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06/04/2011, 04:08 PM
So, still never really heard back about what the ruling is as far as Black and White trainer cards are concerned for unlimited format. Does the general rule still apply:

Pre-DP when refering to trainer, includes all trainers, supporters, stadiums, (and now) trainer-item, trainer-supporter, and trainer-stadium cards from all sets?

While DP on when refering to trainer includes only trainers and trainer-item cards, not supporters, stadiums, trainer-supporter or trainer-stadium cards?

Whoops, one last question. Do all sets that refer to just "supporter" include a trainer-supporter like Professor Juniper? I guess the same can be asked about a stadium card if they are released in a future BW set.


06/04/2011, 10:03 PM
It was answered:

And yes to the last.