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05/08/2004, 08:19 PM
please admins dont lock this i spent over 3 hours writing it, and if you do i will be furrious! please i spet a LOT of time on it.

Then go by the rules and DONT star out or use inappropriate words...-`Sensei

this was not run though spell check, and typed after a LONG day of fun gamiming so just use your common sence when reading it and keep in mind that im am a bad speller, hey it happons;-p

Ok here goes, since Eevee Trainer made one of these after he won states, i keep with good old team eevee fashion and make one now for the bluebell gym challenge.

first and formost, HUGE congrates to all team eevee members,
Ok here goes

the night b4 we had some serious play testing sessons to help all of us try to decide what to go with. Everyone ended up with a great viratiy of decks, each to suit his or her own play style

so me and crew get up early today (round 7:30) and every one piles in to head out to the challenge. In toe we had me, eevee trainer, syther trainer, garadose master, little pichu, gardivour gardian all heading out

so we get to infinity quests, and all sign up and meet up with the rest off team eevee that could not make the trip over (or pre night sesson) with the rest of the group, namely vince, and also a TON of people from our gym out in force to represent us well *cough blare *cough.

eventualy the pairings are anounced and we all wish each other luck and go off to our first matches

let me also say that we had quite a turn out and some REAL stiff competion! the 15+ group had over 32 players, the 11-14 had like 16 and the 10- had like arround 10, we had alot and i know the total was over 60.

now i dont know the exact detales of every member of team eevees individual matches, but ill try my best here, but im mainly trying to discribe my matches

*before is start, i want to say that im horriable with names, and im sorry if i dont remember all of our battles toghter

by the way i played BAR with BEX, with the ampharos instead of TeamAqua menetric (namly cause i couldnt get them in time, and with only ONE BEX, but it is not a carbon copy list as i added lots of personal touches like fisherman and nurse and extra combusken)

also it was not my intention to play a bar deck ( although fire is my fav type) i had just gotten home from college the night b4 and was not up to building the absole InSaNiTy deck that i wanted to try (if you dont know what it is go to zeo)

anyway on with my report
swiss, best of 1, cut to top 8 best of 3

round 1

we start he goes fist cause i rolled a 1, and i think i had a dunsparce out, anyway he was playing some wired team magma rouge themed deck that seemed like a cool idea, except that he could only get out the gurodon and never seemed to have enough pokmeon on his bench to get it working much and well rayquaza cleaned house

now after his round i do remember eevee trainer won his round, syther trainer lost a EXTREALY close game, little pichu won i belive, gardivor gardian won i belive, garadose master lost i think, and vince won (sorry vince dont know your screan name)

ok round 2

okkkkkk he goes first again cause i roll another 1!! again a very nice gentelmen although i dont remeber his name, but he had a sceptile (lizard posion) and sytherEX and blazeiken deck that looked like it had lots of promise, but he ran into a HUGE NRG drought (wich seamed to happon ALOT for me and other people today, but with 16-20 nrg and a good dray system THAT SHOULD NOT HAPPON, but it did anyway, o well) but i got the ray set up with the blaziken and the amphy and won this round

now after this round i was happy but yet extreamly nervous, becuase i had not yet faced a gardivor deck, or a mirror match or any other real archyptes yet and i know i had the first 2 rounds were relavivly easy for me match up wise

this is where i also get a little fuzzy on my team mates match results, although i know most of there finnal standings, i was not expecting to have to write a torny report, so i was not exaclty keeping track that well


round 3
well turns out i was right, i get paired with another person who has a similar blaze deck but i think his was stright RAMBO. AND I ROLLED ANOTHER FREAKING ONE PEOPLE!!! IM NOT KIDDING!!! anyway i had my worst start of the enitere torny! all i had was a stinking marrep and 2blaziken 1blazsEX 2 amphaose and like a lighting nrg in my hand (well at least i had SOMETHING to do my fist turn) well HE got a blaze set up really fast (well sort of) he had it out by turn 3 but this kid TOOK for ever to do his turn, and i dont mean to sound hostile or anyting, but when you are sitting there with a freaking mareep and NOTHING else in your hand that you can use, and yes ladys and gentalmen i had NOTING for 4 more turns i guess your oponents turns just seem longer (*rolls eyes*) anyhoot, i got nothing for 4 turns, no more basics, no nrg, no trainers of any use, just evos that were no use to me at that time, and i must admint, that is the LAST time i dont take my time and shuffle right and just rush into the next round!
so i lost

ok at this point i was extreamly nervious, cause i had only played one other archtype and my deck craped out on me there

so the anouce the pairings and i get gardivor gardian!! yea, i was happy and sad and nervious all at the same time. Happy cause i get to play someone i know, and i can have good conversation, i was sad cause i never really like to see team eevee members play each other cause its almsot like were takeing away from each other, but o well, its enevitable (mister anderson AHAAHAH shane that one was for you!) ok so me and gardivoir gardiean and syther trainer were working on a new deck for him last night (gess his gardivours were tired) and someone (dont know who, think it was me, but again dont know) suggested to give good oll mukEX a try, well he did, and o boy was i sorry

round 4
FIRST OFF CURSE THE GODS FOR MAKEING ME ROLL ANOTHER 1!!! and people im useing diffrent dice here and i was about to chuck the darn things across the room i was so mad at the dice by now !! ok so im paying bar, and facing a mukEX. Not only that, but im from the old school and used to playing bar, with emphaiss on RAYquazza, not BEX (plus only had one in my deck, and hadent seen it b4 this match today) so im aiming for my normal set up of delcatty, 2 blaziken, ampy, ray, and a left over dunsparc; that if happons to get knocked out THATS when i go for the blazeEX build. so i get a good opening hand, and so does he. I remember that i had a turn 2 delcatty oracle about to fire off, with 2 rare candy in my hand right after a strike and run, and that =turn 2 blaze, amphy, ray, and delcatty!! HOWEVER he got 2 mukEX out on turn two, and i said to my self, self this is going to be along match of "dance the pokemon" and it sure was. with only one warp point in my arsinal i had to over stragicly plan when to use that sucker and it was about halfway though the match that i realized HAYYYYYYYYY blazeEX is the best way to beat mukEX as its fist attack is great, cheep and can stall while you build up the second (with out any recharges of course) but to little to late, as gardivour gardian pulled out a extreamly close and hard fought match, beating me ON TIME with a prize count of 3-2. good job man, freaking muK (*funny smirk face*)
oooooookkkkkkkk at this point im like, screw it im out of the top eight i might as well just have some fun

round 5
we get paired and im facing brian from our league, brian is my freind and a very good pokemon player, and since i havent been here in awhile (college) i had know idea what he was playing. Turns out to be gardivour. This match was even close then the previous match as, i did not get set up as fast, and he had a turn 2 gardyEX with a boost=NOT GOOD. anyway we went back and forth exchagning prizes. I took a gardivourEx, he took a RAY , i got a gardivour, he got a BLAZEX with a freaking wobby cuase i FORGOT IT WAS WEEK ooooooommmmmmmggggggg i was feelt stupid and did a face fall, but heck can you blame me? yess i read the boards religionsly and everthing, but heck i only got one of the things in my deck and it is FIRE after all sooooo cut me a break :) *end tangent* it went back and forth and we were down to one prize each, i dont remember what i killed but something got good oucheys! pulled it out in the end

now this is where it happoned
after the round i came over to eevee trainer to see how he did (like all team eevee members do after every round) and found out that he too was 3-2. soooo i was like oooooobbbbbboooooyyyyy

i was now pared with my best freind, mat canning (aka eevee trainer). Now you guys have to understaind something here first, be and mat have always been great rivals, ever since i met him way back so long ago and we realzsed that we both played typhosion/blanes charizard/blanes arcanine decks WITH out ever seeing each other b4. anyway as the years followed we HAD LEGENDARY BATTLES with each other, and MOST COMMING DOWN TO A FREAKING COIN FLIP!!!! he won a good share of them, and so did i. and this brought us REALLY close. so when i saw i was paired with him i was again, happy, sad and nervious but also, EXCITED this time cause i thought that we would be in for one of these epic long, drawn out battles seeing as how we were both playing bar varients. i was sad this time though, becuase i went into this torny hoping to get to play him in the finnals, like we have done sooo many times in the past, but alas it was not so

round 6

ok i started this round WITH A FREAKING 20 ROLE ON THE DIE, i was estatic, cuase it was my fist (and as it turns out, my only, time to go first ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!) i had a dunsparce and i think a torchik, and he had only 2 basics also (sorry mat dont remember what they were) and i got a pritty fast set up, but by this time i knew that BlazeEX was the key and had switched my mind set from being a RAY player to a BlazeEX player with ray to back it up, LOL still only problem with that was I ONLY HAD 1 IN THE DECK!! (and no TownV) anyway o man, yea he could not draw a freaking NRG or a good trainer for like 4 turns!@!!!! similar to the problem i had in round 3. and this was NOT how i wanted to win, i felt really bad and still do And people this IS WHY WE NEED THE TORNYS BEST OF 3!!!! but no swiss! NO time limit. dude, man i dont know what to say scept hang in there, its not your fault it was just a bad draw, and i still 100% consider you as good or better then i am!

that win was enough to get me into the top 8

ok fist let me say congrats and GREAT job to all team eevee members

syther trainer going 3-3
little pichu going 3-3
and for garadose master, for talking a risk and playing a deck that was rouge and that sitll managed to kick BUTT in it own respect FREAR DRAGONITE EX PEOPLE FEAR IT!

in the top 8 team eevee and our gym really represented!
top 8 of 15+
we had 3 team eevee members, and two others from our gym
they were
-shane manning T.E (gardiour gardian)
-tim robbins (mettalkingscizor)
-vince T.E (i think its vince909 or somthing like that, sorry vince)
-me T.E (god trainer)
-and i soooooo sorry but i dont rember the other perosons name from our league

and in the 14- top 4 (not enough for top 8)
we had blare T.E AGAIN!!! way to go blare

and in the 10- top 4 we had
are only 10- gym member WAY to go little guy!

so out of a top 16 player accross 3 age groups T.E represented with 5 and if you add our gym members we had 7!! not bad if i do say so my self

ok now on to my matches

*keeping with my NO going first tangents, now the way it was decide to work the finnals was that whoever won the fist match would go second in the best of 3*

round 1 match1 TOP8
i get paried with shane again!!! lol, omg this is so funny a deck that i helped design i was sure was going to take me out of the freaking torney LOL gota love the irony. so we set up and draw, and o yea I DID NOT GO FIRST AGAIN!!!! this was another REALLY had fought battle, but this time i knew that blazeEX was my key! and OMG we dicided to put in the rosalia last night and gosh darn it if he didnt use that freaking thing 3 times on me!!!!! to get an nrg advantage :and this came down to shane having 2 prizes and me haveing 2 prizes and i WAS sure he was going to win as i had a damaged blazeEX and everything eslse had like 60's on it and he had a fully powerd (but injured) muck ex, which can hand out 60's and he had a fully powered wobby sitting on his bench, and he warp points and im like CRAP!! he has me, cause he can do 60 to anyting for the game.....but i forgot that NOT EVERYTHING IS AN EX!!! LOL LOL LOL and worth 2 prizes (stupid ex's) and hes saying that theres no way he can win, im im like NO theres no way I can win, and we go back and forth utill i realize hes right, and i send out liek ampharos or somthing to get killed by the wobby, and then i get the blazkEX to kill the mukEX for the match win

round 1 match2 top8
now this one went a little more quickly, as he could not get 2 muk exes out fast enough so i could use my powers some more this game, and that made all the diffrence and i bust out a hard earned victory against a incredable player and deck! good job shane, dont worry next time youll get me with GODOFWAR.

ok now im in the top 4, and i cant freaking belive it, me and vince are still in it GO TEAM EEVEE! and 2 other players from MR grass's gym (dont know your names guys sorry) and pairinings and stuff are more relaxed now as the entire back room is basicly reserved for us, and alot of people cleared out. so we casualy go look at the pairings and it was me VS one of the grass gym guys and Vince vs the other, and i WASSS so happy cause that ment that now we had 2 times as much chance to get one team eevee member into the finnal match!

ok so let me also say this, my opponent was seeded #1 and went undefeted all day with a TOTALY awsome deck!! now im not going to say too much about it as he requested that i dont, but ill say that it had magnetion, bellsome (with the nrg attach power) and delcaty and folks this deck is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! b4 the cut to the top8 i saw him play another bar deck and completely HOUSE IT!! im not saying to much about his deck contents, but belive me i was Sincearly scared to play this deck! but at the same time i WASSSSSSSS SO happy to finnnnnnallllly beable to use my powers again!!!

*side tangent, i didnt go fist the fist match, and i won the fist match so that automaticly means that i DONT GO FIRST AGAIN!!! in the second match, per the rules

k so
round 2 match1 top8
now b4 this match started i new i was going to concentrate on blazeEX and try to disrupt his bench so the could not use those freaking bellosums, and luckly i was able to pull it off. I had a turn 2 blaze ex with catty and reg blazke backing him up, and used its fisrt attack killing his dunsparce next turn i attached again attacked, next turn, at attached and now had an amphy out so i recharged to the bench some where dosnt matter where (and THATS why amphy is GREAT!) and gave somthing on his bench a 100, and that pritty much how the rest of the game went (it was pritty quick) to his credit though he had a start and like next to NO nrgs

ok so by now im in love with taht blazeEX and completly forgot about even using the 2 ray i have in my deck and i knew that winning this round, ment focusing on blazeEX

*side tangent, i didnt go fist the fist match, and i won the fist match so that automaticly means that i DONT GO FIRST AGAIN!!! in the second match, per the rules

round 2 match2 top8
this round started a little better for him, and pritty much the same for me. I started with a torchick adn i mareep i think, but i oaks researched WITH OUT ATTACING NRG fist, hoping ot get a dunsparce and a nrg and a swich and OMG I did, i got all 3, so i prompley played them all and struck and run my bench full of stuff, and thats when i realzied it, at this point MY WORST FEAR CAME TRUE, my one and only darn bLazEX was in my prizes....1in6! thats why you dont only put one copy of a card in your deck people BE WARE THIS CAN HAPPON TO YOU! so im like crap ok..im now gona have to rely on ray to try to get me prizes till i can pull my blazEX. I remember knocking out his dunsparce with Ray and THAT DIDNT GET ME MY BLAZEX..now 1in5 next i killed something else and i FINNALY and VERY luckly pulled it as my prize, and just in time as his delcaty came out..boosted its self, and handed my ray a major arse wooping! so then i sent out a torchic, and promplty rarecandyed to blazeEX rechared 2, attached one from my hand, and luckly moved one up from my bench.....and from there it was pritty much one prize afther the next. GOOD JOB DUDE, and great deck!!!

ok so now im watching vinces game, and he is on match 3 and he is down on prizes, but he totaly has control of the board adn you could see that in like 3 turns he would BE then one up on prizes.....like ALL OF THEM, now time was short..like 5 min left or somethning and you could sorta tell the other kid was indirctly stalling, but vince gave him sort of a verbal warning and that lite a fire under his BUTT, and he got movinG! 2 more turns, vince won!

omg now its me and vince in the finnals toghter!! two team eevee members, can get any better then this ONE OF US WAS GETTING THE TRIP!!!

o yea and blare won her finnals match now by now too!! great job blar!

ok in case i didnt tell you, vince was playing a turbo kindraEX nurse boost deck that was REALLY FREAKING FAST, i mean turn 2 DIE type fast! (incedently i gave him the idea for this deck, helped him build this deck too, but alot of it was tweeked by him when he was away, so by now im sure the majority of the deck had his own stlying to it (o yea vince, take out that freaking ditto and add a fisherman! :)

the judges were nice enough to give us a 5 min break

and it was starting to hit me guys, at one point in this torny i was 2-2 and i didnt think i had a shot in heck at winning the trip! i was all about just having fun for the last rounds! and my mind couldnt get off how i felt after the first round i had with gardivour gardian

but i knew i was in for a tough match, cause i was week to water, but then it hit me....aaaaaaaa im now swithcing BACK to focusing on playing RAY, as he is resistant to water, and it could help me early on!

so we started
FINNALS match1

i got an amazing start, and all he for a basic was a wobby. i was like 0.0 he must be hording all his horses in his hand or something but no, buy turn 2 had struck and run(got ray, torchic and delcatty) and a delcatty out, and had 2 rare candy and oracle and an nrg in my had (o yea and i drew a mareep, so that is now on my bench) so i was like 0.0 aaaa delcatty/oracle for a blaze adn a ampy and rare candy both, attach a lighting, retrete the dunsparce (paying one) and recharge and move it up to the ray. did 40 and keep on doing solid damage, as he couldnt not get started...

ok so its match 2 and im freaking ESTATIC!!! if i win im going to worlds, but i didnt want to get over confident cause all i need to get was a bad start (aka NOT a dunspace) and for him to get a good start and he would over run me!

FINNALS match2

well, he started alittle better, and started about the same (yess) he got out a kindra ex, took a few prizes with it, but blazkEX came out and stated to give stuff 100's and it was like...yea... so i ended up winning!

ooooooooo(longest sigh)....

dude vince, man those were great finnals matches! and you diserded as much as anyone to win!

wrap ups.....
were to start....

first congrats again to all team eevee members! i would pick anyone of you to partner wiht ANY DAY OF MY LIFE, over some of the "more known players"
______for people i played_______
especial thanks to eeveetrainer, mat you ARE my best freind and dont sweat it, the stadium is comming up and you deck CAN take i, i know it can!

vince, dude great matches and great job all day

gardivour gardian, man the only matches i have ever had that requred as much forsight and mental battle, were with eeveetrainer, DUDE i now realize that the only thing holdng you back all those early years, were lack of cards! you are one of the best players i have ever played against

*results of tangent, people i only went first ONE time all day ONE STINKING TIME out of12 matches!! and i rolled 3 dice for dunsparce, and 4 other random dice roles all day with NONE OF THEM BEING HEADS, people that is some REALLY bad luck!*

to everyone out there

guys this event is a prime representataion of how open the enviroment is!! people play all sorts of decks, and great ones at that! there might have been like 5-7 bar decks at this entire thing! and there were 60+people!!!! STOP IT WITH THE BLEX OBSESSION, IT IS VERY BEATABLE!!

dont ever get down on yourself, your not out of a torny till...well...till you have no one..left..to play (*humerously shuges sholders*, its all i got :)

watch out people the pensilvanya/new jersey reagion is STRONG and were comming out in force!

-first and formost dorean!!!! you run the best events!! you are a wonderfull person
-mr grass and all the other judges at the event!
-I.Q and MOsT of its employiess for being a DARN cool place
-to nintentdo....you go big red! trips are cool, keep um comming! :)
-to nintendo again, DUDES FREEE PITZZA that was sertinaly unexpect and cool!!!

-to some IQ imployes who woulnt let me chill my iced tea in there "firdge with sodas for sale" even though ther was PLEANT OF DARN ROOOM and you have more sodas in ther then you could ever sell!! and STOP selling 15c sames cola for 50c...(sigh) what a rip off!
-TO all dice

ok guys, ive spent 2 hours writing this, its not perfect, but im EXAUSETED and i still havent opened my box! so im gona do that

this is your godtrainer...signing off

05/09/2004, 10:25 AM
Excellent report. Kept me on the edge of my seat ;)

05/09/2004, 01:01 PM
thanks for the complemet

and sensai what inapropriate words? i think the only thing i used in there was a@@. freaking??? i dont think your post was nessasary at all, you need to lighten up a little.

o and if you mean astricks? then thats what they are, astricks not stars, and they were done by ME, and they are ment to show emotion and MENT to block inappropriate words

think you need to rexamin what inapprote words means ;) , theres 7 of them, refer to george carlin. i did not use any of them :D

05/09/2004, 02:17 PM
Joe, since we are both members of TeamEevee, I think you should at least KNOW my last name. It's Evans not Robbins(I have no freaking clue where you got that from) And also, there were 4 members of T.E., Dave was there as well. But yeah great report and I was laughing with you at your "1"s and your ONLY "20" we all had fun anyways and thats what matters but once again, congrats Joe. Are you back from college for good? A few weeks? It's beena while since i've seen you so I don't hear much about you or from you. Just curious that's all.

05/09/2004, 04:31 PM
and sensai what inapropriate words? i think the only thing i used in there was a@@. freaking??? i dont think your post was nessasary at all, you need to lighten up a little.

One,there were two starred out words.Two,starring out inapprpriate words is against the rules,right?Then whether you do one or one hundred,you just violated the rules?Why should I "lighten up" when you broke a rule you agreed to heed when you signed up?

Lighten up?No.Just doing my job.Don`t push it.


05/09/2004, 07:26 PM
Congratulations and great report dude.

05/09/2004, 09:17 PM
sorry tim, its been awhile and i havent seen everybody (outside of mat,ken,missy,em,and shane) in awhile, plus i am HORRIABLE with names

i dont think dave is team eevee is he? i just thought he was a member of our gym, if not sorry dave

and last thing im going to say sensei
your right those are the rules
but come on man
i dont walk arround with a rule book in my head
i dont post many things, or many long things especialy
i didnt know what was "legal" when it came to expressing EXTREAM emotion
so i aired on the side of cauction and used astricks
*side tangent*

*start side tangent*
ok, now im gona present my point of view on astricks, and why using them shouldnt be against the rules. Ok bad words are bad words to little kids (well, not really, there just words, and it society that places meaning behind those words) now, ok if i were to make a word with 5 astricks followed by "ing" a little kid (kid A) that has no idea what "bad words" are or has never heard of them b4 would have NO idea what that ment. On the other hand a kid (kid B) who as been arround "bad words" and knows the meaning behind them and can durive the context in which the 5astricked "ing" ed word has already been exposed to these words, and there meanings. If that kid already knows the meaning, man were not sheltering him from any thing he will grow up to use these words in everday conversation (and probly aready does)

so you see either way it does no harm
*end side tangent*

NOW the thing that fired me up!
"dont push it"
dude, who do you think you are?
NO ONE, and i MEAN NO one threatens me!
ANY threat, for any thing!

things like "im warning you" or as you said "dont push it" or "last warning" or "or else"
threats are aragent, pumpos, and extreamly disrespectful
your and admin, i get it, you have perswado power
i dont threaten other people, and i expect the same respect

NOT only was it a treat, but it was an unjustifed threat
"dont push it"
dont push what?
that "dont push" it came after my last post
which did nothing more than express my point of view
are we not allowed to express our points of view anymore?
are you putting a meadia black out on us?
can we not argue our points?
america was built on arguments
all of science, highschool, college is PURE argument

and by your last post, you proved my point, you do need to lighten up

i like you sensei, i think your a great admin and a great person (not to mention a great player :D ) and you should be commended for your work on both the compendium and here

and im sorry, but threats are the one thing that i will not tollerate said against me (well that and talk behind my back, GOD i hate that, but thats another story altoghter) so i mean, if your last post had ended with out the "dont push it" then this post im posting would have been all of one sentecne, that sentence being

-your right, im sorry

05/09/2004, 09:29 PM
Seeing as how Sensei spends his free time moderating this board, which of course is not free of charge to maintain, I would imagine that respect would be given when a minor thing was asked of you. It's against the rules, you broke them, he has the right to use his authority to make you stop. Simple as that. When I'm moderating over at Pojo and I ask someone to stop doing something, I do not appreciate a debate over if their actions were wrong or not. Do you do this to a police officer when he pulls you over? I've seen people do it in tournaments and it's annoying. You're in a private forum, you either take your shoes off when asked or you don't come back.

Big Daddy Snorlax
05/09/2004, 11:46 PM
... NO ONE, and i MEAN NO one threatens me!
ANY threat, for any thing!

Whoa, now who needs to lighten up? I'm not sure what you hope to prove here, but let me clue you in to something - when a mod or admin asks you to observe the rules, and by your own admissinon you did break them, the proper response is "sorry, I'll try to watch that in the future." It's really not that hard to say it, and I am quite sure that no one will think less of you for being polite and cooperative.

I'll give you another piece of advice - learn what battles are important to fight. You've now gotten two admins interested in your behavior over the way you responded to a simple request made by Sensei, and not made originally in any kind of threatening way. Personally, I could care less if you want to threaten me, because on the Pokegym it says Administrator under my name. Think about it ...

No response needed.


05/10/2004, 01:39 PM
Well,I could go into a nice lengthy rip but I`ll go the nice route on this one since BDS and Phil have said whats needed.

I hate for this thread to go off course like this.All you had to do was pm me if you wanted a response as to what I meant and what you thought about it.Normally,at this stage after what you stated,you`d be banned right now.But I`m feeling nice and I`ll let this slide although do know that you are on shaky ground right now.You come on to this board(or any board for that matter) and you obey the rules,themods,and respect them even if you disagree.If you don`t,then you find yourself on the outside looking in.That goes for any board.

Keep all further discussion about this to pm and congrats on the win.


05/10/2004, 07:17 PM
Hate to stick my head in somewhere like this, but really GodTrainer, It's just a simple request.

ANYWAY.... Trying to get this back to the topic... A Kingdra deck made T2? Are you Setrious? now i'm starting to regret going to the Ohio one (Even if I got to see Gymbo fall off a chair :D)

Nice long report! I'd never be able to write something that long.. Gj.

And congratz on the trip. Hope i'll see you there!

Mr. Grass
05/11/2004, 12:31 AM
It seems to me that this is getting a bit off topic. If this needs further debate please take it either to the random topic center or private messages.

Anyways, I was one of the judges at this event and I had lots of fun. 2 guys from my league got 3rd and 4th in the 15+ division with one of them being ranked 1 before the cut to top 8. I was very proud.
I had a lot of fun. Thanks to all the people who showed up. I enjoy judging tournaments, and even though it can be a tough job you guys really make it fun. I hope to see you all at the next prerelease.

05/11/2004, 05:30 AM
Yes, thank you Mr. Grass.
I already deleted a couple of off topic posts but I see we've gotten some more. Let's get back on topic and I will delete all off topic posts going forward.
Any discussion of what should and should not be rules can be posted to the RTC or PM.