View Full Version : HELP MEEEE! Good/Strong Basic Pokemon

03/29/2008, 08:35 PM
Hello All,

I used to play the game a few years back when I was much younger, and now I've come back. I'm going to be constructing a water deck w/ the Blastoise Lv. 52 and 3 Blastoise Delta Species.

I'm already running Magne/Magnne and Pachirisu

My concern is that I only have 8 total basic pokemon. In your opinion, is that enough?

What are some strong basic pokemon that can be used in a water/electric (minor) modified deck?

All your help is much appreciated. I almost have my modified deck constructed, I'm excited about playing it at the local league.

Anyone in California? SOCAL MADNESS. I have one of the name pass' passed out at STS Long Beach, woo fun times.

Peace & Love,