View Full Version : Cupertino,CA Pre-Release Report.

06/06/2004, 07:59 PM

got up at 640 =// .. left at 710 to be there at 9, starts at 11, had to setup ;\ so regardless.

This is what i played

1x Steven's Advice
1x Ancient Tomb
1x Ancient Tech Machine Ice
1x Minun
2x Chinchou
1x Lanturn
3x Beldum(psy)
1x Metang(psy)
2x Machop
2x Machoke
2x Surskit
1x Masquerain
2x Feebas
1x Milotic
1x Corsola
1x Luvdisc
1x Castform Rain
5x Fighting
4x Electric
4x Psychic
3x Grass

Yep, No Water... wasnt really on the nrg thinking ;\ .. Regardless, I think this would end up costing me later but anywayz.

Round 1 - Barbara
Started w/ Beldum filed up bench, She has basicly a togepi, my turn, i draw, nrg on luvdisc, draw up to 5, she puts me to sleep w/ togepi, my turn, draw a machoke, evolve my machop. So, that basicly ended it, she played somemore basics, but I got the win.


Round 2 - Lianne
Started w/ Luvdisc with a hand full of basic, so Drop my hand, draw 4 more :). NExt turn, Metang and Laturn show up, Oneo f her poke keep switching me, i donno what it is ;\. but regardless, I get metang up turn 4, and i get 2 prizes until her Milotic comes up and bangs my Metang, next turn, bring up lanturn, KO the Tic, then, I kill her Whismur.


Round 3 - Luis
I get a decent draw, turn two machoke smashing, then, he builds up ogre ex and yea, smashes me, i get it to 70, he retreats for a Medicham, he takes 3 prizes with that, all i have is a feebas and chinchou w/ 2 Lighting 1 Fighting, and he has 1 prize left w/ 40 left on the Medicham, I need a lanturn, so i send up chinchou, I TD a Lanturn, im like OMG ... soo cloose. But Regardless. I win.


Round 4 - Audra
She gets no nrg, and I just go crazy on her, Luvdisc first turn, next turn corsola, turn 3 I got all my evos out cept Milotic


Round 5 - Some Person ;\
I ask for ID, since its basicly the 1st Place for both of us, first he says okay, then he says no. and im like wow, ur a fool =/. so yea, i start, i get nothing in my hand, cept masquerein's basic and a feebas, draw metangs/machokes, but no basic, so yea lost ;\


so, i win get my box ;\

props -

My Uber 6 Packs =)
Me Winning.
Susan for nice tourney
Robert for judging well

slops -
My Two Crobat with no golbat and 1 zubat in my 6
Wes for not winning
Andrew for not winning
my 640 wake up call

06/06/2004, 08:56 PM
Nice report-Blame my packs for me not winning xD


06/06/2004, 08:58 PM
lol n00bex =/

uggh .. u coulda won, u had decent packs yo =)

I would of went undefeated if i put some water in there though .. lol

Rabid Raichu
06/07/2004, 09:17 AM
It was a pretty good tournament, and a fun tourney to judge! Do you guys know how HARD it is too just stand by while everyone else is ripping into packs of brand spanking new cards!!!! And such nice looking cards! It took me all a while to realize that a lot of the shiney cards were the reverse holos. Those are really very nice looking.

There were 40 people playing, and you all behaved very well -- that's a big plus with you Cupertino people. No hassles, just people there to play Pokemon and have fun! And some very creative ideas in deck building -- heck, you have to be creative with a constructed game. I know that one of the second place 15+ players only had one trainer in her six packs of cards (it was, however, a Stevens Advice :) ).

My appreciation goes to Susan and Chris, who worked so hard to make the tournament happen! All I did was make announcements and ajudicate questions. Big round of applause for them!

Hope ya'll can make it to the Modesto pre-release on the 13th!

06/07/2004, 12:59 PM
It was mostly susan who worked hard, i just setup and cleaned up (a lil since about like 6-8 ppl helped)

I won't be able to come to Modesto sorry =(, maybe next time though, since it will be right before school in august, i could use more packs for blasty ex, since i think im only gonna have enough for 1 box sadly =/.


06/08/2004, 10:53 PM
i dont like getting slopped truk oh well congrats on getting first (from getting good packs while some of us got nothing workable).