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05/31/2004, 04:59 PM
(Title Ala Nas)

A certain few people insisted I write one of these, so here is the tournament report from the San Diego Gym Challenge event. I talked to Strike (Dallas Dalton) the night before the Gym Challenge on aim and we discussed how we were going to finish his deck. He has been out of the game for a while, so he didnít have a lot of the cards he needed for the tournament.

I woke up at around 7:30 and got ready for the event, but not without stopping by AM PM and grabbing a Red Bull energy drink I certainly would need for later on during the day. When I got into the hotelís tournament room, I met up with Matt Dunford (Rep13) and the rest of the San Diego crew I hang out with at Game Empire. However, Dallas was to no avail. He showed up about 10 minutes after registration ďendedĒ and didnít even have a complete deck. So all of us scrambled to get all the cards he needed to finish his Gardveoir. Luckily there were some people willing to do last minute trades so he barely made it and got signed up.

The deck list I turned in at registration was this:

Pokemon (23)
3x Torchic - Singe
1x Torchic - Of the Ember variety
2x Combusken - Lunge
3x Blaziken
2x Blaziken ex
2x Skitty - Minor Errand Running
2x Delcatty
4x Dunsparce
2x Rayquaza ex
1x Team Aquaís Electrike - Self Charge
1x Team Aquaís Manateric - Power Shift (Autographed by Patriarch. heh)

Trainers (21)
4x Oracle
4x TV Reporter
4x Rare Candy
2x Professor Oakís Research
2x Copycat
1x Pokemon Nurse
1x Professor Elmís Training Method
1x Friend Ball
1x Switch
1x Warp Point

Energy (16)
12x Fire
2x Lightning
2x Multi

I decided originality was the best path, so I decided to run Blaziken. I got some suggestions from various people but ended up playing this list. The 1-1 Manateric works great, even if it is prized, it doesnít lose you the game, but is nice to have when you have a big attacker up that discards energy. Although Iím not stating anything you donít know already.

After Kim (Bulbasnore from the PokeGym) explained the special rules for the tournament, they put the parings up and we got started. We had 6 rounds of swiss with a top 8 cut.

Round 1 VS Golem
This game wasnít too long. He started with a Geodude and did 20 to my Dunsparce. I Professor Elmíed for a Delcatty and used Strike and run dropping 2 Torchics and a Skitty. I got out a relatively fast Blaziken ex with a Manateric and 2 Ruby Sapphire Blazikens to do a 100 a turn.


Round 2 VS Swampert/Suicune

I was facing Kevin Franklin from the Game Empire league that I attend. He is a good player and almost played Gardevoir/Wyunaut , but last second decided to switch to this deck to probably counter all the Blaziken. He starts out with 2 Mudkips and passes. I start with a dunsparce and get set up. His only trainer the whole game was a Juggler, so he didnít get what he needed to get his Swampert going. I knocked out the Mudkipís with Blaziken for the win.


I spent the lunch break at Mcdonaldís with all the San Diego people. The only two of us with no losses at that point were Dallas and I. We went to the parking garage after eating with Matt Dunford only to find out we were walking around looking for Dallas's car at the wrong hotel. So we walk about 2 blocks around the corner to another parking garage and get in so he could move it to the hotel where the Gym Challenge was at. When we finally got back to the tournament room, the round was about to start. What a close call. One of many that were instore for me today..

Round 3 VS Blaziken

I remember playing this guy at the LA Gym Challenge. He used a different deck at that event. He told me before the match that he had won the Oregon Gym Challenge. I draw my 7 and set out 6 prizes, only to have him mulligan. I shuffle my prizes back like the rule states and draw my free card. He gets a basic and I start my turn by using a TV Reporter. Uh-oh, I didnít set out 6 prizes again. So the judge comes over and gives him a prize for the penalty and we continue the game. I get out a quick Blaziken ex out and put pressure on him by doing 50 a turn. He eventually gets his Blaziken ex out and does 50 to mine. Seeing he had an RS Blaze benched, a Delcatty, and a Manateric, I was pretty certain he was going to do a 100 and knock out mine the next turn. So I Pokemon Nurse my Blaziken and Firestarter + attach to the active and burn his Blaziken ex. He rolls a tails and has 50 total. I knock it out next turn and everything else he was trying to build and took 6 prizes.


Round 4 VS Gardevoir (Dallas ďStrikeĒ Dalton)

What a deal, I finally get to play Dallas. We both get really slow starts. It was disgusting. It was to the point to where all we did was attach and pass. He finally gets an Oakís Research and me a Dunsparce. I strike and run, and he knocks me out with Wob. I did not get a chance to recover. I was too far behind. He pulled his last two prizes by Pokemon Reversing a Rayquaza ex I had benched. Good Game Dallas.

Regardless he was a good friend of mine, I was upset about the loss because of the complete lack of control you have on a bad draw. Even SDPokemom couldnít believe I drew 3 Rare Candy consecutively without having Torchic or Blaziken mind you. LOL


Round 5 VS Blaziken

This game was against Wesley Spurlock from Team Heat Arizona. After a long discussion, we decided to Intentional Draw. The people playing next to us did it as well.


Round 6 VS Blaziken

This was against Cathy, another member of Team Arizona Heat. She won the roll and started with a Skitty. I had a Dunsparce with a Torchic benched. She puts my Dunsparce to sleep and I have to manually get the Blaziken going. I eventually get a Blaziken ex going with a Manateric benched accompanied by 2 Ruby Sapphire Blaziken. Even when I got the tremendous lead she still fought it out to the finish, and even set me back when she paralyzed my Blaziken ex 3 times straight with Dunsparce. Ouch.


I checked up on the others and found that Chad (Scizor from the Pokegym) and Dallas were both still undefeated and drew the final round of swiss. Chad dreaded getting first seed because of the curse he truly believes in. First seed never wins. Ofcourse, he gets first seed just like he did in LA. I ended up in fourth overall.

The Top 8 decks were:

4x Blaziken
2x Gardevoir
1x Flygon
1x Slaking

Bulbasnore explained the rules for Top 8. The games were match play. However, if you won game one and time ended in the middle of game 2, game 1 winner would advance to the next round. He also explained if it was tied 1-1 and time was called, there would be a sudden death match of only one prize. So winning game one was a major advantage. There was an hour time limit.

Quarter Finals VS Paul (Flygon/Magneton/Latias)

Chad (Scizor) warned me that this was a very tough deck to beat. He lost to this guy at the LA Gym Challenge in top 8. I couldnít understand why and didnít take his warning very seriously. Boy was I in for quite a game..

Game 1:

This game was very long. I had a decent start and got out a Blaziken ex rather quickly. He then sends up a Dunsparce and paralyzes my Blaziken ex 3 turns in a row. After that he uses Flygonís energy shower to attach about 14 energies distributed among his 2 Flygons , Latios, and Magnetons he had benched. There really was not much I can do. Everything he had was built. His Megnetons were capable of doing 150+ a turn with all the energy he was able to shower. Once this gets going, you canít catch up because Blaziken ex
Cannot one hit KO a Flygon and the deck has an advantage prize wise because knocking out itís main attacker only gives you one prize. It also dosenít help Flygons can swarm your Rayquaza ex. Ouch.


Game 2:

After that game there was about 12 minutes left on the clock. I had to win this game, and fast so we could have a third match. If it didnít end, I would automatically lose for not winning game one. I knew the tournament for me was over. There were so little chance that I can get my deck going fast, and even win it before the time was over, so we got right to it. I was speeding up my play a bit by shuffling less and doing what I could. Once again I get another early Blaziken but decided to stick with the R/S Blaziken so I can accumulate bench damage to put the later Flygons in KO range. He drops a Latios, and I quickly Volcanic Ash it for the knock out. I do whatever I can for the prize lead and get it. The game is tied to 2-2 in prizes, and he uses energy shower and attaches about 12 energy cards among his Pokemon. He had 4 energy on his active Flygon and attached another one to it accidently. He asked me if he could move it to one of his benched Pokemon because he did not mean to attach it to the active. I say okay because Iím not THAT much of a jerk, but Bulbasnore stated since he let go of it, it had to stay where he attached it. Paul kept trying to tell him what he meant to do, but the ruling was final. My turn comes and I Volcanic Ash one of his benched Pokemon for a knock out. His turn comes and He takes for what seems to be a life time to decide what he was going to do. He sends up a Magnaton to do 140 to my active Blaziken. If he would have been able to attach the Grass to his benched Flygon instead of the active, he would of won the game on prizes. Simple as that. But he was 10 damage short to knock out the Blaze. Next turn I Volcanic ash again with help from Manateric and 2 Blaziken RS 2 seconds before time is called. Had it been any later I would of lost on time. The game was now 1-1 and we were going into sudden death.


Game 3: Sudden Death

We set out our 6 prizes and we were playing to whoever can get the first prize. I was very confident I could pull this off because Rayquaza can easily get a second turn KO. I get the PERFECT sudden death hand and just canít believe my eyes: 1 Electrike, 1 Manateric, 2 Fire Energy, 1 Lightning, 1 Multi, 1 Friendball. All I needed to do was attach, use Electrikeís Charge, evolve and do 50 to knock out any basic he had turn 2. He plays a Magnemite active and passes. He has no energy, Iím in a good spot. I use Friend Ball to search for a Rayquaza only to find both were prized. Good job Martin. I get a Skitty instead and use Electrikeís charge. To get 2 on Electrike. He draws and says ďHere comes the turn 2 Manateric.Ē He evolves his benched Trapinch to Vibrana, sends it up and uses quick charge to his benched Magneton. I draw, get a Torchic and hold it back just in case I get Warp Pointed or something. I can only do 20 to his Vibrana because of lightning resistance. So he draws and passes, I draw a Delcatty and evolve my benched Skitty. I energy draw getting garbage, so I drop the fire on the Torchic and do 20 again with my Manateric. He draws attach to something benched and passes. I get a Copycat and draw 7 cards. If I can pull out a Warp point I win by sending out one of his 50 HP basics. I didnít draw it but get a Combusken. I evolve my benched Torchic and attach a fire. I retreat my Manateric and send it up. I need a heads to win the game, so I use Lunge for 50: Heads. Lucky me.


Semi Finals VS Jesse (Blaziken)

This is Charizard Breeder from the Pokegym forum. He beat Chad in the first round of top 8. I start out going second. He flips over 2 Rayquazaís and didnít seem to get any sort of drawing. His turn consisted of him just looking at his opening hand in disgust. He attaches and passes, and I eventually get a Blaziken ex set up that simply was out of KO range for him. I get game 1.


Game 2:

I start my turn with a lone Skitty. I got no drawing and just energy. I attach and use Minor errand running to thin my deck so maybe I can draw something good. He attaches a Fire to his active Rayquaza, benches another one, and benches Skitty in addition to torchic. I draw Pokemon nurse and lullaby hopefully keeping it asleep so I donít LOSE turn 2. He uses Rare Candy to Torchic and gets a Blaze. Fire starters to the benched Ray and uses Professor Birch trying his best to get a Switch. He gets it and NAILS me. Good game Jessi.


Game 3:

I go first and just couldnít believe it. I get the best possible hand for Blaziken. Chad and Matt walked away when they saw my opening hand because they knew it was over . I quickly took control of the game and got out a fast Blaziken ex and swept through his Rayquazas. He had a bad start with little draw to make it worse.


Strike lost his Semi Finals game against George meaning that would be my opponent. He was playing Gardevoir/Delcatty/Dunsparce. I knew I could take this game because you shouldnít even have Delcatty in the deck in the first place, much less the Dunsparce. The final game was no time limit. So with SDPokemom and Bulba snore (the judges) watching, it was time to play.

Finals VS George with Gardevoir

This game was the longest match of the day. It went back and fourth and came down to a 1-1 prize. We kept swapping prizes. I had the early lead with 2 R/S Blaziken taking care of his Wobbofet and other things, but once he got up his 2 Gardevoir exís it was a difficult game. When my Rayquaza knocked out his Gardevoir ex, he got another built quickly and just had little in his deck left, like 2 cards. The Rayquaza was switched to the bench and I had my last RS Blaziken active. His active Wob had 60 on it, and he sends up a Gardevoir R/S to do some damage to my Blaze. I draw and Friend ball to see whats in my deck. No energy. I was tapped. So I was using my Manateric to keep using Fire Stream. I attack again and put his benched Wob to 70. He draws and all he needs is a boost energy for his benched Gard to win. He uses Professor Oakís research with 2 cards left and dosent get what he needs and only Feed Backís me for 40, putting my Blaze at 70. I draw and Fire Stream with the 10 hitting the benched Wob knocking it out for my last prize.


Game 2:

I had a nice hand and went second. He starts his turn by putting my Dunsparce to sleep with Ralts. I draw a switch, drop the second Dunsparce and use Switch and drop the fire. I first use Professor Elmís method to pull a Delcatty for turn 2. I Strike and run. He draws and just stares at his hand for a long time. He evolves to Kirlia, uses a Boost Energy, and knocks out my active Dunsparce with Super Psy. I send up the other Dunsparce and draw an Oracle. I stare at my hand for a second which consisted of: Rare Candy, 2 Fire Energy, Blaziken, Warp point, and now an Oracle. I Oracle stacking a Rayquaza EX and a Multi Energy. Energy Draw, drop the Rayquaza with a Multi, Rare Candy to Blaziken, Fire Starter to the Ray, Warp Point and one hit kill his Kirlia for the game.


That was it. The people who ran the event took my picture and handed me my award certificate for the travel reward package. SDPokemom and Bulbasnore were the first to congratulate me. Then Chad and all my Game Empire friends who were also watching the final game.

Time for Props and Slops. Ouch.

Props - Everyone from SoCal that I know. There is too many to name.
Props - Dallas for showing up
Props - YJ, Levi, Patriarch, Chad, Cocnaw88, PROFESSORKFC and Chris Silver for contributing to me finishing the deck.
Props - SDPokemom and Kim Carey for judging the event
Props - To my endless supply of sarcastic comments and witty remarks.

Slops - To how hot the room was
Slops - For almost missing round 3
Slops - To my death prophecy
Slops - To not being able to write about Pokemon as much as Iíd like to

Hope to see you all at worlds. Iím out.

- Godís Son

05/31/2004, 05:15 PM
Haha, glad that my Manetric blessed you ;)

05/31/2004, 05:18 PM
ALRIGHT MARTY! I'll see ya at worlds... hopefully I'll win something soon and get an invite... and stop getting crap luck/cheated =\

05/31/2004, 05:18 PM
"Hang in there stolen cards", good luck @ worlds, and hopefully, i'll see you there and we can like, have a posse or something ;)

05/31/2004, 05:19 PM
Nice report Martin. I had a really good time that day despite going 3-3 in the tournament. I am glad that you won, considering what you went through in the LA Gym Challenge, but now justice has been served. Congratulations on your victory and good luck at Worlds.

05/31/2004, 05:24 PM
Haha, glad that my Manetric blessed you ;)

Yeah, it was all Patriarch behind Martin's deck. ^_~

Martin wins another World-qualifying event! Deja vu! Glad Team Wacko Jacko will be represented at Worlds, hopefully the Archetype Brothers will too. GO ME AND SHIFTREE-HUGGER!

Great job, Martin, hope you win (again) in Orlando.

~Th3 W00 F1ght3r

05/31/2004, 05:26 PM
Nice Job Martin =P...

Now if I can get those hands during nationals, not once in a while, all the time ^_^...

GL at worlds :D


05/31/2004, 05:34 PM
So what about Team not washed up anymore? Yeah, I guess this can prove it all now =P. Nice report and now you need to kick it into high gear for worlds. Don't slack off, I'm tellin ya or you'll end up like me...having to build a deck in 20 minutes :rolleyes: .

05/31/2004, 06:05 PM
I decided originality was the best path, so I decided to run Blaziken.
-God's Son

If I was still on IRC, I'd put that in my quote list. :D

05/31/2004, 06:58 PM
great job martin
keep up the good work
see ya in arlington in july
holla back

05/31/2004, 08:00 PM
Great job marty I cant wait to see you at worlds!

You still owe me that coke :P

05/31/2004, 08:28 PM
(Title Ala Dave Chappelle)

Game 3: Sudden Death

I use Friend Ball to search for a Rayquaza only to find both were prized. Good job Martin. I get a Skitty instead and use Electrikeís charge.

what did i tell you... if only you listen and use the energy catch Skitty... Paul wouldnt be saying he lost cause of a flip...

05/31/2004, 10:00 PM
Congratulations Martin on your victory. I hope I can see you there to worlds. I have to see if anyone is willing to let me come along as their gaurdian. But, we shall see. Congrats again, and good luck. Go San Diego!

SD PokeMom
05/31/2004, 10:04 PM
Congratulations on the win! Nice tourney, and nice report, Martin...that game when you had the THREE Rare Candies in-hand was o.O Too bad it couldn't be an all-SD final, but Dallas' flips for reversals (three of them!) and sleep ALL failed in his last game...:(

Good luck at Worlds; bring home the championship to SD :)


05/31/2004, 10:11 PM
Yeah good job Martin. I don't know why most people don't take Flygon seriously, but you pulled it own despite his play error. You deserved the trip anyways in my mind. My 1st seed curse is in your words, "DISGUSTING."

05/31/2004, 10:25 PM
Congratulations Martin!
good to see you again (we will catch up with you again at Worlds!!)

:) ~~bring the 'linkin park'~~ :)

05/31/2004, 11:06 PM
Yo Martin,

Props on your win again...and ughhhhhhhhh, my two mulligans in our 3rd match!!! But hey, I lost fair and square...my hats off to you and I'll be seeing you at WORLDS regardless of invite or not...c'ya SOON!!!

Charizard_Breeder OUT!!! :)

06/01/2004, 04:22 AM
Congrats, Martin!

In the quarterfinals you say Paul used a Latias in his deck. You didn't mean Latios? Since Latios uses the same energy types that Flygon uses (grass/lightning), whereas Latias uses water/fire...? I couldn't get the math on that one.

06/01/2004, 05:44 AM

I'll hope to see you at Worlds.

06/01/2004, 06:51 AM
Nice report. Nice tech cards in there like Friend Ball. :D Hope to meet you at Worlds.

06/01/2004, 08:32 AM
Nice job Marty, its really cool that your first Finals game was so close. ttyl man.

06/01/2004, 11:59 AM
Marty: YeaHHHHHh! Good work dude, cya at worlds!

06/01/2004, 12:10 PM
wheres the buffer u fool....
did our pact mean anything to u...

heh, just messing brother... good job and good luck at worlds...
i dunno what i can do to get in there cuz my only chance i got screwed out of, but hopefully ill go

06/01/2004, 07:22 PM
Wow, I didn't know you were still around AJ, hope to chill with you in Orlando.

I hope to see some of you at the Southern Stadium Challenge. I'm going to that.

06/01/2004, 08:16 PM
Good job Martin. I'll see if I can get to Worlds somehow. ;x

Martaveli in this... -_-

06/01/2004, 10:48 PM
Thanks for the great match. I had a great time. Congrads on the win. Hope to see you again at worlds.


06/01/2004, 10:59 PM
Nice talking to you Martin and finally meet you. My son had a blast kickin it with you there for awhile.
Congrats on the Win and trip and will probably see you down in Florida in August...

Freddy K.
06/02/2004, 06:19 AM
Congrats and GJ Martin, nice report too.


06/02/2004, 02:20 PM
Congrats man. I was really rooting for you. Now we can have the STSoomB playoffs at orlando. Im bringing the BBQ sauce so dont worry. :)

06/02/2004, 03:10 PM
Congrats man. I was really rooting for you. Now we can have the STSoomB playoffs at orlando. Im bringing the BBQ sauce so dont worry. :)

Rofl ;x

06/02/2004, 06:05 PM
Congrats man. I was really rooting for you. Now we can have the STSoomB playoffs at orlando. Im bringing the BBQ sauce so dont worry. :)