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06/07/2005, 08:20 PM

This deck is based off of vaporeon's "Chaos Legends" list, which definitely has some room for improvement. This version (I think) is faster and more resilient. However, the trainers are a mess right now, and I don't exactly know how to fix it. Take a look.

2 Articuno ex
3 Zapdos ex
3 Moltres ex
3 Skitty (minor errand running)
3 Delcatty (energy draw
2 Magnemite
2 Magneton (magnetic field)

3 Lanette's Net Search
3 Energy Search
2 Copycat
3 Dual Ball
3 Super Scoop Up
3 Celio's
2 Energy Switch
2 Mr. Stone's Project
2 Pokemon Reversal? (thinking I need to change this)

7 Fire
7 Electric
6 Water

Strat: Start w/ skitty, attach and start errand running and fetching energy w/ energy search and stone. eventually, evolve to delcatty, drop a bird, ascent, and start smashing face. Like i said, the trainers need some serious help, and while playtesting, the deck takes about 3 turns to switch to a diff type bird. That is a problem. Review/Rate/Discuss.

Shiloh Phoenix
06/07/2005, 10:25 PM
Why not use DX ray ex? Desert ruins...<3

06/07/2005, 11:41 PM
Maybe use Plus Energy Skitty instead so you can possibly second turn one of the birds. If you do that than you may want to use more Mr. Stone's Project or even Lady Outing.

06/08/2005, 01:36 AM
You've got WAY too many EX's in this deck. Why the birds? I honestly don't see how it would work, not to sound rude...

It's just that your opponent can easily KO 3 of the birds and win the game in no time flat, especially since it takes a long time to power them up if you have a bad start... :o

06/08/2005, 05:33 AM
Here my fixes

-6 water
-2 Articuno EX
-2 Pokemon Reversal

2 Fire
2 Thunder
2 Rayquazza(like DX)
2 Lady Outing
2 Pokemon Retreiver (helps to use the birds effect over)
4 Elekid(SS) (its help to get the engery out faster)

06/08/2005, 08:35 AM
what about altaria?

well, you will say "but, who plays? altaria" so... what about wobby??

06/08/2005, 09:20 AM
Altaria does get around Wobbuffet. Its just that the birds can literally replace thamselves, making them hard to KO if you don't OHKO them. I suggest this list...

18 Pokemon
2 Arty
2 Zappy
2 Molty(what the?)
3 Delcatty
4 Skitty(Plus Energy)
3 Magneton
3 Magnemite

16 Energy
6 Lightning
5 Water
5 Fire

26 Trainers
4 Lanette's Net Search
4 TV Reporter
4 Steven's Advice
3 Lady Outing
3 Space Center
3 Super Scoop Up
2 Crystal Shard
2 Rocket's Admin
1 Pokemon Retriever

Replace the Birds over and over again so your opponent can't kill them. Shards are because they aren't going to stand up to Draggy without them and Space Centers are for Wobby. 4 Skitty is for Plus Energy for 2nd turn any Bird and Toncatty is your draw engine. Lanette's pulls out all three birds and rest is self explanitory. BTW, maybe Vaporeon should see this thread. GL!

06/08/2005, 10:40 AM
OK...i been thinkin'... here's a new list.

4 Skitty (+ nrg)
3 Delcatty
2 Magnemite
2 Magneton
2 Rayquaza ex (DX)
2 Zapdos ex
2 Moltres ex

3 Lanette's Net Search
2 Steven's Advice
4 Energy Search
3 Mr. Stone's Project
3 Space Center
3 Super Scoop Up
1 Crystal Shard
1 Rocket's Admin
1 Pokemon Retriever
2 Dual Ball

9 Electric
8 Fire

REX DX is amazing! +nrg Skitty helps out a lot. This deck actually seems competitive. I wish I had all the birds...
:nonono: sad times for a poor pokemon player. neways, let me know if u have any more fixes

P.S.: If ur going to AZ GC and have stuff for this deck...ur my best friend in the world :biggrin:

06/16/2005, 07:58 AM
First, this isn't your deck. MrDraz thought of something from your deck. We never said you were going to play this. We don't kill decks on this forum, we help them(or at least try). Anyways, playing Elekids would only play Lightning, so only Zapdos and Rayquaza would benefit. Skitty/Catty/Ton provbides a solid draw engine, while powering the birds/dragons at the same time.

06/17/2005, 06:29 AM
Sorry about anything I said.

06/17/2005, 01:26 PM
-sigh- noob deck builders, try parasect, 1 benched pokemon, load up the bench guy, and the birds swoop in at will, its a good deck theoretically, as i am trying to put it together, if you get a bird start, your SOL, a paras start, your in good shape.