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05/16/2004, 01:31 PM
So, hot off the heels of the Michigan Gym Challenge, me, sands, somethingelse and matt headed down to Lagrange Indiana for another Gym Challenge. I woke up at 7:00, gathered my things and helped my parents set up for our garage sale. Sands and the others arrived at 9:00 and we started the 3 hr trip to Indiana.

We get there, and i Instantly decide what to play, filling out a decklist pretty secretivly then playing some practice games with my other decks trying to mix other people up to what i was playing. Finally round 1 begins.

tA3 vs. John(Gardy)
No offense to this guy, but he was one of the WORST players Ive ever played against. Im playing Blaziken Rayquaza, he pulls the turn 2 Gardy ex, and i quickly mess it up with my secret TeCH and eventually he CONTINUALLY misplays and i ream him with Blaziken ex.

tA3 vs. Snowball 121 with BR
I know exactly how to play mirror. This game i quickly go for Blaziken ex and get it out REAMING all of his benched basics. He eventually gets out the same SECRET Tech I was playing and messes with my bench for a bit, but i already had 3 prizes left and i got another bex going to ko Rayquaza, he couldnt recover.
tA3 vs. Vince with Team Aqua
Vince plays at my local tournaments and was playing Psycodads aqua deck. He gets off to a fast start killing Sparces and my delcatty. I quickly come back to tie the game 3-3 but he knocks out my Bex and i couldnt recover:(
tA3 vs. ???? with ?????
This game completely eludes me i have no idea what it was, except i won

tA3 vs. SomethingElse(Mirror)
We ID.

tA3 vs. YoungJohn06(mirror)
This was the match i was dreading. John needed a win to make T8 as did I, so we had to play it out. He got one of the worst starts ever, and i was out fast taking out everything. I eventually win after he hits Sudden Flash 7 TURNS in a row, but that was okay, sorry John!

So I make T8 4th seed and find out i have to play Will Young w/ Suicune/Swampert in T8.

T8 vs. Will Young(Cune/Swamp)

Game 1: I get out going FAST, killing anything that i feel is a threat, but about 12 turns in my decks speed just DIES and i dont draw anything, he eventually shards to kill my Rayquaza and now im definitley out. I have to TD a switch to stand a chance and I draw a Skitty=/ He wins the next turn
Game 2: Again im out fast just Nailing everything. He gets my Bex and a Ray and the prizes are 3-2 him. I OHKO his swampert ex thinking he didnt have the Crystal Shard. It turns out the prize he had drew the turn before had been the LAST shard he needed to win the game and elminate me:(

So another subpar finish on my part. I play in some MF side events and go undefeated in both and win some packs that had a Bex at least. Im still going to worlds but I still have no invite, maybe i can find a ride to Chicago or something however, or win the Grinder!!!

Props and Slops
Props to Sands for taking me along for the ride, Matt, i really appriciate it. Thanks a lot!!!!
Props to Matt Tenosketter for winning the trip!!
Props to Ricky for also winning a trip!!!

To me for not being able to finish off another tournament:(

Cya at worlds!

05/16/2004, 07:44 PM
Pictures are available from this event:

This was another fun event. But WOW those elimination rounds took 5 hours.

I was priveleged to judge this event.

I was happy that there were lotsa non Blaze decks that were competitive.

It was funny that last week I had one person borrow a card for TECH in a Blaze deck. Now this week it was standard fare.

We got several side events in so it was great to have all the activity non stop all day.

Moose Lodge Fish sandwhich and Fries Yummnnnn
Farbsman...everything done first class. You walk in his events and it feels like a Premier Event.
Richard From Chi-Town and his gracious personality. He (the oldest player) Played my son (the youngest) in a side event finals.
Lotsa people trading cards... It was fun the room was just active all day.
Players listened and we started only 20 min late.
David rebounding from his disapointment after an undefeated day of Swiss Play.

The meeting that dealyed set up and got Farbsman a bit behind.
AppleBees for closing at 11 pm. No late food for us.
The best western desk lady for mentioning (within earshot of kids)(at 11:30 pm) that the pool was open 24 hrs.

05/17/2004, 10:34 AM
lol, tA, I feel your pain... 3rd at my GC >_<

Great job though, hope you can get a trip somewhere else. btw, what won in 15+, what deck i mean. Also, how many people in total were there?

05/18/2004, 02:47 PM
.... The best western desk lady for mentioning (within earshot of kids)(at 11:30 pm) that the pool was open 24 hrs.

So... how was the swimming?

As soon as I saw that Slop statement, I burst out laughing!