View Full Version : HGSS-on mew/archeops

01/01/2012, 09:16 PM
Pokemon: 19
4 Mew prime
4-3 Archeops
2-1 Fliptini/Victini V-Blast
2 Jirachi
2 Sharpedo
1 Muk

Supporter/Trainer: 31
4 Pokemon Collector
2 N
4 Reaserch Record
4 Plume Fossil
3 Pokemon Communication
4 Junk Arm
3 Pokemon Catcher
3 Eviolite

4 Rainbow
4 Psychic
2 Fighting

The deck's strategy is pretty simple. Get Archeops out ASAP and then use Mew on Jirachi to get evolutions back to hand. Then just Sharpedo their hand with Fliptini to get the best out of your flips and decide wich tech you should use for the best use of Mew.

I'm thinking about using Vileplume with Leavenny naturing attack to get my evolutions out and take out the Victini V-Blast out for a Ciccino.