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09/29/2003, 11:06 AM
Master ball - trainer card
When you play this card you get to keep you oppents active pokemon (and you get to have it after the game)

Seal's seas - field card
Play this card and all the attacks will be (W) base

Running shoes - hold item
When this card is place on a pokemon the retreat is (C)
(note - when retreated you dont have to remove card)

water gun - trainer card
When you play this card on a (g) pokemon its adds 30hp. But use on this card on a (F) pokemon this dose 50hp (dont add weakness)

09/29/2003, 11:28 AM
The text is unclear on most of these cards. Seal's Seas would be called a Stadium card, not a field card. Running Shoes would be considered a Pokemon Tool, not a hold item. Master Ball is beyond broken -- it's just cruel. Cards based on Poke Balls of different types tend to search the user's deck for Pokemon. Seal's Seas is interesting, but here's a wording that might make more sense: "As long as Seal's Seas are in play, all Pokemon are considered to be (W) type, instead of their original type." Of course, that can get a little broken with Blastoise, but it's the same effect. Running Shoes is interesting, but instead of setting the Retreat Cost at (C), why not say it reduces the Retreat Cost by (C)? Water Gun is overpowered -- +30 HP for a (G) or 50 damage to an (F), no strings attached?

09/29/2003, 03:16 PM
Dkates is right.