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01/16/2012, 01:12 PM
Well for the first time since I played GG I used the same deck for my entire City Championship run. I wanted to play Durant form the first time I read the Japanese spoilers on Pokebeach last fall. So when the card finally came out here, I had already mulled over the decklist for a few months. I thought that Driflblim would be a good tech because durant looses if they get big Pokémon that can OHKO them each and every urn. But then after testing that version I realized that the new Kuyrum could wreck it by KO ing multiple durants at once. So I needed a Metal Pokémon that could be powered up quickly to deal with Kuyrum. Cobalion came to mind as it OHKO's the Ice dragon for only two energy. But in testing I found that Iron Breaker was so strong against high retreat cost Pokémon like Donphan, or Trainer lock decks like the truth. So I decided to abandon techs like Crushing hammer and went with 3 Cobalion. And thus my DEA strategy was born. Devastate with Durant until they get a big attacker set up. Ideally (and very often) I have a Driflblim set up and once my first Durant is KO's I erase that threat and then depending on the situation either return to milling or start KO'ing with Cobalion. My very first CC with it I went 4-1 and my only loss was a T1 donk to a ZPST where I did not even get a turn. I finished 5th in a T4. It was the beginning of a very successful run for me. As long as I did not run into a fire deck I usually had the advantage. I won games both on decking out and by taking prizes. It was the versatile that I really enjoyed. I ended up with 8 winning record tournaments and 3 with losing ones. And earned top cuts in 3 events. Best finish was a T4 where I lost game 3 Sudden death match (not a good situation for durant to be in)

Last weekend I went 4-2 after going 4-0 to start before I got Donked T1 before I got a turn to a ZPST (again) and then LOL got decked out by a turbo Durant (he went 5 for 6 on Crushing hammer flips). Then the next day we made a road trip to Canada where I ran into 3 fire decks. Lost to two of them and then lost to the only and only Magnezone deck all year long. (Usually they can’t help but use the power to much and it helps you deck them out). Then this final weekend of Cities, I decided to put in Rainbow energy on Saturdays and removed my Dual Balls. Yea it did win me a game Vs ZPST (surprise Rotom KO's are fun) but the lack of dual balls did slow down my milling enough to turn close wins into close losses and I ended up 2-4. So that night out went the Rainbow and back came the dual balls and that made the entire difference. Sunday we woke up to snow and almost did not go to the CC, but I did not want my final tourney of the CC be a failure because I made a bad change to my deck. So we braved the roads and made it down for the final CC of the year.

Game one vs Mat D. with The Truth

Mat is a very good player, but this matchup is my Auto win and he knew it. He cuts me to a two Durant start and a N, With N I get a collector and am Milling 4 a turn while he is forced to play and use tropical beach to hop to set up. Before he can get vileplume out I catcher up a Oddish and it sits for 3 turns while he tries to power something up. Once he plays down a vileplume, I play and power up a Cobalion incase he starts to attack with his Reshiram. He never does and I deck him out for the win. 1-0

Game two vs. Alex B with ZPST

Alex T1'd my wife in round one so I am sent to try to avenge her. I don’t match up well with Alex he beats me most of the time we play, but at least he is not still playing Tyram. He starts with a shaymin which already gives me an advantage. And I manage to get some good milling in before he can start attacking in T4. Then when he gets the KO on my first Durant. Then I erase that one with Drifblim and go back to milling. Once he powers up a Second Zekrom I return the KO Cobalion. He then sacrifices his Shayman while he powers up a Tornadus. Next turn then hits me for 50 sending an energy to a benched Zkerom (I love special metal and eviolite). And I catcher the benched Zekrom Pokémon up and Iron Break it. He leaves it active I KO it. Then He hits me for another 50 with Tornadus and I KO it for 4-2 prize lead.
He is forced to play draw cards gets another Shayman Pachi and Zekrom out and time is called. He gets powered up that turn and KO's my Cobalion to make it 4-3. I Iron break with a Second Cobalion when time is called on my turn. He switches out but cant retreat. I can win prizes but he only had three cards left. I have two Durants in play so I junk arm and revive a Durant and retreat and mill 3 for the game 2-0

Game 3 vs Albert D. with ZPST
Albert starts with a Zekrom and I am milling two to start and 4 at turn 2. He is taking a long time to make decisions, No way do I think He is trying to stall me out but he says he is not sure what plays to make as he has not faced a lot of Durant. We did face each other earlier in R5 of the Bremerton CC with the same decks. Winner was going to top cut looser out. He took the first 5 prizes and I realized my milling strategy was going to fail so I switched to Agro Cobalion and took the next 4 prizes before he was able to take his final prize. So I decided to switch sooner to agro Cobalion this game. I milled him until he KO's me with Zekrom. He did not have anything but Pachi and Shaymin on his bench, and had 4 energy on his Zekrom so I was able to take it down with a Two energy on my Cobalion. Then he sacrificed a Pokémon to try and power up another Zekrom. I took one prize, but then Catchered up the Zekrom and Iron Brakered it. He switched and retreated and hit me for 100. then I KO'd it. Latter the Professor Oak's and Dual Balled and got a second Pachi down and KO's me with the Pachi, but he had nothing else and I finished him off with my second Cobalion. And when time was called he had no way of catching up in prized the last few turns remaining. 3-0. My wife played his brother, and he decked himself out when they were tied on prizes so she won.

Game 4 vs Tyler N with Chandelure Lock

OK Tyler played in Worlds last year and has been on a Terror ever since. This year he has won more events then anyone else in our area and has over 40 Championship points so he will be in worlds again this year. But next to the Truth, this deck is one of the most favorable for Durant and he knew it. The fact that he started with a Doduo did not help. I had my first non durant start of the day. But in addition to my Drifloon start I had both of my dual balls, a Switch and a N. I played both balls and got three heads, All 4 durants were in the deck so I took three played the switch. played N and got an energy. T2 I almost catchered up an Oddish but I remembered abut his free retreat so I left the Doduo up. I did get two eviolites in play before he got Vileplume down T3, but he did not get a Chandelure until T4. By then I had a Cobalion with 2 energy on it. He did finally take a prize over three turns with Chandelure while I miled him and he powered up two Victinis but by then he had 5 prizes to take and around a dozen cards left in his deck. So he played a Seeker, I picked up my Drifblim and he a Doduo, and he played down a Cleffa and retreated (he had a dotrio in play) and eeked until I decked him out. 4-0 Penny lost to Albert my R3 opponent. She was up 1 prize to 3 when he top decked a Seeker. She had an undamaged Reshi active but only a lone powered up Emboar on the bench. He had the junk arm and won the game with a plus power seeker. Sorry for the tough loss.

Game 5. Vs Amelia B ZPST

Now this is the kind of game I enjoy. We know we have both top cut for sure so not a lot of pressure. I go first and am milling 3 and then 4 from T2 on. She is the same player who donked me last week so I am glad I get to go first as I only had one durant to start but I top deck a collector and have one durant prized. But I get it out of my prizes with rotom right away. She sets up quickly and I slow her down with Catchers. But after my second N my deck draws dead and I for like 8 turns basically draw and mill while she cleans me up with a Tornados. I am down three durants I try bench enegyless Cobalions and send up my Drifblim. Lucky for me she forgets its resistance to colorless and wastes a Plus Power thinking it will KO it. I live but send up an energyless Cobalion with an Eviolite. She Retreats Two hits Cobalion while I finally draw some energy and I bench and power up a second Cobalion. Then I return the KO after she took her 4th prize hoping to get a draw card but I just get another Cobalion. She then attacks me with Tornados again, but I don’t have a 3rd energy to Iron break so I just hit it for 60 and it KO's me the next turn. Now she was forced to play 2 junipers and Sage to get the resources and I did get some good milling in to start the game. But now she has drawn 5 prizes and has two cards left in her deck. All I have is an active Drifblim with 10 HP left and a Durant with no energy on it and one card hand of a Pokémon Communication. So my good run has come to an end. I am ready to concede after I draw my final card. And after 8 turns I top deck a Professor Juniper. Wow just maybe. I discard the Communication and draw 7 cards. My second cards is a metal energy and I draw both of my Revives in the remaining 5 cards. I show her the revives and say retreat. (love free retreat on Driffblim) She asks if I have the metal energy. I show her and she concedes. Wow I went 5-0. My first undefeated swiss tourney since I won the final Battle Road last spring. Poor Penny got milled out by a durant because he got all three of her Emboars in Mills. Tough luck.

T8 Vs Alex B with ZPST (Round 2 opponent)

I look over the final standings when they are posted and see that Alex is my opponent. It was a tough match and I was 3-0 vs ZPST decks but they are allways tough. the Bubble 9th player was my Round 2 opponent with the Truth, I rmemeber tihinking bad he wasn not ranked a little bit higher. We set up and start, and I try to advoid he curse of the first, but Alex cuts me to my only bad start of the day. I get my one Rotom, no energy and two collectors. I find I have a durant prized but without energy or a switch I cant do much of anything, I dont get a nenergy until T3 and cant mill until T4. By that time he is all set up and he KO's my Rotom and My durant. I try to sacrifice annother durant to power up Drifblim, but he has the Catcher and that goes away. I play one more turn before I conceed. Next game I go first Mill two cards on T1 and 4 on T2 he is slower to set up. The milling is going better but I dont have a Drifblim or Cobalion ready for defence. When ever i get one he has A junk arom or catcher ready and Kos my first Conalion, but I revie a durant and mill 4. I play a 2nd and atach anspecial metak to it but he catchers it up and Plus power KOs. then I start to get my own catchers and slow him down a bit as I mill. And am finnaly able to get my 3rd Cobalion in play and get it powered up with two secial metals when I make a Misplay. He has taken 3 prizes and I have an active durant with 40 damage on it and he has a Tornadus that just KO's my previous durant for his 3rd prize sending the energy to his Zekrom. Instead of Catering up a Pachi or Shamin I catcher up the Zekrom thinking it cant KO me with the energy atachement, hping to force him to reetreat or buy me a free turn. But He had the plus power so I went down. I sent up my Cobalion attache energy to it and Iron Break him for 80. He retreats. Sends up the Tornadus. Ataches an energy to it and Catchers up a benched Drifloon for the 5th Prize sending an electric back to Zekrom. He has 5 cards left in his deck. Three in his hand and One prize so I N him to one card and he has 7 in his deck. I Have only a durant on my bench. I think to place a special metal on it but I realize it wont protect it from anything so I just Iron Break. He has draws looks though his discard pile. And then says "Yea I know every cards I have left in my deck this will work. He plays Proffesor Oak draws his last 6 cards from his deck. ataches an energy to Benched Zekrom plays a Junk arm for a Catcher, brings up the Durant, retreats and Outrages for the game. Good Job Alex, you played a very solid match.

So I end up 5-1 and Top 8 so I am very pleases. The deck worked very well all season long. Now its time to see the next set and decide what to play for states.

01/18/2012, 06:48 AM
Hey nice detailed report and great job on your last CC of the year!! Sadly if no one Top 4 NATS this year we wont be seeing you at Worlds. Good luck at States!

01/18/2012, 09:31 AM
Hey nice detailed report and great job on your last CC of the year!! Sadly if no one Top 4 NATS this year we wont be seeing you at Worlds. Good luck at States!

Well dont worry. After going to the past 6 Worlds, we have decided to sit this one out. Hawaii is just so very expensive, and as they ruined the Grinder, just no reason to go anymore. Good Luck to you and your family the rest of the season.