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Physics Squirrel
05/29/2004, 06:37 PM
I went to the Gym Challenge in Maryland today witha Swampert Suicune ex deck (You all know what a Blazyfest it is). I was hoping to at least make some good trades. I thought, ehh, I might win, but not likely. I decided this morning that I'd write a tournament report, so here it is:

We had around 35 people total.
It was around 19 in 15+,
around 14 in 11-14 and
only 2 in 10-. (RainbowRichards' kids, he was judging)
We played 6 age modfied swiss rounds with just enough people to make a cut to top 8 in 15+.

Round 1 vs Swampert Typhlosion Latias ex (Doug)
He went first. I started with Sparce. He had Mudkip. He used Bubble. Tails. I spread SARs for Mudkip, Skitty, and Magnemite. He attached another water to Mudkip. Bubble. Tails again. I Oracled, evolved Mudkip and used Sudden Flash. He candied to Swampert, attached 2 water and used Hypno Splash. I sent out Magnemite and drew the Delcatty I'd Oracled for. Then I Energy Drew the Swampert I'd Oracled for and used Elm's Training Method for a Magneton and evolved Magnemite. I used Magnetic Field, discarding a Magneton for Lightning and Water and attached 1 Lightning and 1 Water to Magneton. I attacked with Magnetic Force for 20x2=40. He attached to bench and used HypnoSplash. I woke up. I put down Suicune ex and attached an energy to it. Magnetic Force: 60 damage. KO. 1 prize. He sends out Cyndaquil and KOs Magneton. After saying, "DOH," because I've discarded both Magnetons, I sent out Magnemite and attached to Suicune ex. Now he has 2 water. He candies to Typhlosion ex and attacks me for 40 damage and burn. I flip heads for burn. I'm alive. I get no energy. I Shaman and get one energy. So I wait it out. I put down a Skitty to send out if Mite dies at the end of my turn. I flip heads for burn. He kills Magnemite. I send out Suicune ex, attach an energy. Reverse Stream, return all 3 water. KO Typhlosion ex. He sends out Latias ex and KOs Suicune ex. He has a Swampert benched. I send out Swampert with one energy, drop candy another Swampert and attach 3 energy to active. Hypno Splash. He flips tails. So he switches to the other Latias, attaches and uses the first attack. I'm not asleep. I do 50 to Latias ex and it's asleep. If he flips heads, he can attack Swampert for 100 and draw his last prize. If he fips tails, I KO Latias ex and draw my last prize... He loses the flip. I win. I hate winning on a flip. He played well. Good game.

Round 2 vs. Aqua deck
I gget a turn 2 Swampert ex. With a few lucky flips against his Aqua's Kyogre's first attack, I kill everything that he puts enough energy on to attack. GG.

Round 3 vs. Mad Canadian Bex (CFK)
He goes first. We both play 1 Sparce. He spreads SARs for 2 Torchics and a Skitty. I Shaman. He says, "YES!" I play Magnemite and then SARs for Skitty, Mudkip, and Suicune ex. I don't really remember the middle, but I got out a Magneton and Swampert. I Shamaned again and Energy Flipped Lightning off of Rayquaza ex. He attaches Multi to Ray, switches and KO's Cune. I get out another Swampert somewhere in there. I really don't remember the match too well, except that I won.

Round 3 vs. Aqua Suicune ex deck played by Javier. Don't remember his last name or his Pokegym screen name.
I go first but get no energy. Pass. He starts with 2 TA's Chinchou. He Archies for TA's Lanturn and plays Aqua Hideout. He attacks with Chinchou and flips heads to confuse me. I draw an energy. I bench a Suicune ex and a Magnemite, then SARs. I flip heads for confusion. *YES* I get 2 Mudkip and a Skitty and I run for Skitty. He uses Chinchou's second attack for 20 dmg. I evolve to Catty, energy draw and pass. He evolves to Lanturn, Archies a Manectric and kills Catty. He then knocks out Dunsparce. I send out Marshtomp and topdeck a Swampert ex. Woohoo. I evolve and since I only have 1 energy, I do 40 damage..except that I remember doing the 40 to Manectric. Whatever. He retreats whoever it was for Kyogre, moves up the energy and uses Nurse. He attacks me for 50. I get an energy. 40 dmg to Kyogre. He attacks for 50. I don't get an energy, so I hit it for 40 again. He kills Swampert ex. I send out Dunsparce, then draw an energy. XP. I flash Kyogre and get heads. He plays down Suicune ex and passes. I flash again to kill Kyogre. He sends out Suicune ex and KOs my Dunsparce. He has 1 prize left. I send out Magnemite, TVR and get no Lightning. I can't Thundershock, so I pass. Suicune ex kills Magnemite. GG.

Round 5 vs. Luke Reed's Bex
He mulliganed. I started with Dunsparce I think. He attaches a Multi turn 1 and PORs. I SARs. He attaches lightning and kills Sparce. I send out Skitty and evolve. Later, he had a lot of energy in the discard, he attached a Fire to Rayquaza ex and used Spiral Growth, flipping TWELVE heads, getting him 6 energy. Ack. Then he kills Catty. I send out Suicune ex, attach a Shard, and use Water Call and attach water for the turn. KO Rayquaza. He sends out a Rayquaza ex with 2 Fire on it. He attaches a Multi and KOs Suicune ex. I send out Ditto and nab myself a second Rayquaza ex.........Anyway, He eventually got out Bex with 5 energy with one Blaziken benched. I had Swampert out from having just killed his Blaziken. He Warp Pointed. Ack again. None of my benched pokemon had any energy on them. I couldn't retreat without attaching an entra energy to someone. I send out Catty. He sends out Blaziken ex and Ashes Magneton. Good choice. I have the shtuff in my hand to KO Bex, but I can't get Catty benched as well as attach 3 energy to Suicune ex. So I attach to Catty, retreat for Swampert and use Hypno Splash. He flips heads. He has no energy though. He spends a while calculating how much energy is in his deck and whether TV Reporter or POR will give him a better chance of getting 1 of the 2 fire in the deck. He Starters to Delcatty and switches for Catty. Then POR. He doesn't get Fire, so he can't retreat and attack with Bex. So he passes. I play Suicune ex down and retreat for him. I use 2 water calls and an attach and KO Bex. Right down to the wire. Great game.

Round 6 vs. Mike Pramawat's Bex.
We discuss it with Doug and Javier who are playing each other and decide the four of us will all ID. We all make top 8.

TOP 8. Single Elim. 1 round matches.

Round 1 vs CFK's Bex.
Poor Sean. He starts with a Skitty and gets no draw. Turn 3 I knock it out with Mudkip's Water Gun. Sorry about that.

Round 2 vs Swampert Latias Typhlosion ex played by Doug.
I got a great hand. Dunny, Marshtomp, Delcatty, 2 energy, Copycat, and Shaman.
I get set up more quickly. He gets a turn 2 Typhlosion ex, but I KO it with Suicune ex. I pretty much swamped him. No pun intended. I just got a better start.

Round 3 vs. Mike Pramawat's Bex
This is the moment of truth.
Two tourneys ago, Pramawat beat me round 1 of top 8.
One tourney ago, Pramawat beat me round 2 of top 8.
Now he gets the chance to beat me round 3 of top 8. Yay!
He starts with a lone Rayquaza ex, whereas I start with Dunsparce. Woohoo. I go first too. I SARs for Ditto. He attaches to Ray and passes. I attach to Ditto. (I just need one more energy and I win!) He uses TV Reporter, puts down Sparce and uses Warp Point. SARs. Dang. He gets an uuber fast setup afeter that and pretty much pwns me with good draws. Pretty soon he has 2 Blaziken and a Bex. He gets crazy shtuff and pwns me because after the initial start, he got drawage and I didn't. I didn't even get any evolutions. Bleh. I WAS THAT CLOSE!!! TO GETTING A TRIP TO WORLDS. Well, there's still the Stadium Challenge.

I set a new record. Losing to Pramawat in 3 top 8s in a row. Bleh.

In other news, 4 chairs were knocked over today, each followed by applause. Good times.

I had a great time, although that last round was the most hopeful yet dissappointing game I've ever played.

To Sensei for holding the event.
To Brian Richards and that other guy (sorry, didn't get your name) for judging
To my dad, for driving us
To myself, Javier, Doug, Russell, and that other other guy for all making top 8 with decks other than Blaziken. WOOT. In Maryland at that. WOOT.
To CFK, for letting my sister borrow a Gardevoir.
To my sister, for being gracious enough to intentional forfeit when she knew she couldn't make top 4, but the other guy had a chance at it.
To PUI for the prizes.
To Pramawat, CFK, and Luke Reed for giving me great games with their Bex decks.
To me for trading for 5 more RH Archies. Now I have 9. O_O

To Pramawat for beating me (j/k) when he already had an invite (not a trip mind you)
To CFK for being a crazy Canadian =P j/k
To the four people who knocked over chairs (well actually clapping for you was fun)
To me for not winning a trip to Worlds when I was sooooooooooooooooooo close
To top 8 for not being best out of 3.
To err, the badgers. Fuji you weren't there.
To HL for not being out yet
To umm, I can't think of anything, err either to Stafford, for being an hour away, or to my dad for not wanting to drive me that far for the HL prerelease.
Oh yeah, slops to Mike Pramawat for saying he had a "super secret tech that would pwn all" when it was actually just Friend Ball

That about sums it up. See you all at Worlds (I wish)


05/29/2004, 07:14 PM
yeah but it made you think.. meh i thought the friend ball being called super secret tech was fun and just to so you know that i oracled for the dunsparse and warp turn 1.

Physics Squirrel
05/29/2004, 07:17 PM
oh, you did. Doh. I really was paying attention wasn't I?

05/29/2004, 07:18 PM

05/30/2004, 06:15 AM
Dude, have you EVER beaten Mike? XP

Well, it's the same thing with me, I NEVER beat Luke Reed when he wall still 11-14. Never ever never ever never ever NEVER! Ever.

Anyways, congrats on 18 packs. If you can do that again at the Stadium Challenge, you'll make it, since SC's are top 2. I will scream until my parents bring me, so I hope to see you there.

In case you were thinking that my little brother would have done awesome at that tourney, since there were only 2 people in 10-, he turned 11 three days after the Stafford GC, so he would have been slaughtered lol. Well, maybe not.



05/30/2004, 10:06 AM
Hey, congrats to you PS! You did great! You may not have won it all but you did really good in the tournament and you were also a great sport! Good job!

The attendance was actually 32 (2,13,17). Were we hit by the Holiday or what? ;)

Hope to see you at the prelease in Stafford next Saturday to be the first to get all those cool new Hidden Legend cards...;)


Physics Squirrel
05/31/2004, 09:34 PM
I don't think I can make it to Stafford.. :(
My dad doesn't want to drive me that far.

05/31/2004, 09:43 PM
To me for trading for 5 more RH Archies. Now I have 9. O_O