View Full Version : Secondary Effects of Holon GL/WP/FF

07/24/2006, 08:45 PM
In order to activate the 'secondary' effect of holon energies (free retreat in WP, bypass resistance in FF), don't you need to first activate the Holon energys' primary effect?

In order to get free retreat from Holon WP, don't you need a Psychic AND Water energy with Holon WP on the Pokemon?

All of the holon energies read

If the Pokemon that Holon FF/GL/WP is attached to also has a F/L/P...

Doesn't the word also imply that a psychic energy alone could not activate Holon WP?

07/24/2006, 09:18 PM
"Also" is referring to having to have the Holon energy attached, not to the first Basic energy.
Each effect is independant of the other one.