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04/16/2012, 01:27 PM
Hey everyone, it's that stupid noob Harrison Dye back to write up yet another report, so lets hop to it shall we? :) Because I went balls out at Indiana Regionals in the fall and got 2nd (with Yanmega/Lanturn/Zekrom), I figured I'd play another deck that not many would expect, so I sleeved up Troll (Tornadus/Terrakion/Mewtwo) and got on over to Toronto.

Round 1: ??? w/ Reshiboar
I got the T2 80 with Tornadus and outsped him, when I discovered he didn't play Mewtwo, he got ***** by mine :P


Round 2: ??? w/ ZekEels
I 6-0'ed him with Mewtwo bc he didn't play one LOL


Round 3: Kenan S. w/ ZekEels
I start bragging how Canadian players are trash, and when I pull off my American Eagle jacket, he bursts out laughing at my "Canada" T-Shirt. We get rolling and I get a string of Retaliates going as he catchers around my Terrakion for 1HKO's. Eventually it's tied 1-1 and I have the Mewtwo kill for the win.


Round 4: Ciorin L. w/ CMT
He takes an early lead but I promote Mewtwo combined with N and he can't come back.


Round 5: Corina C. w/ CMT
We start taking 2HKO's on Torndaus's and I have a huge lead and then she N's. :( I draw absolutely dead and she makes a huge 4 prize comeback.


Round 6: Josh M. w/ Durant
Ahh I hate durant :(. Anyways, he gets the T1 Devour for 4 and later on sends up his mewtwo to sweep.


Top cut looks like this:
(CDN)= Canadian
(USA)= American

Top 8 for Ontario Regionals:
1st- Corina C. (6-0) w/ CMT (CDN)
2nd- Awais K. (5-1) w/ Zekeels (CDN)
3rd- Shaun D. (5-1) w/ Zekeels (CDN)
4th- Josh M. (5-1) w/ Durant (CDN)
5th- Eric M. (5-1) w/ Donphan/Dragons/Mewtwo (CDN)
6th- Harrison D. (4-2) w/ Troll (USA)
7th- Allan X. (4-2) w/ Zekeels (CDN)
8th- Brendon L. (4-2) w/ Durant (CDN)

Top 8 vs Shaun D. w/ Zekeels
I go first and take litterally all my prizes with tyrogue until he scoops.
He draws and N's turn 1 and I draw 6 energy, scooping right there.
We each start strong and I'm up on prizes 1-2 when he N's and I get a switch. He passes, I draw a switch and pass. He ko's my tornadus with X-Ball. 1-1 on prizes. I promote tornadus, draw pokegear, use it, and hit a PONT. I switch to my terrakion with 1 energy and play the PONT. He tells me he has the win in my hand. I need a fighting energy to retaliate and a pkmn catcher to pull up an eel to win. I draw my 6 cards, with the first one being the fighting energy and the 5th one being the catcher! FOR THE WIN!

Top 4 vs Awais K. w/ Zekeels
I start off strong and take the win pretty easily.
The opposite of game 1.
We both start decent, except he portraits my juniper, discarding practically all his draw support. He runs out of consistency and I win with Mewtwo.

Top 2 vs Josh M. w/ Durant
We both start off pretty well but I deck out after I stall alittle.
I start off well and so does he. We both have 1 card left in our deck but he doesn't have the energy to win and decks out before I do.
He goes, draws, attaches energy to rotom and eviolite to rotom, and passes. He passes without a basic for long enough where I can land crush his rotom to win.

So yeah, I won regionals :) Here's the final standings

1st- Harrison D. (USA) w/ troll
2nd- Josh M. (CDN) w/ Durant
3rd- Corina C. (CDN) w/ CMT
4th- Awais K. (CDN) w/ Zekeels
5th- Shaun D. (CDN) w/ Zekeels
6th- Eric M. (CDN) w/ Donphan/Dragons/Mewtwo
7th- Allan X. (CDN) w/ Zekeels
8th- Brendon L. (CDN) w/ Durant

CHEA CHEA thx for reading hope to see everyone at battle roads! ;)

Winning regionals :)
Awais in top 4 :)
Hamza winning the VGC
Zach for making top 4 :)
Free hotel at nats
2 round byes at nats

My brother for whiffing cut at 13th :/
Andrew for going 3-3 LOL
Jacob for loosing in top 16
no mewtwo in my 72 packs :(
having to play awais in top 4 rather than top 2 :(

04/17/2012, 06:01 PM
my whiffing skills are taunting me :'(