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08/06/2016, 05:46 AM
Hello! I recently discovered all my pokemon cards. I have a ton of them all from the early 90's to mid 2000, but these 3 were the ones who caught my attention.
I bought a base set 1 generation German unopened card pack on ebay a long time ago. It included a 1st generation pikachu. Since it's in mint condition I was hoping it could be worth anything, but considering it's not the english edition it could be worth less than I was hoping for. I also have the same pikachu card in the english edition, but it's not in as good condition and it's not marked as firs edition. It also have a mark on the back (showed on picture) that's not very fortunate. The Mew card from 2006 is in so and so condition with the same mark on its back as the pikachu, and there's a bit of scratches on the front of the holo of the card. I get that the condition of the card plays a very large part in how much you can get from it. I'm just a student looking to earn some money for school start so it's not like I'm expecting it to get me a large figure. But it would be nice if it at least was worth something. If I were to have the card graded, would it increase the value or is there no point in it unless you have a card in a very high price class? And should I sell it on ebay or somewhere else if I decide it's worth the hassle?

I add pictures here as reference, and I hope there's someone in here who have more knowledge about value and cards in general than I do.

Card package front (LINK (http://imgur.com/px8tU1s))
German Pikachu (LINK (http://imgur.com/a/51fBv))
Pikachu english (LINK (http://imgur.com/eX5fC8E))
Pikachu english back damage (LINK (http://imgur.com/KFMz7o1))
Mew card top (LINK (http://imgur.com/a/YRNSs))
Mew card downside (LINK (http://imgur.com/VyKbZGf))
Mew card back damage (LINK (http://imgur.com/oC960Tv))

I'm also new to the forum, so if I'm breaking any rules in this post or not doing it right, then please tell me so I can fix it or take the thread down.
All help would be appreciated :)