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12/23/2011, 02:25 PM
I haven't written a report in a long time (because I have not been playing since 08-09), and I have kind of missed the story telling lol.

Day 1 Saturday Cool Stuff Games

Last night only left me with about 3 hours of sleep before this so I of course show up late to the event. I also don't have any cards so i borrow a deck from Mike C. Its Electrode/Kyurem/Cobalion CaKE,CoKE,etc. I just call the deck Electrode.

Round 1- Mike C Durant
I win
Round 2- Win Zekrom?
Round 3- Lose Ben Potter- bunch of legendary basics(6 corners i think)
Round 4- Win idr
Round 5- Win idr
Round 6- Win idr
Round 7- Roberto Arenas Magnezone/eel/Zekrom
I lose

So I end up 5-2 and would have been 4th iirc but miss cut because of the late penalty on my resistance.

Day 2- Sunday Brads Sports Cards

I got back home at like 6 am and decided i would go to sleep instead of staying up until the tournament. Needless to say I was a little late, I show up and borrow Electrode again and cant make any of the changes due to time constraints.

Round 1- Lose
Round 2- Win
Round 3- WIn
Round 4- Win
Round 5- Lose
Round 6- Win
memory fail.
4-2 got 12th ,top 8 cut.

Day 3 Monday GXE

I wake up and think I'm finally going to be on time and early, then I get a call from a friend asking for a pick up because hes stranded due to being a light weight. So I have to get him, which makes me slightly late for the event. I end up actually getting to make 2 changes to Electrode but couldn't find one addition in time.

Round 1- Chris M Zekrom/Tornadus
I get the t2 cobalion/kyurem to his tornados/zeks and he ends up scooping

1-0 Win

Round 2- Kurt R Zekrom
Im playing down :'( and open pretty well but im going second and only have 1 cobalion active. He does his thing and turn 1's me with zekrom.

1-1 Loss

Round 3- Bruce L Chandelure/Vileplume
I get the t2 Kyurem and his bench is filled on his turn. I catcher his doduo up then it comes time for his turn he can only evo 1-2 pokemon iirc. My turn comes again and I ko 4 pokemon. He draws and ends up scooping I think.

2-1 Win

Round 4- Manda C Steelix/KlankKlank
I open well and land t2 kyurem and spread while he begins his setup. I get a number of Ko's this way and by the time he gets his steelix out I have taken 6 prizes through kyurem/cobalion(mostly kyurem)

3-1 Win
Round 5- Taylor P Reshiram/Typh/Magnezone

I open strong and t2 kyurem and begin spreading and catchering to stop his setup. He is not able to get much and ends up scooping.

4-1 Win
Round 6- Aaron C Landorus/Trode/Kyurem

I open voltorb to his landorus going second. He plays his stuff down and gets the t1 landorus with 2 energy. This however puts him at a 2 card hand and I am able to get an extra turn to blow up onto my kyurem i believe. I end up catchering a benched shaymin and spreading for a bit before he scoops.

5-1 Win

Top 8 Brian Reshiram/Typhlosion/Kingdra tech

Game 1- I open well and begin kyurem spreading while using catcher to spread efficiently. He ends up scooping.
Game 2- I open much slower and he begins candying into everything pretty quickly. Before I know it im down to one kyurem vs his entire deck. I scoop.
Game 3- He fills his bench easily and I open with kyurem again and bomb well t2. I take 4 prizes after I N his hand i believe and he cannot evolve. Then he is able to ko my kyurem while i take a two extra turns to take my last prize.

Top 4 Pooka Magnezone/Reshi/Typhlo

Game 1- I dont bomb well but get going and his setup is pretty weak as well, at one point He only has an active Magneton and I overextend to KO with terrakion and miss the junk arm. I end up scooping
Game 2- I get going and start voltorb. I get setup about a turn later than usual while his deck is steadily building up. I bomb and completely miss at some point in the game, and my terrakion is prized this time around .His field was completely setup by the time we were at 4-4 prizes so I end up scooping again when im down to shaymin and kyurem.


I get my 4 packs and sell them for a few dollars then head home.

Tuesday- Tates Gaming

So more random stuff happens and i come late again

Round 1 Orion Craig- Reshiram/typhlosion/Magnezone
I opened and proceed to just barely rip the energy to begin spreading w/ kyurem. Jirachi is last prize so no devolving for win. We are even and my timely N's are doing their job effectively at stopping him. Eventually it comes down to 2-2 and I must rip an energy from bombing so that i can spread again to take my last two. I bomb and whiff lmao. Then he simply reshi's with pp for his last prize.

0-1 Lose

Round 2 Samantha B- Reshiram/Typhlo/Magnezone
I start bad with jirachi and her start isnt that quick either. I get a t3 bomb off and miss again. Im slowed down and shes steadily setting up. Eventually she gets too far ahead and i scoop.

0-2 Lose

Round 3- Jessica S Magnezone/Eel/Zekrom
I open and get a decent energymite to spread t2 . She sets up fairly well but I kind of control the prize trade in the end.
1-2 Win

Round 4- Lucy Reshiram/Typhlo
I get to spreading a turn late and she has rc'd into her deck. Jirachi is prized and never seen so thats a no go. I spread and she steadily takes prizes while i correct her misplays. It comes down to her ko'ing my active kyurem and I need to bring up my next one without any damage so that i can spread twice more for the game since she has no more pp/junkarm. I only have a rainbow in hand and have to attach to another pokemon and shaymin so that I can win. I communicate and realize its prized lol. I scoop.
1-3 Lose

Round 5- Chris J- Magnezone/Eel/Zekrom
I open with jirachi again but am able to recover decently and bomb onto kyurem to begin spreading. Eventually I take multiple prizes and have multiple ways to take my last 2 so he scoops.
2-3 Win

Round 6- Adam K- Electrode/Donphan/Samurott
I open well and bomb to cobalion until i can switch out to kyurem. I am able to effectively switch from spreading to cobalion and catcher when he gets setup. He N's me to one and catchers a shaymin which buys him two turns until i td into juniper, and ret to attack for the game
3-3 Scrub Out

Not going to anymore of the Marathon ccs because everyone is going up north for multiple days, and Im cheap/want to stay home. I may go to the ccs after Christmas though.

12/23/2011, 03:03 PM
We tore it up at tates

12/24/2011, 08:03 PM
Yes, yes we did. You should to to Titusville, I think im going.