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L the Great
04/17/2012, 08:20 PM
So after going 1-3 wall punch (as made famous by PatVan) at Florida States, I wasn't really looking forward to Regionals. Even though I had tested and found a list I was somewhat comfortable with the format just didn't like me very much. So after states I started playing around with Zebstrika on my stream after playing my fried Omar's list, and it was really consistent, almost always getting the T2 DC and it was a lot of fun. Even though Kevin was convinced that if I played Zebstrika I wouldn't do well at all, I was gonna play it. So about 3 weeks before Regs, Bianchi says lets go to Texas as he has a room and such and gas wasn't too bad with 7 people going up. We finalized everything about a week before we leave and I get the days off work so I'm good to go. Wednesday before we leave I get a text that someone wasn't accounted for on and there was only one seat left. Chris give me his seat, I give it back, you should know the story by now, I was very upset but I was gonna deal with it. Thursday comes around and Chris says to go over to test and maybe someone will cancel. So I get to his house a few hours before we leave and we call Heidi, our ride, to see if anyone canceled. She says no, but is gonna check to make sure. She calls up back 5 minutes later saying that I have my spot back and I was going to Texas! The ride up wasn't too bad, though I slept just about the whole way haha. We get to the hotel and me, Chris, Ryan Vergel, and Robert Ector start talking what to play. Ryan helps me with Zebstrika, him and Chris settle on MCR (Mewtwo, Celebi, Gigas) and Ector goes with Lilligant.

So we register on Saturday and we have 260ish Masters, 9 Rounds, Top 32

I honestly don't remember a lot so here is what I do.

Round 1 vs CMT
Guy got mad I asked him to shuffle, but I set up the DC lock after a Mewtwo start and I roll him.

Round 2 vs DarMAXitan
I bench him after like 6 turns as my Mewtwo start just Face ****s him.

Round 3 vs Chandy/Lost World
So I see Chandy I think I have it, I get a T2 lock, only problem was it was Fire Chandy, so he brings up my Eel and then 3 turns later takes 3 prizes. I N him to 3 and eventually he gets a Gengar up and wastes a turn hurling a Mewtwo that I baited him to not attack with Chandy. I keep using N and Mewtwo just ruins his day as I make a sick comeback. He told me after that he though he had me, haha never think you have the game until you take the last prize, and never admit defeat until they take their last prize, words to live by.

Round 4 vs Zekrom
T2 Lock...completely **** on him.

Round 5 vs ReshiEX/Boar
At Table 1, and this guy chooses to start ReshiEX over regular Reshi, I get the T2 DC and he eventually Junipers away a hand that had 2 Emboars, and about 10 trainers...steamrolled his ***!

Round 6 vs Zekrom (Ty Smith)
So I see I'm playing Ty and I know he's a good player, but I know that today is my day. I get the T2 lock once again, I think he takes 1 prize, but Zekrom when they run the ball engine has trouble doing much.

Round 7 vs CMT
1 more win and I'm in top cut, I take an easy prize and then start the Mewtwo war so I can just get be ahead 1-2 and then he tries to N me down to 1, but it doesn't matter as I have a Zebstrika with 3 energy ready to KO a benched Celebi.

Round 8 vs CMT (Johnny Ketler)
In cut, but I want that X-0, me and Johnny are the last X-0s so naturally we meet up at Table 1. I go 2nd for the 1st time all day, but I dead drew all game and he ran good, GG John, it was an honor to play against you =)

Round 9 vs Zekrom
Don't remember too much of the game as I really didn't care, we trade prizes and then when we are tied at 2-2 I have a 3 card hand and I can either Junk Arm for a Pokegear to try and hit 1 of my 7 supports still in the deck or catcher an Eel to stall. I go for the Gear and whiff, and he proceeds to win a few turns later.

So I finish as the 5th seed. Ryan was 3rd, Robert was 4th, and Bianchi squeaked in at 28th which means I have to play him lol. Overall 6 of the 8 Florida players make the cut. Unfortunately for some idiotic reason we had to play 9 rounds of swiss, then play Top 16 AND Top 32...whatever lets get this show on the road.

Top 32 vs MCR (Chris Bianchi)
Game 1 We both start terribly, but I eventually N him into nothing and he concedes early. 1-0
Game 2 He donks my lone Tynamo with a Tornadus. 1-1
Game 3 His lone Gigas completely face ****s my Zebras and I whiff on the chance to Bench him. He wins, but he concedes as I am the lone Zebra in the field, I am forever in your debt Chris =). 1-2 into 2-1

Top 16 vs CMT (Rokman)
Oh man, winner of this plays Robert playing Lilligant, which is an autowin for me and a tough matchup for him.
Game 1 I go 1st with Mewtwo, attach and pass. He pulls some shenanigans and is able to KO my Mewtwo, I never recover and concede quickly. 0-1
Game 2 I go 1st and he takes a few early prizes, but I storm back with by KOing his Gigas which he accidentally put 5 energy on. I revenge it with Mewtwo, as I know he is limited on resources cuz he got lost 3 DCEs early game. We get down to 2-2 prizes and I just lock him and then take the last 2 prizes on his Mewtwo. 1-1
Game 3 He goes 1st and gets the T1 40 on my Blitzle, I whiff the agility and he KO's it next turn. I play down a ton of cards and play N to try and rip the Zebstrika...my hand is 2 energy, 2 catcher, PONT, and something else...=( I never am able to recover and he snowballs me. 1-2

So I finish in 10th place, get my 1st 4 Champ Points.I was happy with my placing, but I firmly believe if I get the lock on that turn I go on to win Regs, I auto win against Lilligant and Zekrom is a near auto win, as Chris says sometimes she goes and sometimes she doesn't go. Robert finished 3rd as you all should know by now, so it was a pretty good tourney for our group. It was awesome meeting all the HT people and the Event was run great (except for the playing 2 rounds of Cut after 9 rounds). Overall I can't wait for Nats, and I am definitely looking forward to potentially going back to Texas next season.

Cory for canceling that allowed me to go
Ryan, Chris, and Robert for helping me the list
Top Tables all day
Chris conceding to me
Heidi for being awesome! ^_^
Executive Lounge
Robert for getting 3rd with Lilligant
Dane Cook on the ride back

15 complete games of Pokemon in 1 day...yea I was tired
Kevin not being able to come
Whiffing the potential game winning DC
No more Zebstrika =(

/fin Onward to Nats