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11/16/2003, 03:08 PM
Mechazan 100 Hp Type: Steel

Pokebody: Machine Power

Each Turn, Mechazan Can Add 10 Damage To Machine Punch.

Drill Blast: 40

Machine Punch: 110

This Attack Is Not Reduced By Resistance.

Weakness: Fire Resistance: Electric Retreat: (c)(c)(c)

Metross 200 Hp Type:water

Evolves From Crawdaunt

Pokemon Power: Alantis

Whenever A Water Pokemon Comes Into Play, Draw A Card For Each Water Energy Attached To Metross. Then Discard 3 Cards

Aqua Tower: 20

Put One Water Energy From The Discard Pile Or Hand On Metross

Tidal Wave: 200

Discard One Water Energy From Metross

Weakness: Electric Resistance:fire Retreat: (c)(c)(c)(c)(c)

11/17/2003, 04:29 PM
[i]Bagon {F} 40HP

{Poke-Power} Rarity
All trainer cards stop working. This can't be used if Bagon has a special condition.

{C} Signs of evolution
search your deck for a shelgon. shuffle your deck afterwards

{F}{C} Ember 30
discard 1 energy card attached to Bagon.

retreat {C}

Shelgon {R} 80HP

{Poke-Body} Hard Shell
When Shelgon is attacked, reduce that damage by 20 (after applying Weak/resist).

{C}{C} Hard shell
discard one energy card attached to Shelgot in order to prevent all damage and effects done to shelgon during your opponent's turn.

{R}{R}{R} Dragon Shell 30
Flip a coin if heads, reduce the next attack dont to Shelgon by 10

retreat {C}{C}{C}

Salamence {R} 150HP

{Poke-Power} Ultimate Response
When Salamence gets knocked out, Flip a coin if heads, place 4 damage counters on the pokemon who knocked out Salamence.

{R} Revival
place 2 {R} energy cards from your discard pile to Salamence

{R}{R}{R}{R} Dragon Claw 100
discard 3 {R} energy in order to use this attack

resist (F)-30
retreat (C)(C) [i]

11/28/2003, 01:53 PM
im eventually gonna come up with more cards.........................

11/30/2003, 12:32 PM
fake kyogre card

11/30/2003, 12:44 PM
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What about Bagon?