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01/06/2012, 10:30 AM
The reason I wanted to ask the way they have to discard. Because if I would flip get heads they discard that would resovle that coin flip and I move to the next. If I were to have Victini with Victory Star could I reflip just the tails once. For example like I had in the last post say I flip 2 heads then get tails
Flip Heads, Discard, (that flip finished) Flip Heads, Discards, I flip tails could I use Victini to reflip the tails one once sense the other flips of the attack would be resolved?

01/06/2012, 11:04 AM
Please ask your entire question at one time please.
I don't like trying to figure out what I'm missing in a question and I knew something was missing.

No, with Victini, you don't get to reflip just one of the flips of an attack.
You have to restart at the beginning.
So, if you flipped 3 heads and then a tails, you don't get to keep those three heads.
You have to start at the beginning. So you may get a tails for your first flip and that would be it.

Read Victory Star. It says that you reflip "all flips".

As I noted in the first answer, the proper way to play it is to flip all coins and then do the discards.
If you're playing someone and they start doing a discard for each flip, you should inform them that you might use Victory Star and that they should stop until you finished.
Even if they had already discarded the cards, it would be easily rewound, with a penalty for you, since you could have easily stopped them from doing something that you knew you might have to alter.