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Raikou Trainer
05/15/2004, 10:30 PM
First off, my deck was built very hastily. I didn't have time to work on it until about midnight the night before the event. I was originally going to use Kabutops ex, but about an hour before the event I decided to switch to Omastar. Good thing I did. Anyway, my deck featured Omastar, TM's Mightyena (something you don't see every day, do you?), and Delcatty (you all should know which one ;) ) I had a few dominating performances, and others, well, I didn't have the best of luck.

Before I start, I need to say that I can't remember every match/opponent's names. Since this is all coming from memory, it's hard to remember every last move. FYI, I was in the 15+ age group.

1st round
vs. (can't remember his name)

He had a mean Swampert/Suicune ex deck. All I can say about this is he dominated over me once he got three Swamperts and a Suicune ex out. A loss for me.


2nd round
vs. Dave R.

He started with two Bagon, I think I started wth two Mysterious Fossil, a Wobbuffet, an Omanyte and an Omastar in my opening hand. I KO'd his first Bagon with Omastar (once I got it out), and he was left with his other Bagon. He used Rare Candy to evolve it into Salamence and tried stalling by using Dragon Wind/Agility. In the end, I got 'ol reliable to finally KO Salamence and win the match.


3rd round
vs. Jim Ferrell

When I found out I had to face him, I thought I was going to get beaten down quickly, as I knew he was using a Blaziken deck. I think he started with a Rayquaza ex and a Torchic. (again, I can't remember exact details) I started with some weak Pokemon like Skitty and Ditto (I also had Omanyte and Omastar in my hand, but no Fossil :( ) When my first turn came, I used a TV Reporter and drew my Underground Lake. I discarded Omanyte, only to bring it to my Bench with my Underground Lake (neat combo, eh?) I think he had a little trouble setting up properly, so I took advantage of this with Omastar's Hydrocannon (I think I used Pull Down to KO a Pokemon. I'm not sure though) In the end, I wiped him out with Omastar, and I finally achieved my goal of defeating a Blaziken deck. (A side note: I think this match inspired me to write this report, so everyone can see that Omastar has potential.)


4th round
vs. Aaron H.

I came into this round with high hopes, as I knew my deck actually stood a chance against Blaziken. But I found myself playing against another Blaziken deck, so I thought I might stand a chance. Boy, was I wrong. I only started with two Team Magma's Poochyena and a few Mysterious Fossil. The whole time, I had Omastar in my hand, but I never got to draw Omanyte or any decent Basics. A loss for me.


5th round
vs. Brandon S.

Well, let's just say this match didn't go so well. He had an awesome Team Aqua deck. Once he got his Walrein out, it was over. I couldn't get Omastar out, so I felt a little bummed out about it.


6th round
vs. (can't remember her name)

She started with two Skitty and I started with two Mysterious Fossil and an Omanyte. I planned for her to take out my Active Fossil, so I started attaching Energy to my Benched one. She KO'd my first Fossil and sent out my second. I evolved it and got a full Bench via Team Assembly. I drew my Omastar next turn, and started dominating with Hydrocannon/Pull Down afterward. Even with her Espeon, she didn't stand a chance.


I ended 3-3, and wound up around 10th (due to resistance) But I participated in the side event, and did much better. I managed to get 5th out of 18 players. The two people I faced and beat both used Blaze decks (Aaron H. and lanturn1234) Oddly, my Magma's Mightyena did most of the work this time with Bite Off and a few Darkness Energy. The third match started to go in my favor, but once my opponent got Blaziken out, my Mightyena went down and I lost the match, since I had no other Basics.

Overall, I had tons of fun. I congratulate Sensei for running an awesome tourney, and to everyone who I played against.

05/16/2004, 11:25 AM
You did great for going "rogue" Mark! I compliment you for that. I also like seeing reports from people other than who won an event. That shows true class and I would love to see more of those.

I`m glad you had fun and hope to see you at all future events as well as League. :)


05/16/2004, 08:35 PM
well raikou trainer, I am impressed. I played an eevee-lution deck, just out of pure love for the "original" pokemon. I loved playing eevee then, and I will continue to perfect my deck.. I learned a lot, having been the first tournament I attended sice WOTC had the pokemon (well, I was there for most of the TMvTA pre-release). I also stear clear of mainstream decks like bex. Though I did play a wicked energy removal deck back in the day (it must have been because I played land destrution when magic tg was in the ice age...) But anyway, you will see me again in tournaments to come and oh yes, I will be bringing a meaner, bigger, badder eevee deck. I won't let eevee take a fall like this without revenge! See on the 5th of june!

Raikou Trainer
05/17/2004, 07:02 AM
Sensei- Sadly, I might not be able to attend Leagues up there anymore. I've found a place closer to where I live that run Pokemon tournaments (not sanctioned yet, but working on it slowly) I will try to be at the big tournaments (i.e. prereleases), however.

faceplant- Keep working on that Eevee-lution deck! If you need any of the Eevee-lutions, let me know.

On a side note, I'll be posting the deck I used soon.

05/17/2004, 11:45 AM
Thats both good and bad Mark. Bad to hear that you won`t make our league anymore but good to hear that you will be in another league.Hopefully,you can get sanctioned tournaments going and also get your league growing.The more players,the better for the game.

Good luck and see you at the HL Prerelease in Stafford on June 5th!


Raikou Trainer
05/17/2004, 04:33 PM
Here's the deck I used. (Just in case anyone wanted to know)

Pokemon- 19

3 Omanyte
2 Omastar
3 TM's Poochyena (Snarl)
2 TM's Mightyena (Bite Off)
3 Skitty (Plus Energy)
2 Delcatty (R/S Holo)
2 Ditto
2 Wobbuffet

Trainers- 18

4 TV Reporter
3 Pokemon Reversal
2 Copycat
1 Underground Lake
4 Mysterious Fossil
4 Moo-Moo Milk

Energy- 23

4 Darkness
4 Multi
10 Water
5 Fighting