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05/18/2006, 08:57 AM
The drive down was good,just like the old days.We reach Exeter with no trouble...all around us Pokemon
players are getting out of their cars.I see my mate Qays and I chat with him as we enter the shop. Wow!
Recomended,what a venue!Tables arranged really well,ladies and mens toilets...cool!The shop has been redone.

I play a warm-up match against a boy called Melvin.Guess who my first round was against?Melvin.

Round 1 v Melvin

He uses powerful basics.However,he has problems with his energy.I'm playing Speedrill/Butterfree
and its too fast for him to gain the upper hand.I win.


Round 2 v Karen

I would have fainted seeing she plays fire (the only protection I had was the RG Butterfree and Ancient
Tomb) if not for my awesome hand:Beedrill,Rare Candy,Weedle and Grass Energy.Even against Fire
I'm too quick.T1 Poison Sting,and from T3 onwards Link Needle.GG


Round 3 v Adam

It's not every day you play against a 15+,but I suspect he's a beginner.The match goes on and on
until with three Beedrill in play I KO a Dusclops EX.A tough match,I would have said,if not for some other matches I played.


Round 4 v ???

A long match.Luckily my deck is built to go suicidal with DS Beedrill.It's a match that could go either way untill finally his deck gives way and I break through.The sort of match that made Round 3 look easy.


Round 5 v ???

Something has returned.Something that broke through last year.Dragtrode.EEEEEEEEEEK!!!
Crash splat boom bang bish bosh bash.I lose(BTW hopeful Dragtrode players I've rebuilt my deck.
Hopefully I can handle you.).


Round 6 v Kate

The final round.Apparently if Kate loses and if I win I win 11-14.Relaxing,eh?Anyway...
I can just catch up with speed Dustox EX.I drop an Ancient Tomb as I see she has a Houndoom on her bench.A long match (another one!) untill we both have 1 prize left. She sends out Cascoon,uses Emerge,
gets heads and sends out a new Dustox EX.BUT she has no energy and three Link Needles later...


Whoever predicted the tournament thing was right.Woohoo!!!BTW Qays qualified too.Double Woohoo!!!
See you all at Nationals.Bye.


05/18/2006, 11:20 AM
Congrats on the win, I went to the Exeter CC when the place was being redone. Its a pretty nice venue but they realy should do top cuts. Anyways, GL at nationals.

05/18/2006, 12:49 PM
yeh well done for winning 11 - 14 , for what i saw of your deck it was built , when i face you ,you couldnt get ur second stage 2 . you sould do well in the uk finals