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05/13/2005, 10:44 PM
(First off, mods, please forgive me for the duplicate post but Karl can't get to the internet to post tonight and this is kind of important)

Important Info regarding the deck checks at the Southern California Regional Tournament to be held tomorrow on Camp Pendleton, CA.

Everyone's deck is going to be checked. This means that Pokemon Professors will check not only your card count but your sleeves and cards for any marks and your deck list for illegal cards. We need you to organize your deck and write it down on the deck list in the same order.
Basically, put Pokemon on top according to their evolutions, then trainers, and finally energy. Write your pokemon on your decklist in the same order, please.

This will make the deck checks run much faster!!!
Which means that you will get your deck back sooner and can begin to shuffle it. We really want to get the tournament started ontime so your cooperation is needed in this matter.

When you arrive first fill out a registration form and turn it in. You will then need to take your deck and deck list to the Pokemon Professors to have it checked. If you do not already have your deck list filled out :nonono: then we will provide you with a blank deck list.

That's about it! See you all nice and early tomorrow morning! Good luck to everyone!

05/13/2005, 11:35 PM
just bumping this so more people can see it. thanks for the advance on this!

05/14/2005, 12:06 AM
Thanks for the tip. BigChuck01 and I willl be sure to check out decks before we get there.