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06/06/2004, 12:05 PM
My day started at 7:00 AM I watched some cartoons and at 9:00 AM I started my trip to Game Empire. I arrived 20 mintes later and met up with some friends. Chrisbo was already there with his daughter, soon after Karl and my friend Kevin arrived. Karl, Chrisbo, and Pokemom went inside to get everything set up while we were waiting outside Kevin and I started discussing are trips we won to worlds, soon after Matt Dunford arrived along with the LA guys.

At 10 AM they let us inside to start registration I played a few games while the line went down, I was surprise when Martin arrived. Because we talked the night before and told me he might not make it, as soon as I finished my game went to sign my brother and I up and was surprise when they gave us a discount because we both won a Gym Challenge I thought it was pretty cool. The tournament started a little after 11AM they sent us out side and randomly sat us at different seats we opened our pack after we were told so I really didn't get anything good in my pack that I wanted (I really wanted Metagross/Metagross EX but no luck) . Then Chrisbo told us that we might swap cards so then I had hope I would swap with someone who got one 10 mintes later Chris decided that we would stay with what we got I got a little disappointed but I didn't let it bother me. I started working on a deck and was surprise that I had really good cards for a deck after carefully reading some cards this is what used in my deck.



1 Glalie
1 Snorunt
1 Lanturn
3 Chinchou
1 Raincastform
1 Tentacruel
2 Tentacool
1 Relicanth
1 Luvdisc
1 Corsola
1 Sheal
1 Machop



1 Desert ruins
1 Ancient tomb
1 Life herb
1 Steven's advice



10 lighting
9 water

Round 1. vs. Lee Bedrouni

I had to go up against one of my friends early in the tournament which I don't like to do but we had no choice it was pretty much one sided I took 3 prizes quick and then he started stalling with Snow-Cloud Castform which got annoying after a while but as soon as I saw a chance I went for the KO.

After round 1 they gave us a lunch break the whole San Diego crew and I went to Mcdonalds after we ate we returned back to Game Empire for round 2


Round 2. vs. John Justiniano

This match was against an LA guy which I always like to beat so I put a little more effort into this game by turn 3 I had my Lanturn out since he had a pure water deck I won in 4 turns.


Round 3. vs. Michael Spellacy

He was in the 11-14 division so I decided to go easy on him again I got my Lanturn out early in the game and pulled away with the win.


Round 4. vs. Kevin Nguyen

Another match against a friend at this point we were both undefeated I knew this was going to be a tough game since I knew how good of a player he is, but again I was able to get my Lanturn
Out early in the game and pulled away with a quick against Kevin I couldn't believe it.


Round 5 vs. Zachary Appanaitis

We were both undefeated and he just beat Jerry Dominguez which if anyone knows who Jerry is you'll know that its not easy to do. We started our game really slow while in the middle I noticed that his best hitters were water so I did my best to try to find Lanturn which I topped deck on my next turn after I got him out it was over I brought out Lanturn and finished the game.


Round 6 Vs Jerry Dominguez

Wow I knew this was going to be my toughest game of the day he got an early prize in the game followed by me getting one it was like this entire game and I just couldn't get my Lanturn out I had 2 Chinchou on my beach ready for It. At the end I had 2 left and he needed 1 for the win when I finally drew my Lanturn I brought it up and KOed his Metang on the next turn he hit me for 30 damage on my turn I drew a Life herb which I tried to on my Tentacruel which had 60 damage on it but I rolled tails I attach a lighting energy to Lanturn and passed. On his turn he retreated and brought up a Staryu evolved it to Starmie used water arrow and hit my Tentacruel for the K. O winning the game.


At the end we figured out that there was 3 of us tied for 1st with the same record Jerry, Robin, and I. When Chris started reading the names of the winners in the 15+ he called robin for 3rd place so then it was down to Jerry and me. I thought for sure Jerry had won when Chris called Jerry for 2nd place! I was shocked I couldn't believe it I stood up and got my box then was told to go outside for pictures I was glad to know that my brother got 3rd in the 10 under and almost all of the winners were from San Diego.

I would like to thank PT&E for a great event and everyone else for a great time.

06/06/2004, 04:25 PM
Resistence is not cool for deciding winners, but meh =/

Congrats on yo GC win, as well as this one! You pwned them, sir.

06/06/2004, 06:20 PM
nice win i can see the cards you got weren't too great good job.

06/06/2004, 08:02 PM
Excellent job Abe, you have helped to keep the honor of San Diego.

06/06/2004, 10:05 PM
Nice going, coming out on top w/out one of the big monsters! Congrats. Hope you are coming to Stadium!

SD had 50, plus some new players that just played in the side event. I think that's pretty good attendance for this weekend.

06/07/2004, 07:42 PM
you've done it well my friend, congratulations

Pokemon Mogul
06/07/2004, 07:43 PM
Hey great report i'm glad a San Diego player won and i can't belive you went into LA and beat them on their truf for the gym challenge wow!!!