View Full Version : HGSS-on GothBat ( gohtille - reuniclus-crobat prime)

09/09/2011, 03:36 PM
P okemon: 24
3x ghotita (43/98
2x ghotorita (45/98
3x ghotitelle 47/98
2x sigilyph (41/98
2-2-2 reuniclus
3x zubat (70/95
2x golbat (30/95
3x crobat prime

Trainers-supporters-items 24

2x Pokemon collector
3x Professor oaks new theory
2x pokemon catcher
3x rare candy
3x pokemon communication
2x pluspower
2x super scoop up
1x junk arm
2x recycle
4x max potion

12x psychic energy

start with sigilyps (-40 dmg )
build up Reuniclus and a crobat or a gothitelle
(i prefer gothitelle ) when reuniclus is on bring back sigilyps thats where you put all the dmg counters
get syplips on 80 dmg then super scoop up or max potion him

crobat is 4 1 energy snipe and poison power
4 poison dmg instead of 1 between turns
and 30 dmg to 1 of your opponents pokemon both atacks only 1 energ cost

ofcourse crobat work like a perfect dmg putter because it has 130 hp :P
Crobat has free retreat cost wich makes beartic's atack useless :P

can you help me?
plz comment^^

09/09/2011, 04:32 PM
Stick with Goth or Crobat. One or the other. You either keep trainer lock or not.