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05/09/2004, 06:39 PM

WOW what an event.
Celebrity players.
Great competition
I even played well enough to most likely get my ranking above Bruce.

here also is my report.

I regret that the names have eluded me. I should do better with that because they were all fun to play and great sports.

I played a Magma deck

Round 1 vs Blaze/EX
I never get going.

Round 2 vs Blaze/EX
I get out fast. Zangoose takes care of a Catty and he has little on Bench.
Groudons and good use of Mr. Briney kill off anything before they are a Threat.

Round 3 vs Muck EX/ Espeon
He gets out quick with Espy and Boosts to get ahead. But a few well placed warps and Claydol takes care of Muck EX and The espeoons

Well now I have more wins then ever at a tournament...shoulda gone home :)

Round 4 vs WailordEX Maril
Damn that wailord got out quick.....
I used many warps and Brineys to keep the big fish at bay. KO'ng lotsa Maril and other small pokes. Then Keeping Damage on the fish and warped it up for the KO

well now I have more wins then Matt T from the shack :)

round 5 vs Blaze/EX (image that)
I get paired against my good friend Sands. We are both at 3-1
Looks like we could both get in top 8 with 3-1-1 if Our Friend Answer3 Wins his game so we play and keep an eye out on the other game. Answer3 wins we decide to draw. Upon playing it out I beat his deck
(Unofficially 2-1 against Blaze not bad)

Top 8

I get paired against Answer3 BAREX
I get no draw and stall both games. You cant have that happen against a player of that caliber.
I thing I shoulda shuffeled better after the deck checks..

Not a bad day.
cya all in indy

05/09/2004, 07:19 PM
Nice report and photos. What was your deck that you played?
Also the guy in the red Oakland sweater looks familiar, Ive meant him before but forgot his name.

Whatever happened to CJMich?

05/09/2004, 08:05 PM
Great pictures Rich! That was a lot of fun today! I am so looking forward to the Indiana Gym Challenge next Saturday!

Johnny Blaze, I'm the guy in the Oakland shirt. I know I met you somewhere but can't remember which event. (Ideas: New Jersey, Columbus, Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, Fort Wayne, Garden City, Michigan?)

As far as CJMich goes, he was playing as a hobby with his son. His son is now in high school and has moved onto other things, band and swimming to name a few. Therefore, he just didn't have the time to put into the game. Also, CJMich wanted to spend more time watching his daughters' soccer games on the weekends. I do miss him, we spent a few car rides and plane trips attending some of the Pokemon events.

05/10/2004, 06:06 AM
Sands- Yes thats it. It was at San Diego. I met you and Psycho Dad there. Hopefully I'll see you guys at Origins too!

05/11/2004, 03:42 PM
Yah, awesome pictures Rich. I do wish our T8 games could have been better, it seemed like you were stuck with nothing the Entire time. I still dont know if im going with Sands to indy this saturday, but my offer for Ricky/Mitchell/You is still on the table if i show up, just lemme know via PM if you guys would like to use a deck or two!

btw, my pink sleeves LOOK so awesome in those pictures!

05/11/2004, 04:34 PM
Nice pics.

05/12/2004, 03:44 AM
great report and great pics annisarich. I am surprized to see william hung at a gym challenge. I guess he is back into pokemon TCG. :) It sounded like a great event and it is too bad i wont be at gencon but worlds calls me. i guess its just the site of pikachu and micky in a pic that intrigues me to go :p