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05/26/2004, 01:24 PM
Eh, why not. ;)

So we had Brian's birthday party on Sat, which meant we could not go to church that night but instead had to go Sun morning. So after 8:00 mass, race to get a newspaper, head home, pack up, and race to TJ's. Got there a bit past 10:00 (thank you Leadfoot and Radar Invisibility) and many people were there already. |PoKeY| (http://www.pokegym.net/showthread.php?t=7113), JohnnyBlaze & son (no, not Nick), Magnechu & family, Darkash (http://www.pokegym.net/showthread.php?t=7126), Amoeba (just joined Da Gym!) & son, FireFighter095ReBorn (http://www.pokegym.net/showthread.php?t=7134), LuMaga1, HotMustard, nick the idiot, Flare Starfire (http://www.pokegym.net/showthread.php?t=7081), GLMo & son, LifeVirus7 (http://www.pokegym.net/showthread.php?t=7078), Monkey (http://www.pokegym.net/showthread.php?t=7116), dragon lady & sons, JOEBASS & son, pokemebob & sons, butterfly719, myself & my family, and others who have yet to register here. So pokemebob's got things underway already with people filling out deck lists and registering. For now I jump in and help while trying to get cards for my wife's deck (decided to play Kingdra EX instead of BAR) and give my opinion on people's decks (wish I could remember the advice I gave to Monkey). Tom, the PTO, is raffling off the State Championship banner so when you register, you get a chance for the raffle. We have 23 in 15+, 13 in 11-14, and 6 in 10=<.

So things get underway. Tom does some announcements and informs us that POP is buying lunch (because MA States was run before they had that policy so POP said do it at your next big event). Everyone is glad about that. Things get going and people have fun. I seem some really interesting decks and many close battles. A few questions were asked:

If Strength Charm is attached and the Active attacks the Bench, what happens to Strength Charm? A: Strength Charm is worded so that the discard comes after 10 more damage is done to the Active, since a Benched Pokémon is getting damaged, it remains attached.
Player 1 attaches a Buffer Piece to a Benched Pokémon. When it is Player 2's turn, she attacks with Feint Attack. Does the 80 HP Benched Pokémon with 40 damage on it survivie or does it get KOed for the game? A: Since nothing can change the amount of damage done by Feint Attack, the Benched Pokémon is KOed.
Player 1 puts a Team Magma Hideout into play. Player 2 decides to play a Mysterious Fossil. What happens? A: Since the Mysterious Fossil is now a Pokémon that was played from Player 2's hand, it gets KOed.

Had to give one player a Caution for forgetting prizes and 2 rounds had to give them a Warning cuz they did it again! If they had forgotten again, I was not going to give them a game loss, just another Warning. Luckily they didn't. Though someone else did.

Have I told you how I feel about TMS? Oh well guess. Things went rather smoothely until about the 4th or 5th round - then it started doing things I consider really screwy - in the Younger category, it paired players with 9 points against players with 6, instead of pairing them off against each other. It awarded a Bye to someone with 6 points and paired 2 players with 0 points. The Bye player suddenly was bumped to table 1 while players with high points were seated at table 10 and table 2! Try explaining that?

Well T8, T4, & T2 are announced and none of my family is in it. So they go play in the side event. Tops will be best of 2 with an hour time limit. We seat all the toppers and prizes are given out to the ones who didn't make it. So the tops starts. Saw many a good game. In the 15+, the 2 Gardy decks had to face one another so you know whoever got powered up first was going to win because of Weakness. I was surprised to see 2 :grass: decks in the 15+. JohnnyBlaze and Monkey take the full hour to play (their 3rd game started with 5 minutes left. Go read Monkey's report (and hopefully Johnny will post one)). The 10=< was a battle of Swampert EX. 11-14 had 2 BARs, Kingdra EX & Suicune EX/Swampert/EX.

Well things finally got over around 7:00, when the 15+ Champion was crowned. Too bad most of the people had left by then (even the 2nd tourney was over before Tops were finished).

05/26/2004, 02:12 PM
Ya BJJ I dont like the system too
it messed up the opp's win precentage completely.