View Full Version : RNG help with FESS

Kenshin's Garde
05/06/2005, 11:59 PM
Hey Pokegymers! Umm . . . this is kind of embaressing. Well, as you can tell, I am asking about the RNG (random number generator.) I tried to get to FESS by myself, but it said I can't get on or something.
I beg of you, please get on FESS (google search for "Fire Emblem Sanctuary of Strategy") and go to Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword.
You should see something about the RNG. The fourm shold have two websites on it. Please post these websites and/or their information here. Thanks in advance! (It should be along the lines of RNG Abuse.)
(WARNING: This site could be considered PG-13, but is definately the best Fire Emblem Website around.)
PS: Seima no Koseki is coming out! Hooray!