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05/24/2004, 07:03 PM
I woke up at about 5:50 AM on Sunday morning with one goal: win Milford. I got my stuff together and my father drove me to a nearby parking lot, where I met up with Johnny Blaze, his son's friend Jacob, his son John Michael, and Jimmy, from our local league. We drove for about two hours and arrived at TJ's at about 10:30. Everyone was there: Monkey, LuMaga, Flare Starfire, and BJJ just to name a few. We waited for a while, got our pairings, and listened to some announcements. (Two free slices of pizza! :D ) and then we began the first round! (Oh, BTW, I was running the "BAD" deck run by Nick Chimento, John's son, that won at Pokemon Center)

Round 1: Me Vs. Joe Bass (Team Aqua)
Joe and I know each other from Pokemon Center. (We talk while waiting for them to fix the current problem with the software.) He opened with a lone TA's Electrike, me with a lone Torchic and ZERO draw. I went first, pulled a (second) Ampharos, attached an energy, and passed. He played an Archie, got Walrein, and played another basic before Self Charging. Knowing that I was probally dead, I pulled what could have been my last card. It was... a TV Reporter. I figured "what have I got to lose?", and played it. First card off was a Rare Candy. I played a Torchic I pulled, Rare Candied for the BEX I was holding, attached an energy, and KOed Electrike. My memory is fuzzy after this, I remember I killed a Manetric he had benched, fiquring that he would be stuck with a low-powered Walrein. He Archied for another and KOed BEX. But where my memory really picks up is just after that. I had lost a Dunsparce, and was down about 4 prizes to one. I was holding a Town Volunteers, 1 Fire Energy, two Rare Candys, a BEX, and a Firestarter Blaziken, plus some other cards. There was a Ampharos, a Delcatty, a Firestarter Blaziken, and a Torchic active with one energy. (no others in play) I knew my only chance was to somehow pull another Torchic, get a firestarter Blaziken up, and use an attachment and two Firstarters to KO Walrein. I would be facing Kyogre, but it was better than losing. I drew... Oracle! Yay! But then I remembered something. I checked my discard pile, and sure enough, both Torchics were in there. So I went for the long shot, Town Volunteering both Torchics and three fire into my deck. Knowing that I needed not only one of the Torchics, but an energy as well, I Energy Drew. I pulled a Fire Energy, Ampharos,... and the Torchic! Wham, Bam Slam, KO Walrein! I thought I was on easy street. He put me to sleep with Kyogre, but I Warp Pointed and used DRE (stupid Aqua's gym) to retreat Delcatty and KO Kyogre. It was now two to one in his favor, and after much thought, he Warp Pointed and put Manetric active. I was forced to put Delcatty active. I suddenly remembered the time limit, and asked BJJ. He said... about one minute!!! I quickly firestarted two energy up to Delcatty,retreated, attached one to BEX, and attacked. He began his turn, and suddenly felt the need to Town Volunteer some energy back into his deck. Of course, time ran out before he could finish, and I lost despite definitly having the upper hand. (his only chance was his other Kyogre)

So I walked away, hyped up after such a good mach, and annoyed that I lost on time. The next round was posted quickly

Round 2: Me Vs. Mary (GEX/BEX)

This is probally my worst start. Nothing but some worthless basics, and no draw for about ten turns. It was quite painful to watch her slowly build up on the bench, knowing that I could win if I got ANY draw, and then getting some just as GEX gets fully powered. I lost, but I did get some consolation credit: I took four prizes in one turn thanks to Fire Stream, including KOing a BEX. Unfortunatly, I still had six prizes at that time. :mad: I dropped another game.

Now I was annoyed with myself. I knew I needed to go 3-0 (assuming that they even ran 5 rounds, they wern't sure) to have any chance of top 8. The matchups were announced:

Round 3: Me vs. Tom Geary (Metal... bad metal)

Tom was running a metal deck. Turn 3 Bex, heads flip, one Koed Lairon, no bench, game.


Well, It was a start, but not a great one. Tom defanitly wasn't going to do wonders to my opponent win-loss percentage, that was sure. I waited for a long time, and finally the next round was announced:

Round 4: Me vs. Will? Geary. (Swampert/Suicune EX)

Yup, this is the brother of the guy I beat last round. Know how he got the win? Bye last round. More wonders for my Opp. Win/Loss. He WAS running Swampert/Suicune EX with Swampert EX tech, so I was worried, especially when I started with a lone Mareep. I only had an Oracle as draw, but I went first. I was holding an Ampharos and Rare Candy. Thinking Fast, I Oracled for the DRE and a Research. Next turn, I candied to Amphy and attached fire. (I was afraid of a Rare Candied Swampert EX.) Next turn, DRE was attached and I proceded to clean house. I threw on a BEX to add insult to injury, and it was all over quickly.

We wern't sure if there was going to be a fifth round. As it turned out, although there was one undefeated person. there was also 9 people with one loss or better, and they wanted to make it a fair top 8. Great, I'm still in it! Pairings were posted:

Round 5: Me Vs. Ray... or is it???

We sat down and began to set up, but then we got the bad news... computer error! Not even the judges at Milford are immune. (And they coulden't blame it on Marril2k this time ;) ) Reset!

Round 5 (for real) Me Vs. Allen (Monkey) (GEX)

Great, the match neither of us wanted to fight. Allen thought he was lock for top 8 before this round, but he knew I coulden't afford an intentional draw. I don't like fighting friends for big prizes, and we both knew that the winner would probally go on, while the loser would go home. (I believe I had the highest resistence at the time, as I was the only one 2-2 playing a 3-1) So we started. Allen got his textbook Wynaut/Alluring Smile opener, but it appeared he was Boost-less, fortunatly. I got off a Strike and Run, and we traded blows for a little bit. His Wobuffets were the big factor, he got two us. I wore down one, and killed it with a DRE'ed Firestarter Blaze. He brought up the other one, and put 50 on me. Knowing I only had one chance,I put down a Dunsparce, attached a fire, and retreated for Sparce, Firestarting on Blaze. Sudden Flash... tails! He Ko'ed Dunsparce, giving Wob 30 damage, but I only had one energy on Blaze (and no Amphy in play), so I was forced to bring up Delcatty and Firestarter onto Blaze. (of course, there was no energy in my hand) He did 50 to Delcatty, and I pulled an energy (!), so I could Firestarter the last energy on Blaze, retreat Catty, and KO Wobuffet and a benched Wynaut that was a Wobby in training. (two Psy Shadows on it, but he never pulled the last Wobuffet). He brought up his GEX (uh oh), and KO'ed Blaze with Feedback. (I coulden't find a way to dump my hand earlier, too many evolutions). I brought up another Dunsparce and attached. I also Candied up the Torchic I pulled as one of my prizes into a Firestarter. (I had a BEX on my bench forever, but it needed to outlast the Wobbys before I brought it up.) I firestarted on BEX and rolled for Sudden Flash... heads! He did nothing (probally afraid of BEX, and for good reason, he had no energy in hand, I think, and Psy shadow would have brought him within range of BEX.) I firestarted onto BEX again and rolled for Sudden Flash... tails! He suddenly started counting energy... He attempted a Reversal (it was his 3rd at that point), and rolled his third tails! Based on that, however, I knew he was holding a boost. He Ko'ed Dunsparce, and I agonized before bringing up Delcatty. I knew I was dead, but I wanted to go down fighting. I attached (another lucky pull) and Firestartered onto Bex and Warp Pointed. He brought up a Ralts, and I brought up BEX. I Volcanic Ashed GEX, bringing it up to 130 damage, but I knew it didn't matter. Sure enough, he Psy Shadowed onto Ralts, retreated for GEX, and attached Boost to do... 140 damage?!? We both realized it at the same time... there were only 7 energy in play, the 2 Psychic and the Boost on GEX and the two on BEX. He gasped, and then he said: "wait, wait" He Reported, tossed something I didn't see, and dropped a Ralts. He then proceded to Rare Candy it into... GEX!?! I breathed a sign of relief and said "I though you were going for a regular Gardy" He looked at me, shocked, looked at the card he had just Rare Candied into, and then checked the card he tossed into the discard pile for the TV Reporter. It was regular Gardy!!! He was so nervous, he had mixed up his Gardy's , much to my advantage. He groaned, and then hit me for 140 damage. I played way to fast (should have evolved into a Flaffy from my benched Mareep and played an Oracle), Firestartered onto my last Torchic, which I had benched last turn, retreated for Torchic, evolved it into Combusken, and KO'ed GEX with Flare! This brought our prize count to an even one each! He, still in a state of shock, brought up regular Gardy. He said he only had one chance, and proceded to Desert Shaman me. He drew and pulled... his fourth Pokemon Reversal! With BEX still heavily damaged, I was open for a shot. He rolled... and got his first head of the day for a reversal!

So close... and yet so far. He took the match, and went on to place second overall. Great job, Allen! I wish I could have placed top 8, I would have stood a fair chance of winning. See everyone at Origins, where I'll still be gunning for a trip!

Johnny Blaze, for being the transportation yet again.
Nintendo, for providing the free pizza
The guys at the last table in round 3, they brought up my spirits and got me back into the tournament. (I cheated to lose! ;) )
All my opponents, I didn't have a "bad" match all day because of my opponents. (Luck, yes. Draw, yes. But not my opponents)
Allen, for that great last match! Great job to place second, and I hope you like your poster!

The clock, for making me lose my first match! (Great game, though)
Nintendo's software, screwing up the final round...

That's it! Next stop: First place at Origins... or bust!

05/29/2004, 04:58 PM
I'm glad we could raise your spirit.