View Full Version : Charlotte, NC Gym Challenge

05/24/2004, 10:37 AM
Thanks to everyone who came and made this another successful event. We had a total of 40 players with 10 & Under with 9, 11-14 with 12, and 15+ with 19. Special thanks to the out of state players from VA, GA, and SC !!! We did top 4 for 10 & Under, Top 4 for 11-14, and Top 8 for 15+. See results below:

10 & Under
Curran H.
Kevin R.
Nathan C.
Khi P.
Trevor R.
Brandon C.
Andrew M.
Christopher N.
Ben J.

Michael Beh.
David M.
Michael R.
Will V.
Zach C.
Michael Rus.
Eric W.
Nicholas E.
Navarr B.

Jake B.
Stephanie B.
Josh W.
Michael B.
Ben T.
Denise B.
Chris C.
Nick G.
Dave R.
Bo F.
Dave M.
Mary S.
Justin F.
Bryan W.
Lori C.
Scott C.
Sam R.
Janice S.

05/25/2004, 09:12 AM
Indeed it was a great event. I hope everyone had an exciting time.