View Full Version : milford prerelease report (somehow got to make this today)

06/06/2004, 06:45 PM
boy, what a day. 2 sealed deck tournaments in a row. i'll go over them both, though the stuff i remember is kinda short

before tourney:

woke up early, didn't need to have GLmo's phone call wake me up, like the gym challenge tourney. ate, got prefared, and went out to their car when it came. made it to the store while it still wasn't open. met up with barbara geary and her crew of four. took some pictures for a school project, and went inside. hung out for a while, sign ups happen, had to buy dice because i left mine at home, go through one whole world tour of crusin world, (i like the ending scene!) and the tourney eventually starts

deck: i forgot what i had, cause i dismantled it before the 2nd tourney. i remember having claydol and wigglytuff ex :)

round 1: vs Liz

I had a good start early, because i had a powered up claydol ready. i took out her basics, and retreated to a meditite to save claydol from rain castform. meditite gave it enough damage for claydol to take it for the last prize next turn. 1-0

round 2: vs Alex

He had a powered up snow cloud castform, and a magnetic storm (stadium card) out. castform's second attack does extra damage if magnetic storm is out. my pokemon go by by quickly. 1-1

round 3: vs Matt

he had a ninetales ex out early, but didn't have energies to use fire spin. he used it's first attack to bring out my energied jigglypuff. too bad for him i had a wiggy x, another energy, and alot of pokemon on my bench to deal some heavy damage. he tried to stall wiggy with snorunt's icy breath, (flip to paralyze), but one tails ended the game for him. 2-1

round 4: vs Billy

one of barb's sons. i got wiggly and a full bench up early, and he played the normal ninetales (safeguard pokebody: ex's can't do anything to harm it with attacks and stuff). i had a spheal on the bench, and a sealeo and an energy in my hand. switched to sealeo and wiped out ninetales, only because of an energy drought for him. 3-1

came in 6th this tourney. gave tom geary a pack cause he gave me packs before. he got a ninetales ex :mad: the second tourney went better for me

deck: forget again, but i had 2 machamps in it and a kyogre ex :D

round 1: vs mary

my machamp came out early, and she sent out her relicanth and used yawn putting me to sleep. it's pokebody requres two heads to wake, for both players, as long as it's active. i got lucky with my first flip, and wiped out relicanth. rest of the match was basic pokemon KOs for me. 1-0

round 2: vs alex (again)

another match against him in round 2? coincidence. kyogre ex came and swept his pokemon. he thought that heracross's sonic boom still applied weakness, but it doesn't allpy weakness, resistance, etc., unfortuantly for him 2-0

round 3: vs Rob aka Loser

boy, the worst opening or the whole tournament happened to him. all he had was a pluse, i have meditite and something else. he did thundershock and hit meditite, but medicham's second attack took advantage of damage on him. KO pluse. he checked his next cards, and he had a basic in 3 turns, and evolutions around him. ouch.

round 4: cheryl

very bad opening for me. she had a feebas out. only 30 health, but it's second attack brought out a milotic. she got four energies on, and swept my pokemon. 3-1

came second this tourney.


GLmo for driving
barb for giving out her heroclix


leaving my dice at home