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05/17/2004, 03:30 PM
Well, this was definitley the best tourney I've been to at PCNY, at possibly one of the best ones lately. The Gym was represented VERY well, with GOROY, JohnnyBlaze, BJJ, Pop, Jermy (Were you there?), Fuji, and more!

Well, I got up at around 7:00 and ate breakfast. The day before we decided that we were ALL going: My parents, my 2 brothers, my brother's friend, my brother's friend's parents, AND my brother's friend's sister...WAIT...AND my brother's friend's sister's friend..O_O

Anyway, we left at about 8:00 and it took us about 2-2 and half hours to get there. Got there around 10:30 and registered. Met up with Sam and Bolt and Carlo there. Went downstairs and started to fill in our decklists when Carlo takes me to meet THE Fuji. =P We sit and talk for a bit, fill in our lists, and I have to fill out my brothers too. =/

Lets see, the tourney started about an hour late due to SOMEONE naming their son the same name they have *coughBJJcough* :D So, I go around talk to some people, like BJJ and his whole family (he brought everyone too =P), JohnnyBlaze, and I finally got to meet the great PokePop. ^_^

Ok, so I haven't talked about Sam yet, and I really should. Sam is brave soul, as his B-Day was the day before, and guess what age he turned? 15 of course! I was confident that Sam could take the challenge, as he won the 11-14 division for the CC and States. Sam has also taught me a great deal about this game. I was rooting for Sam all the way! :)

Now, maybe I should get to my actual report? Sounds good to me. Here's mylist, nothing new, of course =P:

Pokemon (24)
4 Dunsparce (You gotta know by now..)
4 Torchic (Singe)
2 Combusken (I'll take my chances with the LUNGE one)
4 Blaziken (More is BETTER)
2 Blaziken ex (See Blaziken)
2 Rayquaza ex (Big suprise hitter)
2 Skitty (50 HP > 40 HP every time)
2 Delcatty (See Dunsparce..)
1 Mareep (See Skitty)
1 Ampharos (The transer, of course)

Trainers (20)
4 Rare Candy
3 Oracle
4 TV Reporter
3 Professor Oak's Research
2 Warp Point
2 Copycat
1 Switch

Energy (16)
12 Fire Energy
3 Multi Energy
1 Lightning Energy

Pretty standard, but I got the super TecHage Amphy line in there. So, he's the rundown of my matches:

Round 1 vs. Pop's son with Aqua Deck
I got a good start, and so did he. We battled back and forth, but his Team Aqua's Hideout killed me. Eventually, I was rolling along with a Quaza active, and my bench being:
Bex (w/ 8 Energy =/)
However, my Quaza was stuck and my Switch was in my prizes, so I had to wait till he Poisoned me for my Quaza to die. We were getting short on time, and we eventually ended in a draw..GG

0-0-1:1 point

Round 2 vs. Old Guy (J/K :)) with Gardy (FIRST 15+ opponent)
We both get decent setups, and I get an early Bex but he hurts it early. He draws a prize or two early, but once my Rayquaza comes out and kills his Gard, he goes downhill. He tries to stall me with Wobbs, but Blaze is too good for that. :) Great game man.

1-0-1: 4 points

Round 3 vs. ?? (New player) with Magma Deck (SECOND 15+ opponent)
I got a fair set up. He got a turn 2 Claydol (Uncommon) going and started to hit my bench. Killed my Delcatty. :( I had to stall a bit with Dunsparces and his prize count was shrinking. Eventually, I got it going and starting rolling with Quaza. He almost had my Skitty for the game, but I won before he could.

2-0-1: 7 points

Round 4 vs. GOROY with Blaze (mirror) (THIRD 15+ opponent)
By now, I was mad about playing all these 15+ players. I knew I was beating them, but I knew that I was eventually going to lose to one of them. My mom was really ticked about this also. Anyway, the match..
We both get GREAT starts, and he starts with 2 Blaze in his hand. Turn 2 he Oracles for 2 Candy (since he told me) and then Strikes and Runs. :D there goes the 2 Candy. We both go back and forth with prizes and I had 3 prizes left when all I need was my Switch or a Rare Candy to win me the game..Guess what my 3 prizes were? 2 Rare Candy and 1 Switch. =/ Geese. So, eventually, he gets going with his Bex again and beats me to the ground. GG GOROY, will remember this one for a while. :)

2-1-1: 7 points

Round 5 vs. Christian with Swampy/Omastar
I was biting my nails before this game, because I knew he ws good and that I needed this win for Top 4. To top it off, he was playing my exact weakness. =P Anyway..
I start pretty well and he starts off with like 3 or 4 mulls. Eventually, he gets a Mudkip. I go first and all I have is a Torchic. I pass after Oracleing for a TVR + Dunsparce. He plays a Water and attacks for 20. I play Sparce, Switch, Fire and Strike and Run. Next turn he Wally's Training (after evolving to Marshy) for a Swampert. I draw a Delcatty and already had an Oracle..plus I had 2 Blaze in my hand! I Oracle for 2 Candy and play the Blaze. This was like god because I play a Multi on my Quaza, x2 Firestarter, retreat and win the game. I was shocked and extremely happy (although I was mad I didn't get to play his at his best). GG and GL to you in the future.

~~~~~~End of Swiss~~~~~~

I was now worried and anxious to see if I would get into T4. It turns out I'm 4th in the division. ^_^ So, I get paired with the #1 guy in our age group, who happened to go undefeated. Why did he go undefeated? Because he played 2 or 3 10- players. So, I go 4th in my divisiona and play 3 15+ players and the 1st person plays 2-3 10- players.

TOP 4 Match 1 vs. ?? with Gardy
We both get good setupes, and he gets an early Gard going. Gard almost KO'es my Bex early, but I don't let that happen. ;) His Wobbs were annoying me, but Blaze handled them very well. Eventually he had 2 left, 1 active with 10 HP and 1 bench with 50 HP left. I Warp Point and he *stupidly* chooses the Wobb. I double KO with Blaze and it went downhill for him from there on.

TOP 4 Match 2
He starts with a lone Wobb, and I get a good start with a Blaze going turn 2 or 3. He can't do anything and I win easiy.

I'm estatic now because I'm going to the Finals for a trip to Worlds! We get our decks checked and start to begin our match but..WAIT. We have to move up to the Pokemon Center, as the rent has gone out for the day. I'm cool with that, as I LOVE the Center.

So, here it goes:

FINALS Match 1 vs. ?? with Gardy
We both have GREAT starts. His Wobbs came to good use to him as my Bex was out early. Eventually, my swarming Blazes started to pile damage on his bench Pokes and I got multiple KO'es late in the game to secure me the vicotry. (Although I didn't say much, this was a much longer game and a good one, I just don't rember it well)

FINALS Match 2
I had a very bad start, with a Rayquaza as my starting basic. I got maybe 2 basics and 1 Trainer the rest of the game. He beat me quickly.

FINALS Match 3
It all came down to this. I wanted a good game, but he started off horrible. One time during the game, he argued that I couldn't Copycat with no hand. Of course the ruling went my way. This was an easy victory.

Wow. I couldn't believe it. I was going to Worlds! I felt so happy and relieved. The game right next to me just ended and JohnnyBlaze's son won also! Props to him! Well, I guess it's time for Props and Slops!

~Sam for turning 15
~BJJ and his family for being so cool to me and giving me some cards
~Pokepop for signing the Ditto BJJ gave me.
~Me for winning
~JohnnyBlaze for being so cool to me
~Fuji for showing up
~Me for winning every..single..roll..
~Parents for taking me
~Mr brothers for going 3-2 and 2-3 (6 years old!)

~Sam for turning 15
~Perfect0ne and firebomb not showing up
~The late start
~The cheaters that are usually there

I think that's the end of my report! If I think of more stuff, I'll certaintly put it in. Anyone in the New England area, I'll be at Mass this Sunday! Can't wait to see you all again. :)

'Til next time,

~Chu :)

05/17/2004, 08:06 PM
WELL Sense your sig says you won 11-14 division at NYC States i'm assuming you won ;P Great Job ^_^ And I hope to see you at worlds =)


05/17/2004, 08:28 PM
Yeah, there were a lot of games between young kids and older players. My son played an older teenager after drawing with Magnechu and then he played the "old guy" (he had a beard, was that the same guy you played, 'chu?)
Also, my younger son wound up playing FireFighter at one point! That program is seriously screwed!

I also want to note that John, the TO, was very focused on making sure that the younger kids had a good time to encourage them to stay involved in POP. He gave all the younger players PC Rapidash and Ho-oh promos. Props to John!
And props to you too Magnechu.
My son can say he tied the PCNY GC Champ. :)

05/18/2004, 06:44 AM
Yeah Magnecu - Great showing after playing in the 15+ division for most of the day. I know your Mom was steaming mad about that. Its really great that you won. Cant wait to read the rest of your report.

05/18/2004, 07:51 AM
Yes Magnechu,

Job well done!

I'm also looking forward to reading the rest of your report.

- Tony

05/18/2004, 02:02 PM
dude can't wait to meet you at Worlds

05/18/2004, 03:22 PM
wow Magnechu GJ dude, so ou definately are going to Worlds, I hope I do as well as you on Sat....

05/18/2004, 08:06 PM
Good job! And you're coming Sunday?!?! See you there!!!

05/18/2004, 08:39 PM
Whoah people's MOMS get mad about these things? =/ If my mom knew and/or cared about anything with Pokemon I'd find that weird ;/

05/19/2004, 07:45 AM
congrats on the win. i wondered who won the 11-14. I hope you have a great showing at worlds. I do remmeber seeing you play your 2nd round briefly while i was bouncing around. Its good to see that the 14- had a good run. Have fun in orlando.

05/19/2004, 12:54 PM
Very Good job Magnechu! I am hoping to remember my past games......so I won't mix my rare candies again....;)

05/19/2004, 09:21 PM
Jermy wasn't there, so you can edito that out...o.

G'Jorb dude. Will ya be at the ECSC? I will see you there! The ultimate 11-14 battle! ^_^ There's some tough competition down in VA, so be ready. The Barlocks won't be there, though, so we can both let out a big *sigh*.

GO TEAM MAGNEWOOPER...OR SUPERCHU...not sure which is more annoying, but when I find out, that one is SO going in my signature...

^_^ x sideways 8 thingy

~Woopee cushion!

05/20/2004, 08:56 AM
...Is this Jeremy who you're talking about Venusaur? If so, he was there. Both I and Goroy ended up battling him. (See our reports.)

- Tony

05/20/2004, 03:28 PM
Colin- Thanks man. I WILL be seeing you at Worlds, you're too cool not to win a trip. ;P
Pop/Johnny/Dark T-Tar/Mudkip/Firefither/GOROY- Thanks! :) (MuD, GL)
Healer- I can'T WAIT to meet you. ;)
BJJ- I *should* be there Sunday, as my bro needs to win a trip now. ;)
Joner- Yea, my mom used to shrug all this stuff off, but after I started doing GOOD, she got a little involved. ;P
Wo0per- Armaldo/Plumex will pwn! ;) I don't think I'll be at the ECSC, but you never know. ;) BTW, SUPERCHU all the way! ;)
T-Tar- Jerms WAS there? He didn't tell me he was going. =/ I'll have to talk to him..=P

05/20/2004, 04:39 PM
Dude, that's WAAAY too many winkies. [Edited]

Jermy said he only went to the the one in PA. [edit] He said he only went to the one in PA where Godtrainer won....:rolleyes:



Goahead and say it, someone.

[Edit: keep the potty references and the veiled insults off this board, please...:nonono:]

05/21/2004, 06:14 AM
..My Bad, Venusaur,

(there's another Jeremy floating around here, somewhere...)

- Tony

05/21/2004, 03:02 PM
...or perhaps that was Jeremy's evil twin or clone who lives in PA that Goroy and I battled at the NY Gym Challenge?

After all, it can't be Venusaur, since he lives in Alaska?

- Tony

05/22/2004, 09:16 AM
Dark T-Tar- Jerms doesn't really live in Alaska. =P He just has that to be original. If you look, I'm pretty sure there were NO tourneys in Alaska. ;)

Wooper- Maybe it is too many smilies, but I'm known for my excessive Smiley useageness. ;)

05/22/2004, 12:54 PM
If you're talking about Jeremy101, he was in fact there. I hung out with him for most of the early rounds, but as usual his parents wanted him out of there ASAP, so when he didn't make top eight he just called for a ride home and split. I think he finished up 3-1-1, with the last round being an unintentional draw due to prizes. That's possibly what kept JohnnyBlaze out of the top eight, but I can't claim to understand the tiebreak system well enough to back that up.

05/22/2004, 02:11 PM
This is STRANGE. Jermy said he WASN'T there to me, yet so many people claim they saw him. Jerms is either lying to me, or some of us are a little out of it. (J/K ;))

05/22/2004, 04:16 PM
Jerms- It would have been a lot easier if I played people in my age group throughout the whole tourney. =P Overall, my age group was pretty easy though.

05/22/2004, 05:00 PM
Congratulations Magnechu! I'll see you at Worlds.(We'll be competing in the same divison also.)

05/24/2004, 06:20 PM
[Keep the death threats off this board please.]

'Pop, 'Mom, Sensei', or whoever, it's kinda an inside joke, we're not really serious. You knew that, right?


I hope?

*Jermy pops through my monitor and rips my heart out and shows it to me just before I die*