View Full Version : Lakewood WA City Championship Report

03/22/2004, 11:45 AM
Hello all...

Here is a brief report on the Lakewood WA CC event....

Registration started at 11:00 am...

Things got started around 12:15.....
HJ Terry Kamm
J Niki Nelson
J Gordon Fong

Six rounds of age modifed swiss and no cut to top eight

There were 39 players...

10 under 9
11-14 14
15 older 16

The Winners were

10 & Under J. Gettys
11-14 l. Murphy
15 & older M. Contreras

Side Events:

Modified Constructed using Team Magma/Team Aqua Cards 6 players
winner L. Murphy won TMA Boosters

Booster Draft using Expedition, Aquapolis and Skyridge 6 players
Winner D. Nelson won TMA Boosters

There were several new players.....Thanks to the Oregon bunch coming up to make it a success

Hope to see you at Federal Way CC next weekend and WA States May 1, 2004...


03/22/2004, 02:49 PM
What,no Dave this time?Darn,there went the free pizza! ;) :p

Glad you guys had fun and good luck to all your events.