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05/30/2004, 07:21 AM
Well this was a horrible..but good day. You shall see why.

Vince picked me up at like 5 Friday night and we went out to a Chinese restauraunt for dinner. FuriousZangoose(Ben) and Vince's son, Zak, was with our little group. I wasn't hungry for some reason today so I didn't eat much. While everyone else ate quite a bit ;P

So we are driving and I started to feel sick..Which isn't good while being on the road ;P So i stick it out until we get to the hotel and it seems to have gone away a little. Everyone else goes swimming but I chose not to and I just stay up in the hotel room and relax. Then they come back and we get decks prepared and then we sleep.

And with that the horrible but good day begins. I wake up at 5 AM feeling HORRIBLE and I went into the bathroom and I was in there for 2 hours..and I'm sure you can imagine what I was doing ;P And I came out at like 7 and 5 minutes later I was back in there for about 30 minutes. ;P So by now everyone realized something was wrong with me and so Vince got me some Tums. So I watched this stupid Zolar movie on TV for like 2 hours and then we went downstairs to get to the tournament. I stayed in my pajamas and I brought my pillow as the Tums weren't helping much =(

So the tournament begins and I am playing Swampert..heres my list..I think..

Pokemon: 21
4x Mudkip
2x Marshstomp
3x Swampert
2x Swampert Ex
2x Skitty
2x Delcatty
3x Suicune Ex
3x Dunsparce

Trainers: 25
3x Professor Oak’s Research
3x Copycat
4x Oracle
3x Rare Candy
2x Professor Elm’s Training Method
2x Energy Restore
1x Fisherman
3x Pokemon Reversal
2x Crystal Shard
1x Warp Point
1x Switch

Energy: 14
14x Water Energy

Its pretty much the same thing I ran at State Championships except I play Reversal now, which helped an extreme amount. So let us begin.

I get free entry as I am a VIP and I designate my playing area as I do not want to move at all today so I stayed in the back corner the entire swiss rounds..with many visits to the local rest room ;P So it starts..

Round 1: Shane(drackmere on boards) Omastar/Suicune
I was deathly terrified as Omastar could ruin my deck. Luckily I decided before the tourney to go 3/2 Candy/Marshstomp rather then 4/1. So I get a pretty good set up I think..this day is very blurry so just bare with me. He gets 2 Omastars out and i get 2 Marshstomps in play so he can't quite do a LOT of damage to me. It comes down to 1-2 in prizes and he is about to kill my Suicune Ex. I Oracle for 2 Pokemon Reversal and gust up a Delcatty and kill it with the Suicune for the last prize. This was prolly the the hardest game all day. We talk for a little bit about online stuff and the next round starts.

Round 2: Julie? Team Aqua Deck
Well I get a 2nd turn Swampert Ex and she gets nothing at all so I win very quickly. She is very very nice and the type of person I really enjoy playing.

Well we have a lunch break and I don't eat anything as food disgusts me currently, btw I dont consume anything but a water bottle the whole day. So ya 3rd round begins..

Round 3: Ryan Grass deck
Well I am worried as I see a Treeko hit the board and Sceptile is like auto win against Swampert. So we start and I get a Swampert Ex up 3rd turn and he gets 2 energy the entire game so I basically win very quickly.

Round 4: Ben(FuriousZangoose) Bex
We draw.

Round 5: Trever Blaze
I offer to draw but he wants to play so we play. I get Swampert Ex up quickly and he gets nothing and I just maul threw them all.

So Ya I have 13 points and #1 seed for Top 4 in our division. BTW 31 people today I think and there is a cut Top 4 in 15 and 10-, and Top 2 in 11-14.

Here is the top 4 for our divsion.. BTW Everyone in our car top 4ed.

1. Me Swampert
2. Ben Bex
3. Ryan Grass
4. Vince Gardy

I play Vince and we take our time as he is going to Concede to me if his son Zak wins. So ya Zak does win and so he concedes. We did play 3 games however I won 1st he 2nd and we just started the 3rd and he concedes.

Top 2: Ben
Well this isn't fun as we are good friends and such. SO we start. He starts with 2 Torchics and he attaches and passes. I have absolutly no idea what I do but I get a Swampert Ex up and just get threw his pokemons. He gets nothing but a Combusken, no draw or anything.
2nd Game: Basically the same thing except he gets a Rayquaza. I Dunsparce it 2 times to get 40 on it then he kills it and I send up Swampert Ex with 2 energy, attach shard and kill it. He then is left with a Torchic and a Skitty. He sends up something dunno which and I kill it. I dunno what happened now, but somehow he gets a Blaze Ex active and Blaze Kicks my Swampert Ex for 50. I retreat and kill it with Suicune for the game.

So I won my trip while feeling very bad. And then they start a Rochester draft that I dont feel like entering so I just relax and watch it. I give my box to Ben to sell to Vince to help pay for his trip to Nationals so hopefully he'll win there.

So ya that twas my day we drive home and they eat at Ponderosa while i sit and watch in disgust as food is being eaten. So I sleep most of the way home and I say my farewells and such and go to bed.

SOOO Props and Slops time.

The whole Stl team, we all top 4rd and 2 of us won ^_^
Vince for buying me Tums and getting me water and such
Everyone for traveling to the back and playing with me ;P
The nice bathrooms at the hotel, I became very familiar to it

Chinese Food
Slowness of Tums

Mmk thats it. So I'm going to Worlds and I'll cya all there.


05/30/2004, 07:30 AM
Hey Colin, congrats. You finally won a trip. GL at Worlds and I hope I can see you there... Oh yeah, if you're going to Nationals, I'll see you there. :P

05/30/2004, 07:38 AM
yay good job Colin, see Swampex is your deck, stick to one deck for the first time in your life! lol again GJ, sucks you were feeling so bad that day, I bet it was hilarious watching you play in Pijamas and with a pillow =P

05/30/2004, 07:58 AM
awesome job colin, hopefully I'll see you at Nationals... and even more hopefully from there, worlds. ttyl on aim man, nice report. Sucked you were feeling so bad... i've never gotten sick off chinese food yet =P

Prof Clay
05/30/2004, 08:26 AM
Way to go Colin!! Swampy is the way to go. Your deck at TN states inspired Taylor to want to play it for the GCs.

Are you coming down with Vince for the prerelease? If not we will see you in Orlando.

Clay M

05/30/2004, 09:05 AM
Replies Replies

Pooooooooooooka- Ya I'll be there at Nationals. So I shall see you there. You'll do well there..I mean you already have 2 wins ;P

Pablo- Yes I have decided to stick with Swampert..It does seem to work when I play it ;P And we'll have loads of fun at Worlds together. Super Fun. Lol I'm sure it was funny watching me play like that..everyone looked at me weirdly though =( That wasn't nice of them hehe.

Jermy- Thanks and ya..Top 4's like that are always good ^_^

Patrick- Thank you thank you. Ya hopefully I'll cya at Nationals, and more importantly Worlds. Be sure to tell me when you find out if you can go to the Prerelease or not.

Clay- Thank ^_^ Ya I'm gonna judge at Memphis Prerelease so I'll cya there.

Thanks everyone ^_^ Fare thee well


05/30/2004, 09:54 AM
Yes, our battle in the first round was probably one of the best I've ever had, tournament or not. It really came down to the wire.

It was good to finally put a person with the username after these past few years.

Watch out for Swanton1717 in the future. If he can play that well when he's not feeling the best, imagine how well he can play when he's healthy ;)!

I do hope you are feeling better.

05/30/2004, 09:56 AM
Hey Colin congrats on this win. Good to know that your goin to be at Worlds with the rest of us. Now if i remember correctly, i told you to play swampert ex at St.Louis and you didn't and lost. I told you again and you actually listened to me and pulled it off lol. Well anyways, congrats again on winning with swampert ex and i am goin to be counting down the days to worlds were we shall meet again.

05/30/2004, 10:03 AM
Way to go Colin :thumb: I was hoping to get to go to OK this weekend but couldn't make it so now Nationals, South SC and the Grinder are my only chances of getting in Worlds. But I'll make it. I'll see you at the Memphis pre-release most likely. With all these people going to Worlds that I now know I just have to get into Worlds for some great rematches :D

05/30/2004, 11:20 AM
drackmere- It was nice to meet you ^_^ Lol and thank you. Ya i was very suprised i did so well while be sick. Hopefully i'll play you again soon.

Brandon- Ya I'll prolly listen to you from now on ;P Unless you tell me to not play Swampert..which is what I'm going to do hehe. I'll cya at Nationals and Worlds ^_^

Chris- Lol ya you still have 3 chances, which is pretty goood. So you will be going to Memphis prerelease?


05/30/2004, 08:39 PM
Chris- Lol ya you still have 3 chances, which is pretty goood. So you will be going to Memphis prerelease?

Most likely, yeah. And while I do have three more chances...all three of them are at tournaments that will be approximately two-three times the size of the previous tourneys I've been to. ^^;

05/31/2004, 09:53 PM
Yaaaaay Colin! Now I just need to win a trip then magically age myself one year to put me into 15+ and THEN face you at Worlds! Would you sell me your VIP package? ^_~


06/01/2004, 08:21 AM
Good job colin hope u fell better by next weekend! Ill see you then!!

06/01/2004, 01:58 PM
Lol Chris you'll get to play somehow ^_^ Thanks for the congrats

Wooper haha i'd sell my 2nd vip package..not my first ;P Lol I find that hard to believe..i mean how can you win a trip hehe I'm sure the magically aging is possible though.

Ya I'm feeling better Anthony so I'll cya Sat.


06/01/2004, 02:12 PM
I hope ur not sick at worlds cuzz then you'd win.You only top 8 when ur feelin fine. ;x

Well GJ and see you at wolrds

06/01/2004, 02:29 PM
We refer to that around here as the "Andrew Syndrome" for those who were at Sedalia, or Kentucky States, you all know why!!!