Reshiram

Spiritomb is iffy... it could be a good play, but right now I actually have a pretty heavy Trainer line. It would appear off the bat that Emboar is a superior play to Typhlosion Prime, but I'm going to go off and say that that isn't necessarily the case. Engineer's Adjustments, Junk Arm, and Ninetales are both extremely powerful cards in Charizard, and Typhlosion Prime benefits from the discard.

However, it's undeniable that Emboar is the better energy accelerator... so, what I've sort of decided on is the Emboar line with a heavy Ninetales line, Junk Arms, and Adjustments, but also running a few copies of Fisherman.

04/23/2011, 11:00 AM
I've played charizard at tournaments and found that 3 charizards is more than enough. You can use that extra 3 card space for something else such as pont, bebe's, and such. The one problem I faced with the deck is that without spiritomb, there IS no starter for this deck. All basics are terrible I would say because even the charmander searches for a pokemon to put into ur hand =_=. Another thing that I feel needs to be pointed out is that if catcher is in the format, emboar may be a bad go imo. Typhlosion is more versatile in that it has a smaller retreat cost and it's attack is more useful than emboars. If catcher comes out NO support pokemon with high retreat cost will be played.

04/23/2011, 06:19 PM
I ran a:
4-3-4 Charizard
3-3 Ninetails
2-2-2 Typhlosion
1-1 Infernape 4 X
it gotme a 2nd place at cities, and if the rotation is RR on infernape will still be legal