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10/02/2013, 03:30 PM
Trying to figure out which items should I sell of as is, and what items to send in to PSA to get graded then sell off?
Any tips on the proper way to get rid of these cards would greatly be appreciated.

Sealed And/or Brand New Items.
Pokemon Sealed Demo Pack (Has a hole opening on the top side)
4x sealed Promo Entei
2x sealed Cool Porygon Holo
1x sealed GB Meowth Holo
1 sealed Mew Promo from "Lucario and the mystery of mew"

1 sealed pack of 25x Magmar
1 sealed pack of 25x Scyther
1 sealed pack of 25x electabuzz
1 sealed pack of 25x machamp

Pokemon Card case est 25-30
New with open plastic bag and plastic standee to hold the card up.
Some come new with plastic & standee some come as is as a case alone.Either way 25-30 New.

Pokemon NEO Deck Totodile/Chickorita
Mint Condition cards

Near Mint-Mint
Feraligtr Holo

Front Mint/Back near mint-mint
Maganium Holo

Shadowless holo Base cards
Clefairy holo extremely excellent-near mint
venuaur near mint-mint
gyrados near mint-mint
mewtwo near mint-mint
chansey near mint
Charizard excellent-near mint

MINT condition section
Holo Ninetales EX hidden legends 96/101
HoloVenusaur ex fire red leaf green 112/112
Holo pidgeot expedition 23/165
Japanese holo gym Lt.surge Electabuzz
Holo Gengar 13/165
Charmander holo ex dragon 98/97
sableye holo ex sandstorm 10/100

99% Mint condition section
4x japanese gym giovanni holo
***. kogas ditto holo
***. sabrinas alakazam holo
2x ***. rockets zapdos holo
***.rockets mewtwo holo
***. mistys golduck holo
***.giovannis gyrados holo
***. giovannis nidoking holo
***. sabrinas gengar holo
*** lt.surge fearow holo
***. erikas dragonair holo
Amer. gym challenge mistys gyrados holo
***.fossil Moltres holo
***. fossil Zapdos holo
*** fossil haunter holo
Fossil Zapdos holo (UK 3rd Print 1999-2000 English language)
*** jungle clefable holo
***. jungle mr.mime holo
*** neo gen metal energy holo
***. ne gen ampharos holo
2x ***. feraligtr holo (Different art than the one your familar with from the neo 1 binder)
***. steelix neo gen holo
***. neo gen skarmory holo
*** 1st edition dugtrio E1 holo
*** 1st ed venusaur E1 holo
Amer espeon holo H9/H32 Aquapolis holo
Amer tyranitar expedition 29/165 expedition
Amer Blastoise 4/165 holo expedition
***. umbreon holo neo discovery
*** 1st ed E1 pichu holo 114/128
Amer.Swampert 13/109 holo ex ruby/sapphire
Amer. Delcatty holo 5/109 ex ruby& sapphire
Amer. mightyena 10/109 ex ruby sapphire holo
American hariyama 8/109 ex ruby sapphire holo
2x Armaldo ex holo sandstorm 1/100
Amer. Ex sandstorm holo Cradily 3/100
Amer.Raichu ex holo sandstorm 98/100

Near Mint-Mint
4x japanese fossil raichu
2x japanese fossil hitmonlee
2x japanese fossil haunter
1 japanese fossil hypno
3x japanese fossil lapras
2x japanese fossil ditto
Japanese articuno fossil
Japanese fossil muk
japanese fossil hitmonlee
American delibird 5/64 unlimited neo revelation
2x japanese giovanni gyrados
japanese lt. surge magneton
2x Japanese kogas beedrill
japanese lt. surge raichu
2x japanese kogas ditto
japanese erikas clefable
japanese giovannis machamp
japanese mistys golduck
japanese rockets zapdos
japanese rockets alakazam
japanese rockets gengar
3x japanese rockets mewtwo
Amer. Base 2 ninetales.
*** neo gen kingdra
*** neo gen Slowking
*** neo gen pichu
*** neo gen meganium (2nd art-if your not sure which one this is ask me)
*** neo discovery beedrill
*** neo discovery kabutops
*** neo revelation blissy
*** neo destiny azumarill
Amer. dark dragonite (rockets set)
2x *** jungle kangaskhan
***. jungle clefable
*** jungle electrode
Amer Kabutops ex sandstorm 97/100
Amer. Aerodactyl ex sandstorm 94/100
Amer. Lapras EX ruby&sapphire 99/109
Amer Blaizeken Ruby &sapphire 3/109
Gardevoir ruby & sapphire 7/109
***. Dark dragonite
*** dark dugtrio
*** dark golbat
*** rockets sneak attack
Amer giovannis nidoking
Amer Blaines Arcanine
American blaines ninetales
Amer team magmas houndoom
Amer team magmas rhydon
2x Amer. Dark hypno
E1/expedition *** ampharos 1st ed
American Meganium expedition

Near mint condition and <
Japanese Blaine's Moltres
Japanese Sabrina's Alakazam
Japanese Sabrina's Gengar
Japanese Koga's Ditto
Japanese Giovanni's Persian
Japanese Dark Machamp
Amer. 1st edition Neo Destiny Dark Porygon 2 8/105
Amer. 1st edition Neo Destiny Dark Gengar 6/105
Amer. 1st edition Neo Destiny Light Dragonite 14/105
Amer. 1st edition Neo Destiny Dark Donphan 3/105
Japanese Neo Revelation Kingdra
Japanese Neo Revelation Jumpluff
Japanese Neo Revelation Ampharos
Japanese Neo Genesis Azumarill
Japanese Neo Genesis Feraligatr (Neo 1 binder)
Amer. Neo Discovery Unown A
Amer. Neo Genesis Slowking
Japanese Neo Discovery Ursaring
Japanese Neo Destiny Typhlosion
2x Base Unlimited Ameri. Ninetales
Amer. Base 2 Poliwrath
Ameri. Base Unlimited Raichu
Amer. Muk Fossil
Ameri. Brocks Rhydon
Amer. Erikas Vileplume
Amer. Fossil Magneton
Japanese Mew E1 1st edition
Japanese Neo Genesis Jumpluff
Japanese Brocks Ninetales
2x Japanese Fossil Hypno
Japanese Fossil Haunter
American Rainbow Energy.

Pokemon Adventure Digest aka (Jumbo Carddass/Bandai) # 25-35 and First movie Mewtwo strikes back.

Collector Binder 2
Promos & corro corro
(Have not check the condition on these. Please see images or message me for more info)
Complete Olympic pikachu collection
Jumbo Pikachu
CD Snorlax holo
Nattawaka pikachu
Bulbasaur (Bulbasaur deck)
2x japanese reverse holo pichu
Hamada slowking
neo celebi
metal energy
Complete southern island collection
Neo 1,neo 2,neo 3 complete promo binder
9 Ancient Mews (5 are sealed mint, 4 open (ask about condition))

Near mint-Mint
25x marril
x18 first movie electabuzz
4x igglybuff
2x jigglypuff
3x cleffa
12x first movie pikachu
3x first movie dragonite
3x brocks vulpix with gold w stamp
computer error
2x pikachu holo promo(2003) #012
meowth holo #013
3x pikachu 10th anniv promo
Dark ivysaur winner/best
dark venusaur best
Rockets hitmonchan winner/best
dark houndoom prerelease
rockets sneasel best
kyogre ex
gold border meowth

Near mint & less (some cards are poor)
10x first movie electabuzz
7x pikachu
misty psyduck gold w
6 different southern island holos
reverse holo entei
2x reverse holo pichu
4x first movie dragonite
2x mewtwo #14
flying pikachu
___pikachu holo
first movie mewtwo
3x brocks vulpix gold w stamp
3x marril
meowth gb holo
meowth 2003 promo holo
unown j
eevee holo


Complete fossil American #31-62 Extremely near mint-mint (Looks fresh out the pack)

Complete fossil 62/62 German First edition cards (non holo description: extremely near mint-mint/Holos near mint-mint with some light scratching in holos) (looks fresh out the pack)

Jungle common& uncommon complete set near mint
Seaking and rapidash scratches on front.

Base 2 complete character common& uncommon Near mint-extremly near mint
near complete common/uncommon trainer cards
Includes number 112,117,118,119,120,121,122,123

Gym Heroes 1st edition Fresh out the pack extremly near mint-mint (Some cards have issues look below for exact cards)
erikas victrebell nick on back corner
white edging left side back of lt surge electabuzz
sabrinas haunter a couple light scratches
brocks golbat dent,scratch white back edge
erika back side left edge whiting
misty heavy scratching front and back
117-120 little ding on back left corner

Team Rocket 1st edition Complete common,uncommon,and rare non holo set.
Fresh out the pack overall Extremly near mint-mint condition

Neo genesis Common& uncommon complete 1st edition extremely near mint-mint fresh out the pack (Not all cards are first edition,some are unlimited. Please check images for better assurance)
54/111 light dings on top border edge (front)
sunflora 50/111 on lower right side border edge light ding (front)

Neo discovery Complete Rare,uncommon,common complete 1st edition extremely near mint-mint fresh out the pack..
unown 33/75 ursaring 34/75 wobbafett 35/75 a couple light scratches.


Arceus set (Near complete set) look below
Complete Holo AR 1-9 (Penny sleeve and toploader included)
Near complete Holo 1-12( Missing number 3,6,7,11) (I have Number 3,7 and 11 in reverse holo form.Look below to see)
(Holos have penny sleeve and toploader included)
Charizard 1/99
Froslass 2/99
kabutops 4/99
luxray 5/99
probopass 7/99
salamence 8/99
swalot 9/99
tangrowth 10/99
zapdos 12/99

Near complete non holo Rares,common,uncommon (13-93) (Missing number 63) (Does not have penny slevese, inside page dividers)

Lv x holos
arceus lv x 94/99
arceus lv x 95/99
salamence lv 98/99

Arceus set Reverse holos
Heatran 3/99
luxray 5/99
probopass 7/99
toxicroak 11/99
cherrim 15/99
gengar 16/99
lopunny 21/99
pelipper 24/99
pichu 25/99
spiritomb 32/99
bronzong 33/99
gastly 36/99
graveler 37/99
grovyle 39/99
gulpin 40/99
pelipper 45/99
shelgon 48/99
wormadam 49/99
bagon 52/99
beedrill 53/99
bronzor 54/99
kabuto 67/99
beginning door 82/99
bench shield 83/99
energy restore 86/99
lucky egg 88/99
old amber 89/99
helix fossil 93/99

Undaunted near complete set
1-10 holo (missing numbers 3,5,8) (Holos have Penny sleeves and toploaders included)
Bellossom 1/90
Espeon 2/90 (If you want another espeon look below to the Undaunted extras)
Gliscor 4/90 ( If you want another Gliscor look below to the undaunted extras)
magcargo 6/90
scizor 7/90
togekiss 9/90
umbreon 10/90

Non holo 11-80 (missing number 13,22,) (If you need number 22 I have number 22 in reverse holo look below to the reverse holo section.)
Non holos are in penny sleeves and 9 page dividers.

Holos 81-90 (missing 83,90 and three alph lithograph) Holos include penny sleeve and toploader.
espeon 81/90
houndoom 82/90
scizor 84/90
slowking 85/90
umbreon 86/90
kyogre & groudon legend 87/90
kyogre &groudon legend 88/90
rayquaza &deoxys legend 89/90

Undaunted Reverse holo
Bellossom 1/90
gliscor 4/90
togekiss 9/90
dodrio 11/90
honchkrow 15/90
honchkrow 16/90
leafeon 17/90
mismagius 19/90
tropius 22/90
lairon 29/90
metang 30/90
raichu 33
2x stuntank 37/90
slowbro 38/90
unown 40/90
aron 42/90
doduo 45/90
drifloon 46/90
gligar 49/90
hitmonchan 51/90
hitmonlee 52/90
houndour 53/90
houndour 54/90
makuhita 55/90
pineco 62/90
scyther 65/90
defender 62/90
energy exchanger 73/90
ruins of alph 76/90
darkness energy 79/90

Arceus set extra cards.

bronzong 14/99
gengar 17/99
golem 19/99
omastar 23/99
4x bronzong 33/99
2x gastly 36/99
4x graveler 37/99
3x grovyle 38/99
3x bronzor 34/99
4x charmeleon 35/99
4x grovyle 39/99
2x gulpin 40/99
2x haunter 41/99
2x haunter 42/99
3x luxio 43/99
3x manectric 44/99
2x pelipper 45/99
2x ponyta 46/99
3x rapidash 47/99
2x shelgon 48/99
3x wormadam 49/99
3x wormadam 50/99
2x wormadam 51/99
5x bagon 52/99
4x beedrill 53/99
2x bronzor 54/99
5x buneary 55/99
8x burmy 56/99
7x burmy 57/99
4x burmy 58/99
6x charmander 59/99
5x cherubi 60/99
6x croagunk 61/99
4x electrike 62/99
6x electrike 63/99
3x gastly 64/99
5x geodude 65/99
4x gulpin 66/99
8x kabuto 67/99
5x makuhita 68/99
5x nosepass 69/99
5x omanyte 70/99
5x pikachu 71/99
5x ponyta 72/99
5x rattata 73/99
6x shinx 74/99
5x snorunt 75/99
4x tangela 76/99
3x tangela 77/99
5x treecko 78/99
3x treecko 79/99
4x wingull 80/99
5x wingull 81/99
2x beginning door 82/99
3x bench shield 83/99
3x buffer piece 84/99
4x department store girl 85/99
2x energy restore 86/99
3x expert belt 87/99
3x lucky egg 88/99
2x old amber 89/99
2x prof.oak visit 90/99
1x ultimate zone 91/99
3x dome fossil 92/99
4x helix fossil 93/99

Undaunted extra cards
Espeon holo 2/90
gliscor holo 4/90
2x dodrio 11/90
hariyama 14/90
honchkrow 16/90
leafeon 17/90
metagross 18/90
rotom 20/90
skarmory 21/90
tropius 22/90
vespiquen 23/90
weavile 25/90
2x flareon 26/90
3x gloom 27/90
jolteon 28/90
5x lairon 29/90
2x metang 30/90
4x muk 31/90
3x pincir 32/90
4x raichu 33/90
3x raticate 34/90
4x sableye 35/90
2x scyther 36/90
4x stuntank 37/90
3x slowbro 38/90
5x togetic 39/90
3x unown 40/90
2x vaporeon 41/90
8x aron 42/90
4x beldum 43/90
6x combee 44/90
5x doduo 45/90
4x drifloon 46/90
4x eevee 47/90
4x eevee 48/90
6x gligar 49/90
6x grimer 50/90
5x hitmonchan 51/90
4x hitmonlee 52/90
5x houndour 53/90
5x houndour 54/90
6x makuhita 55/90
8x mawile 56/90
4x misdreavus 57/90
5x murkrow 58/90
5x murkrow 59/90
6x oddish 60/90
6x pikachu 61/90
5x pineco 62/90
4x pineco 63/90
4x rattata 64/90
6x scyther 65/90
4x slowpoke 66/90
6x slugma 67/90
7x sneasel 68/90
6x stunky 69/90
8x togepi 70/90
5x burned tower 71/90
4x defender 72/90
4x energy exchanger 73/90
3x flower shop lady 74/90
3x legend box 75/90
3x ruins of alph 76/90
2x sages training 77/90
3x team rockets trickery 78/90
3x darkness energy 79/90

Fresh out the pack extremely near mint-mint condition(Cards May be mint but just to be safe because everyone grades differently I'll say extremely near mint-mint)

Next Destinies
Articuno 27/99
Zapdos 41/99
Lucario 64/99
Reverse Holo
Ralts 55/99
jellicent 35/99
simipour 29/99
growlithe 11/99
reshiram 21/99
exp.share 87/99
vanilluxe 33/99
Nuzleaf 71/99
7x Online Codes
seedot 2/99
kricketot 3/99
kricketune 4/99
foongus 8/99
2x growlithe 10/99
Arcanine 12/99
Arcanine 13/99
pansear 15/99
darumaka 17/99
litwick 18/99
2x lampent 19/99
staryu 23/99
2x lapras 26/99
2x panpour 28/99
basculin 30/99
vanillite 31/99
2x frillish 34/99
cubchoo 36/99
pikachu 39/99
2x shinx 42/99
shinx 43/99
luxio 44/99
blitzle 47/99
grimer 52/99
munna 58/99
elgyem 61/99
beheeyem 62/99
2x riolu 63/99
4x hippopotas 65/99
mienfoo 67/99
mienshao 68/99
sneasel 69/99
nuzleaf 71/99
brongzong 76/99
3x ferroseed 77/99
2x jigglypuff 78/99
meowth 80/99
pidove 83/99
minccino 84/99
exp share 87/99
heavy ball 88/99
2x skyarrow bridge 91/99
2x double colorless energy 92/99

Platinum Rising Rivals
gastrodon 21/11
alakazam 38/111
infernape 43/111
lairon 44/111
sharpedo 49/111
2x starmie 50/111
2x ambipom 56/111
flareon 60/111
houndoom 65/111
koffing 68/111
munchlax 69/111
2x nidoran 71/111
nidoran 72/111
nidorina 73/111
2x nidorino 74/111
nuzleaf 75/111
quagsire 76/111
sealeo 77/111
shellos 79/111
spheal 82/111
2x snorlax 81/111
spheal 82/111
aarons collection 88/111
berthas warmth 90/111
pokemon contest hall 93/111
technical machine 95/111
sp radar 96/111
underground expedition 97/111

The asterisks you see is short for japanese

10/02/2013, 05:38 PM
Wow, that looks like your whole collection... If you are going to PSA grade everything, probably going to cost you a bomb. o.O I think you can just PSA grade the ones that are valued at $20 or more. Those below $20 I'd probably just give/sell/trade.

10/02/2013, 05:57 PM
Anything that is incomplete - Sell as bulk.

Any Ultra Rares - Sell those individually

Anything Complete - Sell as complete.

Japanese Cards - You can probably sell these individually.
I know some of the promos are more sought after than others.

Only ones I suggest grading are the shadowless.

Hope this helps! :thumb:

10/02/2013, 06:54 PM
I know where 2 or your Chinese cards need to go :P

10/02/2013, 08:26 PM
Ok thanks.
Any other advice on how to get the most out of these?

This is basically all of my collection (That I don't want anymore anyway)

I'm basically trying to have a pure breed collection of only sheets.

So I'm trying to squeeze as much out of this as possible.

10/03/2013, 08:20 AM
I want some opinions for this

Neo genesis Common& uncommon complete 1st edition extremely near mint-mint fresh out the pack (Not all cards are first edition,some are unlimited. Please check images for better assurance) 54/111 light dings on top border edge (front) sunflora 50/111 on lower right side border edge light ding (front)

You can find the couple of the cards that are unlimited in the imgur link I provided above.
All this with Neo gen unlimited holo (near complete-missing 1 or 2) I say near mint condition.

Right now I'm at $80 for it.
Should I take the $80 or see if I can get more?

10/03/2013, 10:01 AM
Take it. If it were me, I'd want either ALL unlimited or ALL 1st Ed.

10/03/2013, 10:07 AM
So don't try to push it to $100?
or somewhat closer to $100?

I always want to get as much as possible without upseting someone and then scaring them away.

ie the maximum limit that both parties can walk away happy and can do deals in the future. Maximum limit without pushing luck.

10/03/2013, 12:00 PM
Now I'm not sure what to do. Some are telling me $80 is to cheap to sell.
So what should I sell it for.

10/03/2013, 12:56 PM
Wait so are you just selling a C/UC set? Or are there also holos and rares?
$80 for a C/UC set seems like a lot to me...

10/03/2013, 02:25 PM
C/Un 1st ed fresh out the pack
non holos nearcomplete missing 1 or 2 near mint cond unlimited.

I have gotten mixed results saying go for it and other comments to try and get more for it.
Any thoughts?
Right now it's at $80 I'm looking at getting from one buyer.

10/05/2013, 03:18 PM
If your Natta Wake Pikachu is in good condition, grade it.