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02/05/2004, 12:34 PM
OK... as a favor to all SoCal players. The Pokémon Labs (http://www.pokemonlabs.com/) has compiled a list of all 5 SoCal City Championships. We've also created and posted info pages for the LA, Riverside, and Fountain Valley CCs as they were the only ones without such an info page and linked to the other two's info pages.

So enjoy.

Click on the following:
Home Page (http://www.pokemonlabs.com/)
SoCal CC info (http://www.pokemonlabs.com/events_comments.php?id=225_0_20_0_C)
LA CC nfo (http://www.pokemonlabs.com/events_comments.php?id=217_0_20_0_C)
Riverside CC info (http://www.pokemonlabs.com/events_comments.php?id=224_0_20_0_C)
Fountain Valley CC info (http://www.pokemonlabs.com/events_comments.php?id=226_0_20_0_C)

02/06/2004, 09:32 AM
Fixed and bumbed.... :D