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06/13/2006, 04:27 PM
hello all you poke people i went to a gym challenge and ran with a pow block i saw a very nice metanite deck which made t8.

3-2-3 Metagross(DS)
3-2-3 Dragonite(DS)
1-1 Golduck(HP)
4 Holon Castform(HP)
1 Lunatone(LM) *maybe
1 Solrock(LM) *maybe ill see how it goes

4 Celios Network
2 Holon Ruins
2 Holon Transceiver
2 Holon Mentor
2 Holon Lakes
4 Rare Candy

4 Warp Energys
4 Metal Energys
12 Electric Energys

I would greatly appreciate any help at all thanks

Strategy The strategy is like it has always been for any other metanite. you lose energys and add them to metagross(DS) and keep from being BF locked with golduck (DS) and you might need the lunatone and solrock to shutdown magcargo and slow down Ludicargo which will probably be big n the next format.

06/13/2006, 04:50 PM
no warp energies, try to add in 3-4 dre keep ur energy around a total of 15-16
4 metal
4 dre
4 lightning

u dont need lunasol simply because you need the bench space for more dragonite and metagross you need draw cards, seeing as u only have mentor and celios for draw card, try adding in holon adventurer and tv reporter, try to increase the golduck to 2-2 for consistency but i would personally go for magcargo over golduck