View Full Version : dark slowking

08/16/2006, 07:41 PM
i have had some success with this and i am debating on whether playing this or LBS, either way i would like to post my list to give my two cents.:thumb:


dark slowking x4
slowking(UF) x2
slowpoke(FRLG) x4
ditto(FRLG) x2
jirachi(DX) x4


rocket's tricky gym x1
atm rock x1
surprise! time machine x2
pokemon retriever x2
solid rage x2
curse powder x2
Exp.All x3
steven,s advice x4
mary's request x4
rocket pokeball x3
swoop x4
strength charm x4

dark x4
psychic x8

i was wondering how many other people were going to play it also being i am going to play through the grinder? after some play testing i need some help to improve this deck.