View Full Version : Sallycargo EX!!!!

10/10/2006, 11:08 AM
Since Sally is one of my favorite pokemon thought I would give a shoot at revising Sally EX(DX) deck.

22 Pokemon
3-3-3 Sally EX (DX)
2-2 Alteria EX (DF)
1 Alteria (safeguard)
2-2 magcargo
3 luvdisc
1 apiom

22 trainers
3 stevens advice
2 tv reporter
2 copycat
3 warp point
2 Mr stone
2 windstorm
4 pokemon park

16 NRG
6 water
6 fire
4 boost

Sally and warp point are just great together.
Alteria Ex allows to ready a second Sally while still being able to boost the active.
Boost can be used on all 3 evos.
Sally ex OHKO's most or hit bench for a 2 turn KO.
Parks allows a warp to put a damage pokemon on bench, attach NRG to it, heal it and then bring active if sally is out or heal when using Alterias power to bench.
Mr stone enables 2 NRG more often.