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05/15/2005, 03:41 PM
Because there is a couple people hunting for my decklist, im not going to post it. Anyway, I met Mk C. and Anthony P. at port authority yesterday. Laura was late so we left without him but he caught up later (run-on). So we arrive around 10ish. We got ourselves registered and I took a nap...an half and hour later, the games begin...

Round 1 Daniel R. w/ Ludicargo

Well...this guy beat me at NJ states which i got extremely bad hands at. This was the so-called revenge but as i told him, i never keep a grudge on anyone (i get over them too quickly). Anyway, He started with lotad and didnt seem to have much until he played a steven on my near full bench. Soon enough, he got magcargo and 2 ludicolos out. I on the other side of the table set up kingdra, magcargo, salamence, and a Salamence EX. I killed one of the magcargos with my kingdra and he countered with ludicolo for 100 or 110 (forgot which) retreated and had Salamence EX take care of it (Please excuse me if this wasnt true, but i cant remember much from all my long battles) We continue to exchange hits until Salamence EX prevails over Ludicolo.

Round 2 Ken W. w/ Ludicargo

I lead him through the whole game. Allowed him to gain easy prizes and countering after I was all powered. Salamence Ex simply killed everything with Bright Flame. He came close to killing my Salamence EX with a crystal shard but I saw it coming beforehand and used the time machine to change to a regular sala. In the end, he gave into killing my sala and i ko'd his ludicolo for the last prize.

Round 3 Zapdos

Knew i had to run into these soon enough. So it starts off with his electrike and voltorb vs my slugma...
He powers electrike...i get a crap card and hit electrike for 10...he fails on dual ball. I hit electrike for 20. He decided to retreat electrike for voltorb. I draw magcargo and kill voltorb with combustion. He draws zapdos...and from there i was behind him the whole way after that...

Round 4 Zapdos

Nice...another one...He gets the perfect start but with only 1 zapdos. I allowed him to take out dunsparce and my jirachi after they use strike and run, and make a wish once. If i remember right, I countered with a kingdra and eventually killed his zapdos. this goes on to when i got sala's and Salamence EX. When he gets down to his last prize and start powering an electrode, i aimed a flame jet at one of his benched zapdos with 50 damage on it. he has a manetric active with no energies while his benched electrode has only 2. being one turn short, he couldnt remove manetric and blow me up so i killed his zapdos.

Round 5 Frankie D. w/ Zapdos

Another guy that beated me at states, but he kept me from the NY title...Anyhow, He gets the perfect start as i got some totally random hand that doesnt even make much sense. Took me a long to time to get everything together so i lost that due to his luck with scoop ups.


Round 6 Zapdos

At this point, i am extremely ******. Talk about a lack of originality from people. I didnt believe that i could make it to the finals even if i won this match. So i played pretty carelessly and pretty much allowed him to kill everything cept my kingdra which made my comeback. Kingdra killed his only zapdos in play. He decided to charge his electrike but didnt know that i had a boost in my hand ready to kill it. He searches for a zapdos with a duel ball and used it to stall and power it as active. I failed to remove any of its energies with hyper whirlpool but i started building something on the bench which i forgot what. I think it was a Salamence EX which finally killed the remainder of the poke. sorry the details are sketchy but each of my matches lasted a minimum of 25 mins.

I was so surprised to find myself in 8th place on the top 16 list. For the first time in my life, I had the highest tie-breaker. I went to get my Togepi from MK and hurried back to the table for my match.

Top 16 ShawofMordor w/ Zapdos...(im practically sick of saying this...)

He's indeed a good player i must say. Played him back at NJ states i believe. I dont remember too much from this so you will have to see his post if you want details.

Drew and Laura lost in the top 16
Top 8 Nick C. w/ Voodoo

FINALLY!!!!!!!!A non-zapdos deck...anyway, I played him at the top 16 at worlds last year. I can still feel the hatred his has for me (if there really is any)...So we both start with the usual strike and run while i go to a jirachi he uses sudden flash. Eventually, he killed jirachi with a dark hypno and the games begin. I used salamence to stall with agility for 5 turns spreading damage throughout his poke. My strategy to beat this deck was to give each of them 50 damage and then atm them all at once. Turns out that the ATM is in my prizes and i couldnt draw the right one...So he ends the game later when he plays shard on lanturn and ko's my Salamence EX.

Almost a ditto of the last game but i didnt have dunsparce. I instead powered a salamence head on and finally time machined it to become Salamence EX and killed his slowkings before they could kill me. He simply didnt have much to beat me so he gave in to try give time for the last match. However, we started as soon as time was called so Sudden Death.

I was very lucky to have a shelgon and Salamence EX in my starting hand. he uses SAR and makes a bench of slowpokes. I failed on risky kick. He gets a slowking and attaches one energy and paralyzes me with sudden flash. I evolved to shelgon, attach water and scrunched. tails. He retreated dunsparce and brought up slowking and avoided my attempt to kill him with a strenght charm. hits me for 40 (DRE and discarded secret machine). i evolve to Salamence EX and jet flames slowking. He retreats to use slowpoke's amnesia. I attach a fire and pass. amnesia again. The next card was the Fire energy i needed to win the game.

Top 4 Peter O.

I was pretty confident since i probably only lost to him once or twice out of countless battles. i get my usual start but somehow he managed some miracle and killed me. Ill go into details later. Im kind of tired right now.