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03/15/2005, 06:32 PM
Upon looking on the new Milotic EX that will come out (hopefully!!) soon, I've done a lil' re-work on my Venusaur EX Deck:

3 - Bulbasaur
2 - Ivysaur
3 - Venusaur EX
2 - Feebas
2 - Milotic EX
2 - Pidgey
1 - Pidgeotto
2 - Pidgeot
3 - Dunsparce
1 - Horsea
1 - Kingdra
== 22

4 - Rare Candy
3 - Steven's Advice
3 - Celio's Network
3 - TV. Reporter
3 - Switch
2 - Copycat
2 - Super Scoop Up!
1 - Space Center
1 - Mt. Moon
1 - Strength Charm/Crystal Shard
== 23

4 - Multi Energy
11 - Grass Energy
== 15

It's pretty much straight up simple. (I wish they would re-print Pokemon Center (still the same, where you discard the energy, and / or as a Supporter, which I really would think would happen if they do.), but anyways, I know I lose the healing ability from Butterfree, but with the TeCH of Milotic EX, and also Kingdra from TRR, the loss of my weakness' and also the shut-off of Rock-Lock decks (which is my primary competitive deck), this deck can work pretty fast. Feebas' Assention (though a flip) can get Milotic EX out, and with the Multi Energy, it can attack. Also, if the translation is accurate to the WORD, the 2nd attack of Milotic EX says to move a BASIC Energy card, and thus, Multi Energy won't have to be moved! And with Venusaur EX out, I can just move the energy right on back. I replaced Mr. Briney's Compassion with Super Scoop Up! as you're running more EX's. (And once a full Pokemon Center-like card comes out, those will be replacing Scoop Up!'s). The trainers are standard, and the energy count is pretty standard.

What's all your thoughts, opinions, etc??

Professor Elm
03/15/2005, 06:49 PM
This could work, but unless you plan on attacking with Venesaur ex then Team Aquas Manetric is so much faster. I would rather play 2-2 Manetric line and maybe add in Slowbro and Milotic for healing.
Just a thought.

03/15/2005, 07:08 PM
I do attack with Venusaur EX. Also attack with Milotic EX. Also Milotic can't heal Venusaur EX. I understand in moving the damage with Slowbro and then healing, but I'd rather go with the more "agressive" side of this deck, rather than the defensive. Again, as soon as they bring out Pokemon Center (however they do it), that would be "TeCH"ed into the deck, as the healing force of the deck.

03/15/2005, 07:12 PM
Venu EX IS an ex. I'd try it w/ Sceptile. You souldn't atk w/ teh venu. Rock Lock still pwns you, there's this guy named Ampharos.

03/15/2005, 07:12 PM
I understand the Kingdra line but does it actually work???

Shiloh Phoenix
03/15/2005, 08:11 PM
Kingdra does work in most decks that have bad weaknesses(shiftry...)

03/15/2005, 08:27 PM
Venu EX IS an ex.
Um... yeah... and?

I'd try it w/ Sceptile.
I've tried it before with Sceptile and Scep EX. IMO - it didn't work as well as Venu EX. While you have to worry about have a 2/2, 1/2, or a 2/1 of Scep and his EX part, you have a straight 3 doing what you need to do - move energy. Also, even though Scep EX's last attack does 10 more damage, you can't use it again during your next turn, where as Ven EX can use Solarbeam for 90 over and over...

You souldn't atk w/ teh venu.
Why not? Attack first with the first attack, and keep only enough energy on him to do so, and then by looking at your opponent's bench / active, and what's all been played already, you can go for the kill with the 5 energies and 90 damage. Plus, if the active Ven EX get's status effected, then the Ven EX on the Bench can move the energy away from the Active (more in the case of paralyze, asleep) or if it looks like it won't survive the next turn.

Rock Lock still pwns you, there's this guy named Ampharos.
Milotic EX stops all Technical Machine's being played. Kingdra remove's the weakness of Milotic AND Ven EX. Unless Dark Amphy has the max of 4 Dark Energy and a lightning, then he can do a max of 110 damage. Now, the thing is - most Rock-Lock decks don't play energy like that. MOST that they would have on a Poke is 3, and it'd be of any energy that they can get on. Most I've got my Dark Amphy to do is 90, because I need / use the other 2 Dark Energy on my other Poke's. Usually though, my energy on my active is usually limited to 1 - 2, due to the use of Rocket's Tricky Gym, and ATM - Rock usage. And what I can also do is attack with Ven EX with first attack, poisoning, burning and confusing the opponent. That gives them plenty to worry about, especially with the confusion, that can stop their attack and damage themselves. If they switch, then that's fine, 10 - 1 they won't have their other Dark Amphy with a 2 Dark / 1 Lightning on them, unless if they were specifically playing them to just attack attack attack.

Shiloh Phoenix
03/15/2005, 09:18 PM
All 4 darks on one poke is retarted, unless it's for the win.

03/15/2005, 10:23 PM